Welcome to Goldenrod Island
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date April 24, 2015
Written by Darktriggerhappy
Directed by Darktriggerhappy
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Welcome to Goldenrod Island is the second episode of the first season in Outcasted to Earth(Under obvious construction.)


After having a lucid dream, Sodalite decides to roam around the island.


Sodalite was in his room on the ship, which was blue and designed to look like a jungle. He was tossing and turning in his bed, as if he was having a nightmare of sorts. He and Jet were running away from figures covered by shadows, throwing weapon-like objects at them in every possible direction. One of them hit Jet, as they all burst into a frenzy of assorted, psychotic laughing. Before one could hit him as if it was like a homing missile, he woke up, panting, and left his room. He saw Jet in his, which was a black and grey gym.

Soda: Jet, I'm going to look around our new home. I need some fresh air.

Jet: Fine, but don't talk any strangers!

Soda exited the ship, running down the hill it was parked on. Walking down the street, he got confused glances from the citizens, but they just shrugged it off after a while. Near the entrance to the beach, he noticed a two-story shop with a garge attached to it on the right side. The shop seemed quite messy through the windows, along with a light-up open sign in the sill. He ssighed, entered it, and a little bell rang causing a human to come out from under the counter with the sound of items falling. He rubbed his eyes, so Soda assumed he was napping under a pile of his commodities. He spoke in a joyous mood.

Man: Hey, there valued costumer! My name is- Woah. Freaky anime cosplayer! Uh, anyways, T.K. Mondo, owner of Mondo's Sea-side Souvenirs! Upstairs is my home, but don't go in it unless you want the cops involved!

Soda: Well, my name is Sodalite, and I was-

Mondo: Weird name, but I'm in no position to judge! Please, continue.

Soda .....Right. As I was saying, I was just in the area so I felt like browsing.

Mondo: Well browse no more, my friend, because you look like a man who has a story.

Mondo rushed into the back, pulling out two chair that looked like they were at least a century old. He sat down on one, then patted the other one's cushion. Soda sat down on it.

Soda: So what do you mean that I have a story?

Mondo: Well, everyone has a reason for doing anything and everything. Plus, you look as interesting as they come with the karate stuff, the hair, and the forehead....thing.

Soda: Okay, but you need to have a really big suspension of disbelief.

It was roughly an hour before Soda's story ended. Mondo looked at him in confusion, but he and Soda got up and headed to the hillside where the ship was stationed. Jet walked out. Mondo stared in shock.

Jet: Dude, I told you not to talk to strangers!

Soda: Well, this "stranger" can help us fit in.

Jet: Really?

Mondo: Yup! Honestly, there's been stranger stuff on this island. I can probably fit your....ship thing in my garage. I have a friend that owes me one.

Jet: Well....okay. But I won't like it.

A while later, a tow truck driven by Mondo came and picked up the ship, which Jet de-cloaked. The truck drove back to Mondo's garage, and dropped the ship off in it. The ship was a perfect fit, so Mondo drove the truck back to its rightful owner. Jet and Soda just stared at the shop.

Soda: we technically live here now?

Jet: Well, the ship is in his garage, so....I guess.

In space, however, something different was happening. Four spherical pods left a giant, hand-shape ship.'





  • Jet and Soda's ship
  • Tow truck
  • Hand ship
  • The four pods


  • Goldenrod Island
    • Mondo's shop/house
  • Space


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