We are the Homeworld Gems
Season 1, Episode 2
Written by: Dove's Song
Storyboarded by: Dove's Song
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"We are the Homeworld Gems" is the 2nd episode of Dove Fandom.


Aventurine shows the CG what the homeworld gems are planning.



Aventurine: Atention all gems! I have something I want to show you!

(The gems walk up to her)

Amethyst: What is it is was having a very good nap!

Aventurine: Hush! this is important.

Pearl and Steven: What is so important.

Aventurine: This.

(She projects a holo-screen with a video which seems to be coming from a surveillence camera)

Aventurine: This is a security camera that I control with this we can monitor the Homeworld.

Pearl: Oh my god, this would be very useful!

Aventurine: I know right!

(Zooms into the screen)

(Peridot and Jasper are in a control room)

Peridot: Don't you think we should check on the cluster? It's more useful than monitering our faction.

Jasper: No Peridot, we don't know what's possibly going on in our part!

Peridot: Since when did you care!

Pearl: Is this it, Peridot and Jasper arguing!


Amethyst: This is boring!

Steven: Wait, what's that?!

Garnet: Aventurine, zoom in.

(Aventurine zooms in)

Carnelian: Dorito, Cheeto this is for annoying me yesterday.

Computer: Virus added.

Amethyst: Ohhh, Drama!

Aventurine: Since when was Carnelian enemies with them?

Steven: Why is she reffering to them as Dorito and Cheeto?




  • Crystal Temple
  • Control room


  • Surveillence/Security Camera


  • The names Carnelian uses to refer to Peridot and Jasper are a reference to memes that portray them as "A green dorito" and "Big Buff Cheeto Puff".

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