'What is a Waffle?' is the pilot episode of Onyx Rising. It is not canon and was written to test out the series.


After 300 years of Cryosleep, The Dream Team tries to get aquantied with Modern Times.


*the episode opens up on The Dream Temple*

Jade: I just don't is this possible? I mean...cryosleep...How...?

Spinal: *holds hands up* Ok, ok, worry-wart. We'll figure this out. But FIRST...

*they appear in the city*

Spinal: Let's explore this new realm!

MoonStone: You're joking, right? We have to tend to our duties-

Citrine: *nudges* We'll never be able to at this rate. The best we can do is explore and find out as much as we can.

MoonStone: *sighs and puts hands to head* Ok, ok. *takes hands off* What now?

Spinal: *points to Waffle House of Waffles* Let's go there!

Jade: Ok. Sure.

Citrine: Yeah. A waffle sounds nice right now.

MoonStone: *forces smile* Ok. Let's go see...whatever a Waffle is.

*They walk inside*

Spinal: *to waiter* Um, can I ask a question?

Waiter Joe: Yeah, kid?

Spinal: So...what IS a waffle?

Waiter Joe: don't know what a waffle is?

Citrine: Not a clue.

Waiter Joe: It's far out, dude. It's only the most delescous thing you've EVER tasted! Come on, it's on the house.

*They suddenly find themselves siting at a table with a plate of waffles in front of them*

Jade: *pokes with fork* So...what do we do?

Spinal: Um...*she looks at the other people eating* We, uh, do this? *grabs fork and steadily picks up a waffle with it*

MoonStone: And...

Spinal: *sneaks a look at a couple chewing* I'm, uh, guessing...*she puts the waffle bit in her mouth* Ernd, uh... *she slowly begins to chew* Hmm... *swallows* This...this is good!

*Soon the waffle plate was empty*

Citrine: Wow! Waffies are amazing!

Jade: I think it's pronouced...WAFFLE, Ci-Ci.

Citrine: *shrugs* The important thing is is that it's good.

MoonStone: I can't believe I'm saying this...but...yum!

Spinal: We should go back home.

Group: Yeah.



  • The Gems do not know how to eat.
  • Citrine has a hard time pronouncing Waffle.
  • MoonStone is not very happy with them doing...who-knows-what. This is because she just wants the best for her Team.
  • Mew Amelia does not consider this canon, since it was written to test out the storyline.
  • Amelia also created Spinal because she felt that the story needed another character.

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