Zincite is a tall, slender, artifical/natural male gem fusion who has a disability that makes everything he says sound like he's singing. He is the most creative and third member of Unknown Gemstones. He is secretly a fusion of Zinc and Sodium, and it is unknown how he was made.


Zincite has an unusual and very potent energy, is very bubbly, but some what mysterious. He often desires girls and sings to them. He especially desires Garnet. He is known to be extremely creative; always writing new songs, inventing new instruments, or making song parodies.He is sometimes annoying (even though his singing voice is great) because he can't talk.Zincite never sleeps, so it somewhat annoys his step-father Yellow Topaz.How ever, Zincite does care about everyone, for he is kind and is willing to protect his family and friends.


Unlike most Gems, Zincite doesn't have a phsyical weapon. He instead has the power to shatter objects with his voice. He can also knock over or stun enemies by singing at a high pitch. His decible limits are unknown. He can make instruments out of any object and can turn into one, too. Zincite has the best voice in the Unknown Gemstones band and writes most of their songs.



Zincite was taking a walk with his friends from an unknown area, until they found a giant well. Aventurine dared him to go inside the well and climb back up without using the bucket. Trying to prove to them that he was brave, he went inside the bucket and they lowered him down the dark well.It took hours to lower him until he hit the bottom. Zincite then tried to climb back up, but kept slipping. He asked his friends for help, so they tried to go inside the bucket at the same time but the rope broke. They all fell down the well and lost their memories.

Three days later, Zincite sung a sad song, which attracted an older male gem who introduced himself as Topaz. He saved them using a giant lantern with the help of Zincite's voice (letting him know they're all inside the lantern) all while he sung his name to Topaz. Once they were all up, Zincite and the others became Topaz's new family, hoping to regain their memories. The next day... After the young gems got punished for ruining Topaz's Lantern, Topaz asked Spinal why Zincite always sings. Spinal told him that Zincite has singtosus: A dissorder in which your voice box only allows you to sing. He also explained the powerful decibles in his voice.

As a punishment, Zincite and the others built a hutt to stay in and rebuilt the lantern.

Starting the band

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