Weather Control
DDG Ep 16 Title Card
Season 1, Episode 16
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Air date April 17th, 2015
Written by Mr. Napcakes
Directed by Mr. Napcakes
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Did We Forget? (Pt. 2) Smoke and Mirrors
"Weather Control" is the 16th episode of the first season in Dawn Dusk Gems, and the 16th overall episode of the series.


Apatite and Malachite investigate a something strange happening at Smoky Quartz's grave.


Apatite and Malachite warp to a mysterious area. The air is cold, and it’s raining furiously. The grassy plains were wet. The overall atmosphere was dull. Malachite looked around, only to see endless plains of grass and heavy rain. She raised an eyebrow.

Malachite: So… You’re sure that we aren’t in a pocket dimension?

Apatite: I’m certain, so don’t worry.

Malachite: Well then… Where are we then?...

Apatite: We are at the grave of Smoky Quartz... It’s a shame that she-

Malachite: Wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-wait! How does Smoky have a grave, yet we don’t actually know what happened to her? ARE YOU KEEPING  SECRET FROM ME?!

Apatite: Oh, heavens no! It’s just that, 10 years ago, it was Rhodo’s idea to build a grave for her since she hasn’t been with us for so long… It was just me and Rhodo at the time. Smoky Quartz was the last one that abandoned us...

Malachite: Oh..

Malachite and Apatite walk up to Smoky’s grave. It shows a hovering piece of stone, with engraved writing on it saying “Come back soon, Smoky Quartz,” with the second line saying ”We won’t forget you”. There were blue candles that surrounded the grave, but they were special and weren’t put out by the strange rainfall. Malachite still had questions.

Malachite: I know this is a depressing and important place for you and all, but are we just here to mourn?

Apatite: No.. See this rain?

Malachite looked around again.

Malachite: Uh, yeah?... Why?

Apatite: It isn’t supposed to rain here. Something’s wrong. If it continues to rain, then the entire grassy plains will flood!

Malachite: Yeesh!

Malachite thinks of an idea. She thinks about the possibility of having a Control Panel. Apatite wanders a bit.

Malachite: Yo Apatite!

Apatite turns around.

Apatite: Yes?

Malachite: Is there a Control Panel for this place?

Apatite: Oh, that’s right! There IS a Control Panel. We used one of your spare ones, if you don’t mind.

Malachite: Okay, first of all, don’t touch my stuff. Second of all, we can use it to change the weather! Where is it?

Apatite: I think it’s underground? I have no way to get to it, though. It’s over here.

Apatite leads Malachite to a certain spot of the grassy plains.

Apatite: I’m pretty positive that this spot can open a secret door that leads to the Control Panel. However, it’s activated by saying a phrase. It’s been so long, so I forgot it…

Malachite: No worries! I can decrypt it!

Apatite: Really? Well then, go on ahead!

Malachite activates her bracelet and gets out a hologram. She scrolls through some tabs and does some technological stuff, then she finally activates a keyboard. She starts typing in these codes extremely quickly. Apatite finds it incomprehensible. At last, she presses an enter key and the secret door activates. The grass tile starts to glow and vanishes. Wooden stairs were seen, going downward. Malachite turned to Apatite and raised her eyebrow.

Malachite: I guess you didn’t put a lot of effort into this?...

Apatite: Look, the only resources we could use to build this place were relic stones, candles, and the trees from Rise Island, so don’t judge.

Malachite: Works for me.

The ventured down the long staircase, but it was extremely dark. It was nearly impossible to see anything. Apatite look frustrated. She sighed.

Apatite: Malachite, does your bracelet have lighting settings that we can alter?

Malachite: Er, that would be a no…

Apatite sighed even more. But she got to thinking. She thought about other solutions to the problem. But then, she thought of Amazonite.

Apatite: Amazonite.

Malachite: Bless you?...

Apatite: No, Amazonite! It’s so simple! Amazonite has the ability to create light around her. We can fuse!

