"Welcome To The Army" is the 1st episode in the 1st season of the Homeworld Traitors Saga.


A newly recruited Sapphire enters the army base of the Great Diamond Authority, meeting her superiors. Unfortunately, she gets into a bit of trouble finding her place and causes mischief.




  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Peridot
  • Jasper
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Rose Quartz
  • Pearl
  • Selenite
  • Gypsum
  • Aqua Aura Quartz


  • Satin Spar


  • Three Victories Base



  • Sapphire did not have the same form as she did in Jailbreak, and she is wearing a differently designed dress.
  • Due to the episode change, Jasper's line was changed.


Sapphire: I hope this goes well.... *warps to the base and enters*

Peridot: Jasper! If you keep messing around, these new recruits would have a bad image of us! So STOP MEDDLING!

Jasper: Pipe down. Gosh, it's not like we still have tons of new Gems left to wait for... it's the last day.

Sapphire: *walking in* Hello?

Jasper: That's the last of 'em. See? What did I tell y-


Jasper: *grumbling while walking away*

Peridot: *sighing* Hi. Welcome to the base. This base promotes the more higher ranks and you absolutely do not step in here without reaching a certain level. Assuming you were assigned here, you are either the minimum rank or higher.

Sapphire: I am the minimum rank.

Peridot: As I remember. *opens a computerized chart with her fingers* Yes. Rank 23: Crystal Corporal. You must be Sapphire.

Sapphire: Yes.

Peridot: Good. I'm Peridot, one of your superiors. Let me introduce you to your assigned superiors. *walking*

Peridot: We are part of the division that serves Yellow Diamond. All Gems in this division serve her and recognize her as a leader.

Sapphire: Does she count as a superior?

Peridot: Yes. *opens door* Gypsum... the 2nd recruit is here.

Gypsum: Wonderful. Bring her in.

Sapphire: *walks in and bows* Hello.

Peridot: Now, your lowest superior here is Pearl.

Pearl: Hello, Sapphire! Welcome.

Peridot: The second lowest would be Aqua Aura Quartz.

Aqua Aura Quartz: Greetings, you'll blend right in.

Peridot: Your next superiors are the same rank, and all related. These are Gypsum, Selenite, Satin Spar, and Alabaster.

Gypsum: Us quadruplets already like you!

Peridot: After them, it would be me, then Jasper. Lastly, your highest superior is Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz: Ah, it's always nice to see a new member. *smiling*

Peridot: *fingers reform as a hand* Very well. Your partner is Ruby, the red one. Ruby is the same rank as you, but came here a day earlier here than you.

Ruby: Ugh, wonderful. I have to have a partner. As if having these guys the boss of me were enough.

Peridot: Can't blame you. I had Jasper as my partner until he ranked up faster... I can't tell what's worse. Having him as a partner or a superior. Anyway, we'll leave you recruits here until we call you. *walking out*

-everything is quiet for a while-

Gypsum: ...soooo... Sapphire, how does it feel being in the brigade?

Sapphire: Pretty normal.

Gypsum: Good, I guess?

Ruby: *yawn* You guys are boring.

Pearl: Well, it wasn't our choice to stay in here.

Ruby: And it's your choice to follow? Why do they have to keep us in here? They don't even have air conditioning! Unless one of you have cryokinesis, we're going to be sweaty...

Pearl: Ruby, you are new here, so I'll go easy. But you must follow the rules!

Ruby: Why? It's just a room... not like they're doing anything fishy.

Pearl: *sighs* Look. When your superiors tell you what to do, you must comply.

Ruby: It's still a room. Plus, I bet they have snacks. I know we don't need to eat, but hey, food can be nice once in a while.

Pearl: *covers mouth* I think I'm going to be sick!

Selenite: Ruby. Do as you wish.

Ruby: Huh? You talked.

Gypsum: My sisters don't really talk that much... especially Satin Spar.

Satin Spar: *glare*

Alabaster: I have to agree with him. Why can we just go? If we get punished, so be it. We all know we are doing wrong.

Aqua Aura Quartz: I'm not getting in trouble.

Rose Quartz: Maybe it's best if you all just stayed. Yellow Diamond is a harsh punisher.

Ruby: Ugh. You know what? Whoever wants to come with me, just follow.

Sapphire: I would like to go.

Ruby: Whatever. Come on. *running out with Alabaster and Sapphire*

Sapphire: Hmm... *runs with Super Speed*

Ruby: Woah!

Alabaster: *gasping*

Ruby and Alabaster: Wait! *running as fast as they can*

Sapphire: *bumps into Jasper and Peridot and falls* Oh no!

Jasper: *looking down* What are YOU doing?

Peridot: *facepalming* And I thought she would've been a good one.

Sapphire: *in shock* I... uh...

Jasper: Forget it. That room was tight anyway.

Peridot: I agree. Sapphire, we have your Homeworld uniforms. We got them in 3 shades of blue, just choose which one stands out, and that's your official suit.

Sapphire: *randomly takes one and puts it on*

Peridot: There you go. You are an offical Yellow Diamond follower. *takes Sapphire's dress* You won't need this anymore.

Sapphire: May I have it back?

Peridot: Have it back? *laughing* No. That's very disloyal for you to say.

Sapphire: But, I-

Peridot: No exceptions. You should know this by now as a high-rank. Any denial of anything considered important to the Homeworld is frowned upon, sometimes punishable.

Sapphire: I won't wear it. I promise.

Peridot: Too bad. Life's hard. Why do you care about that dress anyway?

Sapphire: It was my first ever form... plus, I look good in it.

Peridot: Yes, you do! And you would also look good in handcuffs for being a traitor. *walking away*

Sapphire: *looking pretty sad*

Jasper: Oh, don't worry. That's not disloyal at all... Peridot's just a-


Jasper: Okay, well, it actually is... but what gem minds that?

Yellow Diamond: I do.

Jasper: *gasps* Yellow Diamond! *bows*

Sapphire: *stepping back*

Yellow Diamond: Everyone must follow accordingly to the rules... anyone who does not follow shall suffer a consequence.

Sapphire: *shaking*

Yellow Diamond: I've heard a lot about you. You weren't one to rule-break, you barely said a word, and you are very loyal... not willing to rebel against. What happened to that?

Sapphire: I... uhh....

Yellow Diamond: You disappoint me... it's your first day here and you're already making trouble. For a dress.

Ruby: Stop!

Alabaster: You're punishing her for a dress. No one is any better if they torment someone for what you are doing yourself.

Ruby: Yeah! It's not even her fault! Plus, she's just new around here. Can't you just soften the rules for newcomers? Gosh.

Yellow Diamond: How DARE you talk to your leader like that... but I must agree, you both are right. I apologize for being so rough for fresh faces who just entered here, but rules still apply. So, I will let you pass. But only this once.

Sapphire: T-thank you... *bows*

Yellow Diamond: No need to bow. That's so a thousand years ago. *leaves*

Sapphire: *shaken up by what happened* Ruby... Alabaster... I can't thank you enough.

Ruby: Yeah, yeah... it was my fault anyway.

Jasper: *sighs* You all are on thin ice, but Yellow Diamond loves seeing new Gems. So you guys are lucky. Go get the others, all Gems in this base have a meeting.

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