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Season 1A, Episode #03
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Written by Akechidoge
Directed by Akechidoge
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 "Wisp gem" is the 3th episode of the first season of Moonlight gems ====




Viridine and Hessionite explore a haunted temple for kicks, but they find themselves getting a little too deep into their ghost-hunting career.


The morning sun leaks through a singular window as Celestite yanks out a hot tray of cinnamon buns, accidentally dropping one onto a sleeping Hessionite's face.

Celestite: Heh, sorry Hess! Didn't see you there! 

She lets out a giggle and continues walking, turning back to catch a glimpse at Hessionite's angry face

Hessionite: That's what they all say. 

Hess grumbles as she shoves the face-cinnamon-bun into her mouth. Viridine then steps down into the kitchen

Viridine: You've made the buns! 

Her pace immediately quickens when she leaps over to Celest

Viridine: Can i have one?

Celestite: Say please.


Celestite: Fine, just don't eat them all this time. You know that Ussingite gets pissed when you eat her favorite foods without telling her.

Viridine: Hah! As if i'd care! What's she gonna do? Lecture me?

Ussingite strolls out of her room 

Ussingite: Somebody asked for a lecture?

She grins and looks at them

Celestite: I think Viri wanted one on the ethics of NOT EATING ALL THE FOOD.

Viridine is stuffing her face with food and looks up at them

Viridine: Sorry....

5 hours later, after a very, very long intellectual debate about breakfast foods. Viridine finally had time to herself when Hessionite walked into her room

Hessionite: Hey Viri! I found this cool newspaper ad for a GHOST HUNTER! Doesn't that seem exciting!? 

She smiles and holds it up 

Hessionite: We could earn some extra cash AND have fun doing it! After all, what can some ghost do to us?


Hessionite: Aw, come on! We can survive some chairs!


Hessionite: Hey look at this! Apparently this place has some of the greatest chocolate in the worl-

Viridine: You had me at chocolate.

Hessionite: YESSS!

The two immediately pack up and leap onto a warp

Viridine: Won't Celest and Ussi be worried about us?

Hessionite: I doubt it! We'll be back in at most an hour!

They warp to the mountain town

Viridine: Whooa! I can smell the chocolate even while standing here!

She sticks her nose up into the air and tries to run in the direction of a chocolate factory

Hessionite: Not yet! You see, if we get rid of their 'ghost' we'll get eternal gratitude from the people in this place! That means as much chocolate as we WANT~

Viridine: WHOO HOO! Now where is this ghost anyway?

They end up finding a desolate church that has towering spires and smashed stained glass windows

Hessionite: I've got a good feelin' about this, Viri! 

Viridine is reluctantly yanked into the church

Empty folding chairs stand around, rusted and broken. Dust wafts through the air as the duo cautiously walk through, unsurd of what awaited them.

Hessionite: Boy is it dark in here! Do you think they have a light switch or somethin'? Viri?

Viridine is hunched over in a corner



Hessionite begins dragging her across the mahogany wood floors

Hessionite: Man, i wonder what's in these display ca- NEVERMIND NEVERMIND

???: Yeah, admittedly i should get rid of 'em. But they came with the place so..

Hessionite: Hah....wait who was that

???: Me.

A 'ghost' silently floats down from the rafters of the cathedral surrounded by wisps of golden light.

???: Why, hello there.

Viridine: I have fallen...AND I CHOOSE NOT TO GET UP

Hessionite: AHA! A ghost! Just as i thought! 

Hess summons her mace and brandishes it at the gem 

Hessionite: Go back to which you came, CASPER!

???: Who's that?

Hessionite: Uh...a friendly...ghost? 

???: But if i'm 'friendly' why are you chasing me out?

Hessionite: It was a joke, alright? Now why don't you float back down into the afterlife.

???: First of all, i have done nothing that warrants me to go 'DOWN' into the afterlife. Second, I AM NOT A GHOST. Third, my name is Spectrolite. Not ghost.

Hessionite: Well hello there 'Spectrolite'. Mind explaining why you're terrorizing villagers if you aren't evil?

Spectrolite: That's easy. I haven't been terrorizing them.

Viridine: Then why'd they put an ad for ghost hunting?

Spectrolite: I believe they assumed me and that...thing downstairs were the same.

Viridine: Thing....?

Spectrolite: Honestly, i have no idea what it is. I just saw it once and ran right out of there. A mistake on my part.

Hessionite: Huh? Why?

Spectrolite: That thing does something to gem's physical forms. You can't leave this place without your body being destroyed and you DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN.

Viridine: But we'll just regenerate, so what's the problem?

Spectrolite: ..If your gems are lying unprotected on the ground somewhere, it can absorb them..i saw it happen... 

Spec's eyes seem to glaze over for a quick second and then return to normal

Spectrolite: Well, i'm glad you two came anyway. I need that thing gone.

Viridine: What?! Why don't you just defeat it yourself?

