Season 1 Episode 1: Welcome to the Club


Episode enters with Steven and Connie sitting on a log on a beach in front of Steven's house. They're having a picnic. "Wow, what a beautiful day!" Said Connie. "Yeah! Too bad the gems are on a mission" replied Steven. Suddenly, Steven spots something out of the corner of his eye. It's a kid, orange short hair, really tan, brown shirt. He's trudging lonely on the beach. "Hey!" Steven calls, "Who are you?" The kid looks up an walks towards them. "I'm John" Said the kid, he had a really deep voice. "You look you could use some friends" Says Steven. "Really?"



Suddenly, a blue glow comes from Steven's house "Gems are back!" Steven runs to the house with John. John doesn't seem surprised at all as if he's seen them before. "Hey guys, meet John!" they say hi politely and start talking to John. Suddenly, John says, "Gotta go, Bye!" they look strangely at where he left. What's the rush? Thought Steven. "He seems suspicious" says Garnet " I agree, he does seem strange..." Says Pearl "Yeah, you see a loner on the beach and BAM! He's your friend, what's with that?" Says Amethyst. "I think he's fine" says Connie. "Okay, but don't say we didn't warn you" says Pearl. Hmmmm... he did leave really suddenly thought Steven. "Well let's get back to our picnic" says Connie "Yeah" says Steven and the episode ends.

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