We Meet Again
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date April 17th,2015
Written by NeonClovers
Directed by NeonClovers
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"We Meet Again" is the 4th episode of the first season in "Gem Fantasies", and is the 4th episode overall.


During a mission to the Solar Moon Eclipse palace, the gems encounter an old teammate...


[The Episode begins inside the Temple's House. Moonstone is seen sitting on the couch, bored to death. While on the other hand, Kyanite and Coral are having a "Play-Doh" competition to see who can make their clay look like an object. Everybody is seen to be having a calm time together, until Melanite comes running inside with a little statue,and a BIG smile on her face. She tried to say something, but she was so excited to say it. The gems looked at her, waiting to hear the news.]

Melanite: L-l-look!IfoundthestatuethatcanactivatetheSolarMoonEclipsePalacedoyouguysknowwhatthismeans?!

Kyanite: Whoa, calm down sista'! Now speak slowwwllyy.

(Melanite starts calming don, but is still having some excitement in her.)

Melanite: Ok. I said, I found the statue that can activate the Solar Moon Eclipse palace! You know what this means?!

(All of the gems quickly get up,and walks towards Melanite. Moonstone practically has star eyes just hearing about this news.)

Kyanite: Whoa, wait! You found THE Solar Moon Eclipse's statue?! That thing was lost for like...a super LONGGGG time!

Moonstone: Exactly! How did you find that Melanie?!

Melanite: While I was on that mission to the Magical Desert place, I saw it shimmering from underneath the sand!

Moonstone: This is great then! Now we can go and place the statue inside its Display case,and when it activate, the palace will continue to stay there, new and improved!

Coral: Whats the Solar Moon Eclipse palace??

(The gems quickly got rid of their excitement faces, and turned to look at Coral. They were now shocked to hear that question come out of Coral's mouth. Kyanite then turned back to neutral, and told her.)

Kyanite: Well, you see Coral, its a place where-


(Moonstone thn activates his gem and shows a holographic slideshow of the Palace. It showed to have rushing baby pink waterfalls roaring loudly. The palace was on top of the waterfalls,as if it as a tooth forced into the mouth's gum. The palace looked like it had 15 floors, with windows all around each floor. The sky seemed to be a tinted purple fading to pink,with pale blue clouds floating softly. The only thing that was wrong was that the slideshow Moonstone was showing was outdated, but he didn't seem to care.)

Melanite: In fact, that's how we met you Coral!!!

(Coral was shocked to hear that. She was promoted to the group inside the Palace?? She didn't even remember that place.)

Coral: You guys allowed me to join this group when i was over at that Palace?!


Coral: I

Moonstone: Enough chit-chat! We need to hurry up and warp to that place nowww!

Kyanite: Oh! Forgot that we can just warp over there!

Melanite: What are we waiting for then?! Let's goo!

[The gems quickly ran towards the warp pad. They then concentrated,and began to warp to the Palace. When they got there, it looked NOTHING like the slideshow Moon showed. It was starting to crumble terribly, and the clouds was fading away. The sky was still the same color as the slideshow, only a bit deeper. The gems frowned,and Kyanite got into a rant with Moonstone.]



Melanite: GUYS. Knock it off. Look, Moonstone made a terrible(and stupid)mistake, but we can't just get mad at that.


Melanite: Better. Now, we can carry on our 100% argue-free trip to the top of this palace!

Moonstone: Yah...sure.

(The gems start walking to the entrance of the palace, but stopped, when they noticed the bridge was broken. Melanite stopped breathing when she saw it, and Moonstone almost had a heart attack. Kyanite looked at it like it was a broken toy, but Coral just stared. She didn't have no feeling to it. She slowly walked to the bridge and then looked at Melanite.) Coral: Summon your Nunchucks.

Melanite: What?

Coral: I said, SUMMON your Nunchucks.

(Melanite hesitated for a moment, then summoned it. She then gave it to Coral weakly,and Coral grabbed it. Coral then summoned her spear and looked at the nunchucks. She extend it to make the chain longer,and then tied it to her spear. She grabbed the new item she just created, and spins it around like a rodeo rope. She then slings it to the other side of the bridge, and her spear stabs it,and stays there. She turns to look at the gems, who are now confused and curious about what she's doing. She then runs forward,(still holding on to the nunchucks part!)and jumps in mid-air! She then falls down to where there is no bridge,and the gems starts to worry.)

Kyanite: CORAL!

Melanite: We have to save her!!!

(All of a sudden, the gems then see Coral climbing up to the other side of the bridge. She finally makes it to the top. And climbs to the other side of the bridge. She stands up and turns around to look at the others, who are shocked that she made it. Moonstone then smiles and starts cheering.)

Moonstone: YAHHHH! WAY TO GO CORAL! Let's go Guys, we can do it!

(Moonstone then used his gem to summon Melanite's nunchucks. He then summoned his sais,and creates the same item Coral did. He throws the sai part to the other side of the bridge, and picks up the rest of the gang. He then jumps,climbs,and makes it to the other side of the bridge as well. He then lets go of Kyanite and Melanite.)

Moonstone: Wow, thanks Coral!!

Melanite: *Cough*....Yah...huff...Thanks..again...


Melanite: Yah..Alright then. Let's go.

(The gems then start their travel again. Everything seems to be going fine, until on the 13th floor, Kyanite looses it.)

Kyanite: Are we there yettt?

Melanite: No.

Kyanite: Ugh...what floor is THIS?!

Moonstone: It's....

(Moonstone then loos around and finds the floor number.)

Moonstone: This is the 13th floor. We're about to enter the 14th floor.

Coral: Wow, this place was the place you guys met me at??

Melanite: Yep. We needed more teammates ever since...