Spectrolite: This isn't my physical form. I am speaking through a hologram...see?

She waves her hand over a cobweb-adorned bureau and it clips through

Spectrolite: My gem is cracked, to the point of nearly breaking.

Hessionite: Well can't we do something to help?

Spectrolite: Just get rid of what i told you about. Destroying it is much more important than i am.

Viridine:'d really think we'd go down there after you told us THAT? This gem's a riot, Hess!

Hessionite dutifully stares at the staircase leading down

Viridine: Uh...Hess??

Hess walks down the stairwell, Viri following her with her complaints  and fears.

Viridine: But what if it KILLS us? I mean i really don't think that will be very pleasant!

Hessionite: Shush


Hessionite: Just..look.

They glance down and notice a single lamp thats hanging in midair

Viridine: ........I don't like this..

The light shifts and it appears something long and thin is holding it up. Both of their gazes slowly drift upwards

Something drips down and Hess catches it in her palm

Hessionite screeched as soon as she realized what it was

Viridine: Wh-whats wrong..Hess..?

Hessionite turned to her, eyes widened in horror

Hessionite: T-they taught us about this....


Hessionite: THIS. 

She projects a hologram from her shoulder and it slowly forms into an injector

Hessionite: This is the stuff that makes gems in KINDERGARTEN. What is it even doing he-

A large flood of it pours down

Meanwhile, upstairs Spectrolite is pacing around a large organ that appears to have something embedded in it. During the 34th pace, the doors swing open and someone walks in

Spectrolite:....You again.

She feebly attempts to summon her scythe but fails. 

???: How are you enjoying the pet we brought you? 

The gems smiles without a hint of amusement.

Spectrolite:....How dare you even come h-here..

???: Now, now. I don't think you should be talking to me like that. After all, you do know who i serve.

The gem approaches the organ and wipes away a layer of dust, covering a cracked gem right in the middle.

Spectrolite: Don't touch that-t

She immediately stops herself from letting out a sob

???: You're really making this difficult for me aren't you? All you had to do was just let that thing loose on a couple gems, but no. You never did that. I'm just thinking out loud here, but it seems like you're more of a liability than we previously assumed.

The gem suddenly summons a sledgehammer

???: And you know what we do with liabilities, correct?

Spectrolite: Please..

???: We remove them.

The gem lifts up their hammer in an arc while Spec lets out a wail.

A shattering noise is heard as the embedded gem is crushed to bits, and the holographic Spec dissolves. The gem walks out silently.

Back in the basement, Viri is holding onto Hess's gem as she  flails wildly towards the stairwell 

Viridine: Just..a bit further... 

She reaches and drags herself up, heaving. Daring to look back again. She nearly vomited as she did so. The monstrosity limped up towards her, almost ballerina-like as it stumbled on it's overly-long legs, dripping the kindergarten dna blueprints. Viri scrambled up faster, desperately trying not to make any noises.  Despite this, it continued following her ever so slowly. 

Viridine: Hess..c'mon i really need you right now...

She shook her gem, but to no avail. It slipped out of her hand and fell down a few stairs. Viri desummoned her arm cannon immediately as she reached for it. It rolled again and made a tiny clink as it hit the stone part of the stairs. The monster's featureless black head turned towards her and it limped towards her faster and faster.

Viridine grabbed the gem and began running up the stairs, staring at the tattered curtains above her.

Viridine: N-nearly there..

Right before she reached it, she tripped and fell backwards. As she fell, the thing pulled out what appeared to be syringe-like blades and aimed them straight at her exposed neck.

Viridine: N-no..

A flash of light erupted ftom Hessionite's gem as she regenerated. Only a few inches from the monster, she summoned her weapon and whacked it in the chest, making a metallic clank as it fell apart. She turned back and grinned

Hessionite: Did you miss me?

Viridine: Damn right i did!

Viri hugged her as tight as she could

Hessionite: ...We need to dispose of that things corpse.

After a while of caving in the bottom layer of the church, the thing was now in pieces. Destroyed without a fuel source and buried far below ground.

Viridine: I think we make pretty good ghost hunters!

Heessionite: Yeah! I wonder where that gem went off..too..

She spotted the cracked gem shards and sighed

Hessionite: She wasn't kidding when she said her gem was near shattering...the vibrations we made must have done it.

Viridine: We should bubble them. Keep the shards safe until we can find a way to fix her and the others..

Hessionite: I guess. 

She bubbles the shards in an orange-red bubble and warps it off

Viridine: Can we go home? I don't have much of an appetite after..that.

Hessionite: Definitely.

The two walk out of the church as it collapses, finally putting 'the thing' in it's eternal tomb. They approach the warp and appear back at the temple, unsurprisingly hungry as always.



  • Viridine
  • Hessionite
  • Spectrolite
  • Ussingite
  • Celestite
  • Unknown gem
  • ===Objects===
  • Spectrolite shards
  • ===Locations===
  • Eclipse temple
  • Abandoned church
  • Catacombs

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