The Rebellion Episode 2: Welcome to Beach City

This the second episode of my fanfic The Rebellion

Welcome to Beach City
W to BC
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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Earthward Bound The Plan


Turquoise arrives in Beach City, to fulfill the work of the Crystal Gems.


[Episode enters with Turquoise using all the strength he can muster out of his scrawny body to climb out of the wreckage of the fallen ship. He falls to the beach and groans]

Turquoise: No sign of them [Runs past a temple with a beach house on the side of it and heads to the city, which is lit up in the night]

[Turquoise runs across the busy streets of Beach City and heads to the HUGE D-O-NUT where he suspects to find someone. Inside, he finds his target, a lonely Gem, the only remaining member of the Crystal Gems or their Second Reinforcement Team. He was the commander of the Second Reinforcement team, which helped the Crystal Gems in deep peril. It was Topaz, a medium size gem-human hybrid with his Gem on his forehead and he wore a yellow T-shirt with a lightning bolt on it and basic jeans, he had short blonde hair. He knew he Topaz was the only person that would A. Not kill him on sight and B. Understand his situation.]

Turquoise: Hey Topaz!

Topaz: What, Oh! Hi, Turquoise ready to become a full-time member, we really need more Gems!

Turquoise: Yes, but first I need to tell you something.

Topaz: Ok, spit it out!

Turquoise: Not here! In the temple!

Topaz: What are we waiting for!? Let's go!

[The Gems head to the temple and into the beach house. On top of the doorway, is a picture and of a pink gem with curly hair. There's a loft to the left and a kitchen to the right.]

Topaz: So what'd you wanna tell me?

Turquoise: Ever since the Crystal Gems chose execution over slavery, I was so sad... I had nobody, and I betrayed my home for them. I helped them fight off some Homeworld Gems and, as you know, we lost. I chose slavery and these 2 evil gems, Hematite and Jade tried to invade and I was forced to help, good thing I cut the wires through a vent, I'm small enough to fit through [chuckles] and Hematite's whole ship fell and I think they were destroyed, but I'm not sure.

Topaz: Ummmm... Couldn't you just have told me to look out for Hematite and Jade?

Turquoise: yeah...

Topaz: Well anyways, welcome to the Reinforcement Team, we need you after Diamond and Quartz, you know...

Turquoise: Yeah...

[Scene goes back to the rubble pile. A piece suddenly goes flying and crashes to the beach, from under it, a Gem emerges. It was a saturated green, had a half green, half gray tank-top on and a half green, half gray pair of pants. It was big and strong and had a Gem on each hand. It had long dark green hair. It put both its arms out and summoned tho whips, both studded with a mix of Hematite and Jade. It slashed its whip, which sent out a huge shockwave, And it walked to the city, looking for its prisoner by the name of Turquoise. The Gems name was Emerald. Suddenly, the episode ends.]

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