Malachite was surprised, yet at the same time excited. She jumped up and down.

Malachite: WOOOHOOO!!

Apatite appreciated her enthusiasm, but she didn’t want anything to come try and kill them, so she shushed her.

Apatite: Malachite, lower down your voice..!

Malachite: Whoops.

Apatite: Let’s just get started, shall we?

They stood a few feet away from each other. They both nodded in understanding.

Apatite: Synchronize…

Their gems started to glow. But this dance wasn’t like the other fusions. It was like a fight. They did the capoeira, which was a fight disguised as a dance. Malachite aimed for Apatite’s head and kick, but Apatite ducked. They did the same with the roles reversing and reversing several times. They did backflips and somersaults. Finally the both kicked each other's shins, causing them to phase into each other. They started glowing, and their two physical forms turned into one. This glowing figure morphed into a more humanoid form, and it stopped glowing. There was Amazonite, with bright armor, skin, and hair. She was twice the size of Malachite. She put her hands on her hips, turned to the dirt ceiling, and started laughing.

Amazonite: Ha ha ha! This feels absolutely GREAT!

She summons her weapon, which is a gigantic and fluorescent two-sided scythe. She aims towards the darkness and swings her two-sided scythe towards the darkness. It spins quickly through the dark path, creating a temporary lighting effect throughout the entire corridor. Holes are seen throughout the aisle. She sprints through the now lighted path, and catches her two-sided scythe as it comes back to her like a boomerang. Suddenly, snake like gem monsters start to appear from the holes in the dirt. They look hostile, and charge towards Amazonite. Gracefully, Amazonite starts twirling her two-sided scythe, switching from arm to arm to another arm. Finally, she pushes her weapon forward but doesn’t let go. Instead, it creates a powerful pulse of light that blinds all the enemies. As all of the snake gem monsters are blind, Amazonite starts to slice all of them in half, causing them to poof. They don’t have gems.

Amazonite: Huh, that’s weird! But that’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY!!

Amazonite keeps her upbeat emotions at a high level. She continues to dash through the corridor, which was now getting darker. She reached the end of the hall. There was a wooden archway that led to a somewhat small circular room. The Control Panel is in the center of the room, hovering 2 feet away from the ground. It appears to be a green hologram. What Amazonite doesn’t notice is the sound of slithering coming her away. Suddenly, a gigantic snake gem monster appears from behind her. It was almost to big enough to fit through the door. Amazonite got carried away with her upbeat feelings, but she noticed the snake in time to dodge its attacks. She used her two-sided scythe to scratch the snake up from different sides of its serpent body. With a powerful final slice, Amazonite defeated the gigantic snake gem monster, causing it to revert back into its gem. Amazonite bubbled the gem. She went up to the Control Panel, still with a smile on her face. When she checked the weather settings, however, she lost her smile. Amazonite unfused into Apatite and Malachite.

Malachite: Oof!

Apatite: *pant* Okay… So what’s wrong with the Control Panel?

Malachite: It’s weird.. The weather settings were altered recently, but gem monsters can’t use gem tech!

Apatite: Then what do you think changed the settings?

Malachite: I, uh, kinda have no idea…

That wasn’t good. Gem monsters can’t use gem technology, so they didn’t have a clue on who altered the Control Panel. It didn’t concern them too much, since when they left the underground area, it stopped raining. Like usual, the skies were cloudy, as they should be. They warped back to Rise Island, only to see Rhodo sitting on the beach with Jace, eating blue carrot cake. Apatite and Malachite could hear Rhodo talking about fusion.

Rhodo: -fusion’s Sard and he’s a tall cutie with a energetic personality. That part’s me. And he can get a bit insane sometimes…

Malachite: That’s you too, Rhodo! Stop lying!




  • Snake Gem Monster's Gem
  • Control Panel


  • Smoky Quartz's Grave
  • Rise Island


  • This is the first appearance of Amazonite.
  • This episode takes place before the events of Fusion Fiasco and during the beginning of Fusion Fiasco.

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