Zero Tolerance
DDG Ep 13 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 13
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Air date April 7th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Fusion Fiasco Did We Forget? (Pt. 1)
"Zero Tolerance" is the 13th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 13th overall episode of the series.


Apatite can't handle running the Dawn Dusk Gems.


The Dawn Dusk Gems warp home (without Jace) to Rise Island right after the incident at Greymont. Rhodo and Malachite were still a bit weak, but they were able to walk. Apatite brought them back to Rhodo’s room to rest. Rhodo used the remainder of his strength to open the temple door, and it worked. Apatite flew the both of them to the marble table with her cloud and dropped themselves off. They lied down on Apatite’s clouds to watch Cupcake Wars. Apatite went to sleep while the two continued to watch the show on Malachite’s television. And when Apatite opened her eyes, she appeared to be in, an hourglass? The room was pitch black, but the hourglass was glowing. There was sand coming down from the upper half of the hourglass, and it got on Apatite’s hair, she stepped out of the way and dusted off her hair. She was confused. Apatite: W-Where am I?

Then, a huge flicker sound echoed through the area. A light turned on in front of her. To her horror was a projection of all of her friends, Rhodo, Malachite, Moonstone, Larimar, and Idocrase falling in battle. They all reverted back into their gems. Where was Division A? They weren’t in the picture. Apatite tried to ignore this horrid image, but it was all around her. Repeating and repeating. Boom. Clash. Poof. It was a never ending cycle of death. Apatite was sweating hard, and she felt like she was going crazy.

Apatite: N-no! I don’t want this! Stop!

Then, the sand kept on flowing to the bottom half of the hourglass. Apatite banged on the glass, desperately trying to get out and help her friends, but it was too late. The sand was about to drown her alive. Then, a cold voice.

???: You can’t save them.

Apatite woke up with a shock and a loud sound of distress. Malachite and Rhodo turned to her. It was all a dream. Apatite panted heavily. Malachite went towards Apatite and Rhodo looked a bit sad.

Malachite: Are you okay? Apatite: Yeah… It was just a bad dream…

Malachite: Do you… Need some water?...

Apatite: I… I need to be alone for a bit.

Rhodo: Yeah, you go do that…

Malachite and Rhodo looked at each other in worry. Apatite left the room, moving slowly.

Malachite: What do you think that was about?

Rhodo: No idea…

Apatite went outside to the Rise Island beach, sitting in front of the ocean, arms wrapped around her knees. She took a deep breath and sighed. She looked down at the sand.

Apatite: Why do I feel so stressed?...

Malachite and Rhodo left the room and went to check Apatite, who was still sitting near the calming ocean. They walked towards her, pacing through the sand. Malachite went up to her, crouching down, while Rhodo stayed a foot away from her.

Malachite: Apatite, I know you said you wanted to be alone, but you gotta tell us what’s wrong.

Apatite: In all honesty, I hardly know myself…

Malachite: Hm…

Malachite stood up from her crouching position and went to Rhodo. Rhodo then crouched to Apatite.

Rhodo: Okay, about that bad dream… What exactly happened in it?

Apatite: Well… I was in an hourglass. Sand was pouring down on me. Then, I saw you guys dying, reverting back into your gems by an unknown force. This horrible image kept repeating as sand was drowning me, when suddenly, someone told me something. Then I woke up…

Malachite: Do you… Do you remember what this person said?

Apatite: She said… She said “You can’t save them”... I didn’t comprehend.

Rhodo stood up and looked at Malachite in fear. But Malachite wanted to reassure her, and, since this was a dream, Malachite said;

Malachite: It’s fine. It was just a bad dream, and that’s it. Now, let’s go back to Rhodo’s room.

Apatite stood up and followed them back to the room. But when they arrived at the temple door, Apatite stopped. Malachite and Rhodo noticed this, and turned around.

Apatite: I can’t run this team.

They were both surprised.

Rhodo: Uh, did I hear you right?

Apatite: Back when Smoky was around, she told me that if something ever happens to this team, I’d need to take control of it. She said it was my duty.

Malachite: Well, we don’t need a leader.

Apatite’s eyes opened wide. What was she suggesting?

Apatite: Wait, what?

Malachite: We’re a team now. There’s no divisions, no separation, no nothing. We work together as a team. We have to be now.

Apatite: You’re right. Being a team is important at the time being. Who knows what’s coming after our encounter with Sapphire…

Rhodo: Well, what should we do?

They stood at the temple door, wondering what to do. How would they prepare for the possible invasion. Suddenly, Apatite had an idea in mind.

Apatite: We train, of course!

Rhodo: What? But where?...

Malachite: Oh, I know where she’s talking about.

Rhodo: Still in the blue here!

Apatite: We’ll tell you when we get there, Rhodo! Now, follow me.




  • Malachite's TV


  • Rise Island
  • Dawn Dusk Temple
    • Rhodo's Room


  • This is probably the shortest episode I've written yet... Sorry!
  • Cupcake Wars is mentioned again.
  • Malachite decides to get rid of the system where the Dawn Dusk Gems is divided into divisions, but this plan is still in progress.

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