What's She Hiding?
Season 1, Episode 9
Written by: Dove's Song
Storyboarded by: Dove's Song
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"What's She Hiding?" is the 9th episode of Dove Fandom.


Connie's acting weird. Can Steven get her secret out?



(Gems and Steven are sitting on the couch trying to work out how to assemble Ikea furniture)

Steven: I'm gonna go get Connie's help!

Pearl: Be careful.

(Steven runs over to Connie's house but stops)

Steven: Huh?

(Connie looks around then walks into an alleyway)

Steven: Where's Connie going to?

(Steven walks over to the alleyway and hides beside a wall and inside a magenta light glows)

Steven: Connie!

Connie: Uahh!

(Connie fumbles with something and turns to Steven)

Connie: Steven! You almost gave me a heart attack! Why are you here?

Steven: What were you doing just now?


Connie: Uhh...nothing, why? Heheheh.

Steven: I was going to your house when I saw you walk in here, then, there was this magenta light.

Connie: I-I-I can't tell you!

(Connie runs off)

Steven: *sigh* I'll find out sooner or later.

(An hour later)

Amethyst: I wonder what's taking Steven so long.

Pearl: I wonder how this thing works.

(Detective Montage)

Connie keeps on going into the alleyway, Steven takes notes etc.

(Three days later)

Steven: Connie I have come to a conclusion: You are a-

Connie: Please, I don't want anyone to know and not you, please.

Steven: *sighs* Ok

(They hug)

(The Gems are still figuring out the Ikea furniture)

Pearl: I give up!





  • Crystal Temple
  • Beach City
  • Connie's House


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