Coral:.....Ever since what?

(Melanite became quiet. She did not want to talk about her teammates, since the majority of them lost their minds after the War.)

Moonstone: Ever since our teammates went their own ways.

Coral: "Own" ways?

Moonstone: Yah. After the War, they just.....went away. They couldn't take the stress and pain of many killing gems that was on Earth's side so..they just...left.

(Coral as now scared. Why would they split up like that? Was the war THAT bad??)

Kyanite: But don't worry Coral. We're trying to recruit them back. We're planning on finding-

(Suddenly Melanite holds her arm out to signal them to stop. She turns around with glittery star shaped eyes,and whispers to them that they made it to the top. She then puts a finger to her mouth, indicating to be quiet,and they slowly walk into the top floor of the palace.)

Moonstone: Alright. Now...who has the statue?

Melanite: I do.

Moonstone: Great. Hand it over.

(Melanite then reaches into her pocket and gets it out. She then hands into Moonstone, but then hears footsteps.)

Melanite: We're not alone here!

Moonstone: Quick! We have to hide!

Kyanite: Over here! Behind this pillar and Vase!

(The gems quickly, but quietly, ran over to behind the pillar, and peeps out, here only their eyes are seen. They then see a Greenish tall girl walk to the center of the top floor. The gems' eyes then grows big)

Kyanite: Is that?!..

???: All right, i'm in. Testing 1 2. It seems that there are no signs of HW here. Figures, guess they decided to give up. Oh well. Let me just see here...

(The green figure then pulls up a holographic computer, with codes and techno stuff on it. She then lifts her right wrist up, where there is a watch like machine on it. She then talks into it.

Aventurine: Emerald. Aventurine here. Can you hear me?

(There was no answer. Aventurine tried again.)

Aventurine: Emerald. I repeat, can you hear me? Are you present?

(There was still no answer. After a few seconds passed by, she then heard his voice speaking back.)

Emerald: Present. You called?

Aventurine: Yes. There's no sign of HW action here, so that's good. What's the update for the other palace you're in?

Emerald: Well, there's no sign of any HW action here,either. I guess we should go ahead and find the statues to activate the palaces again.

Aventurine: Interesting. Tell me... have you seen any of our teammates lately?

(The room got quiet. The gems were still scared,especially Moonstone, considering that Aenturine hates him to death.)

Coral: Guys! Her name is Aventurine. That's nice.

Kyanite: Shh! We can't make a sound, or she'll think we're HW and attack us!

(Emerald was still quiet. He,too, didn't like talking about his teammates.)

Emerald: Uh....why do you ask?

Aventurine: Lately i've seen that small yellow kid.

Emerald: Small,yellow kid??

(Kyanite perked up. He knew who they were taling about, as it was his best friend.)

Kyanite: Sphene.

Aventurine: was..Sphene!

Emerald: Oh. Well, i haven't seen any sign of him.  did see sign of-

(All of a sudden, it went silent. Aventurine was surprised, yet mad, and decided to talk.)

Aventurine: Emerald, you there??

(No answer. This made Aventurine angrier.)

Aventurine: Emerald?? Are you there??

(All of a sudden, she heard Emerald stuttering something, but then she got shocked when she heard him say a word that he barely says.)

Emerald: Help...

(Then she heard a poof noise. She then started to search up his location point, which as oddly not moving.)

Aventurine: Emerald! hat's wrong?! Where are you??

(The gems were frightened now. Melanite was practically breathing so hard. Coral couldn't take it anymore.)

Coral: That's it! I'm leaving!!

Kyanite: No! Don't!

(Coral then starts to run, but Kyanite grabs her. She then squirms,causing the ase to move and break. Aventurine turned around to where the vase broke, and summoned her staff-like destabilizer.

Aventurine: Who's there?!

(Suddenly Coral runs out, follow by Kyanite grabbing her waist, trying to get her to come back.)

(Aventurine stops and looks at the two.)

Aventurine: Ky??

(Kyanite then looks up.)

Kyanite: Yes...

Aventurine: Good to see you. Are you and..your girlfriend alone here?

(Kyanite lets go of Coral walks to Aventurine.)

Kyanite: Ok, first of all, Her name is Coral. Second, She's not my Girlfriend. And last, i'm not alone.

Aventurine: Really?

Melanite: Really.

(Melanite and Moonstone then walks out. Aventurine is surprised, and she puts her weapon back.)

Aventurine: Oh! It's great to see you guys!

Melanite: It's great to see you too! So..hat are you doing here?

Aventurine: Checking to see if HW found this place yet. So far no action. But Emerald....

(Aventurine hangs her head sadly.)

Kyanite: Don't worry. We'll find him, besides, he's tough.

Aventurine: I're right.

Moonstone: We...can look for his current location when we return,and then start the search for him.

Aventurine: Alright. I guess i'll return to the team.

Kyanite: Yayyy! Coral, good news! You get to kno more about-

Kyanite: Coral?

(The gems turned to see Coral putting the statue inside it's Display Case. All of a sudden, the Palace started to shake. The gems ducked,and waited for a while. Soon, the shaking stop, and when they stoppped ducking, they saw the Place looking it was,in Moon's Slideshow.)

Coral: Amazing!

Moonstone: It's just like the Olden days...

Melanite: This is great. Now, we can find Emerald, and then try see where the other teammates went.

Aventurine: Yah...ok...

(The gems then starts leaving the room,and the Episode Ends.)


  • Moonstone
  • Coral
  • Kyanite
  • Melanite
  • Aventurine(Debut)
  • Emerald(Debut)



Production Notes

  • The episode's location was really suppose to be at the "Room of Galaxy Warps".


  • Moon Eclipse Palace


  • Palace Statue
  • Vase

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