Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date June 19th, 2015
Written by *Mr. Napcakes
Directed by *Mr. Napcakes
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Snakes and Snow Temple Thief
"Visitor" is the 2nd episode of the first season in The Ice Guardians, and the 2nd overall episode of the series.


Star Ruby visits an old friend, and he does it alone.


The snow is still falling, but more gently than before. Ruby walks through the snow slowly, navigating himself through the endless whiteness of the world around him, with his only guide being the light lavender light he saw before. He walks through miles and miles of snowy terrain and trees, until eventually, he reaches a lake. It stops snowing, but the sky is still full of clouds. It's very dark out, with only the light lavender light growing brighter with each step.  He sits down onto the icy floor and views the pictureqsue lake.

Ruby: Lake Llanadia always looks beautiful.

He forgets his main priority for several minutes to admire the beauty of the water. He realizes this and stands up, continuing towards the light. There's many trees blocking his way, preventing him to get any further. He summons his blades and moves his fingers, causing them to cut down most of the trees, turning them into stumps. His weapons dispel.

Ruby: Sorry Mother Nature.

He hops on the stumps and ventures closer and closer to the light, until he sees a figure. No, not just a figure, but a person, emitting an unbelievably bright light. He covers his eyes to prevent himself from going blind. The light fades away, and the lady who emitted the light turns to Ruby, surprised, but smiling. The lady had pale, lavender skin that looked as if it complimented the snow. the sweatshirt she wore was in two colors. One for the torso, and another for the sleeves. Her hair seemed nicely kept in an ironic way, considering that she was out in the woods.She runs towards him as he runs towards her.

Ruby: France!

Rose de France: Ruby! I knew you would come! Well....I expected everyone chasing after you out of curiousity, but at least you're here!

Ruby looks around the snowy world, then back at France.

Ruby: I came as quickly as I could.. Where's your hiding place? We can talk there.

France: It's in that cave over there.

She points to it.

France: I would've started the glowing in there, but I was afraid you wouldn't see it.

Ruby: I-it's fine.. I'm here now, aren't I?

France: Yeah. And I'm pretty sure that's what matters.

She smiles and leads him into the cave. Most of it was dark, but the light from their gems and the outside created an unnatural yet beautiful neon glow, similar to Ruby's room without all the pulsing.

France: It's not much, but at least it's roomy enough to take naps in.

Ruby, although a bit uncomfortable because of the strange interior, complimented France's living quarters.

Ruby: I guess it's kinda nice..!

France: It's a cave, Ruby. I won't mind if you have negativity about it.

Ruby pauses.

Ruby: ... Okay, it's terrible. I feel uncomfortable around here.

France: You're lucky the weather from earlier didn't carry over. It kind of seems....surreal and nightmarish to see all that snow in this lighting.

Ruby: Yeah, we're pretty lucky...

Ruby sits on the floor, France following him. He reaches for his gem in the back of his neck, summoning a deck of cards. He places it in between himself and France. She sighs.

France: I know you're not here to be an interior designer, Ruby. What's really going on?

Ruby: I missed you being in the group with us... Why did you leave?

He passes the cards around to play Palace. He gives 12 cards to himself then 12 cards to France. The other cards were placed in the middle.

Ruby: Remember Palace? We played it all the time when you were still an Ice Guardian.

France: I know....but I had reasons for leaving. Reasons I don't think you'd understand.

Ruby looks down, frowning.

Ruby: Y-yeah... Okay... Sorry for asking.

France: It's okay. Don't let that ruin the game.

Ruby flips 3 cards over and places them in a row. Then, he places another 3 cards facing up ontop of each of those cards. France does the same. He holds the 6 cards in his hand, and so does France with her cards.

Ruby: Do you ever feel... Lonely out here? I know you're kinda seclusive, but...

France: I know what you mean, and I am. I'm missing everyone....except Hawk.

She slightly laughs.

France: Kind of glad he's not hitting on me anymore.

Ruby snickers.

Ruby: He's kinda cute, but he's too... Flirtatious, ya know?

France laughs again.

France: You need to forget about him. Find someone that actually wants to date another guy.

Ruby smiles.

Ruby: Right...

France abruptly puts her cards down and looks at him, smiling.

France: Want to see something cool?

Ruby: Hm?

France gets up, helping Ruby up as well. She walks outside the cave and over to a clearing where a mountain with a snow-covered peak can be seen.

France: Remember this place if you want a new painting, but this isn't it.

Ruby nods. France continues walking as the mountain gets closer, with Ruby following. Once they reached it, there was an opening in it. To Ruby's surprise, there was a polar bear gem monster, damaged a bit, scratch marks and cuts and all.

France: I found a corrupted Gem in here, but I didn't want to take credit for making it retreat. Just think of this as a thanks for visting me all these times. If they catch you coming back, you can just say you were fighting that thing as an excuse. The thing's huge, though.

Ruby: Good idea...

Star Ruby takes a closer look at the polar bear gem monster.

Ruby: I kinda feel... Bad for it. I don't know... I probably sound like an idiot now...

France: I can see where you're coming from. I kind of found the poor guy like this way back when. If you don't want to poof this one, we can always search for another.

Ruby: Thanks for understanding... I feel like we should do this, together?.. I'd feel better getting rid of Eucl-.... The gem, quicker...

France looked at him, concerned.

France: You knew this one, didn't you?

Ruby: Euclase... Yes... He was one of the gems that was hunting us down, but... I don't know what happened to him. He just became this.., Monster. I feel bad for him.

France turned her attention back to the corrupted Euclase, trying to hide her face.

France: Yeah....I wonder what happened, too.

She snapped out of it, and went back to looking at Ruby.

France: You sure you want to do this?

Ruby: If we fuse, the job will be done quicker... Atleast I hope so..

France: Okay....but if we're fused and still can't do it, I'll understand.

Ruby steps a few steps away from France, France doing the same. The both nod, signalling each other.

Ruby: S-synchronize....

The close their eyes, their gems glowing. They walk towards eachother. They hold eachother's hands, raising them slightly, elbows bent in a right angle. They step back, then step forward, dancing across the icy floor under the gloomy cloud-filled sky. Then all of a sudden, Ruby twirls France around and embraces her, gems glowing, them glowing. They phase into eachother, becoming a slightly taller being with two arms and four eyes. They stood on the snow, looking down at themselves.

Kunzite: I miss this form...

They smile, but that smile breaks after they see the polar bear gem, suffering. They sigh.

Kunzite: Let's.. Let's get this over with...

Kunzite reaches out to their gems, which were both located on the back of their neck.and pulls out two different weapons; Ruby's blades, which hover in front of Kunzite, and France's sabre. Kunzite takes the sabre and throws it through the hole created by the blades, which were hovering in a circle formation. The weapons fused together to form hovering sabres instead of blades. Kunzite was holding a sabre to control the other hovering sabres as opposed to using their fingers. They continued to look at the polar bear gem, and reluctantly picked up their arm, having the main sabre point at it. The floating ones did as well. Reluctantly, they thrusted the main sabre, causing the floating ones to fly at the polar bear gem, impaling it with the ten blades. The polar bear gem lets out a horrible cry as it explodes into smoke. The gem klinks and klacks on the icy floor and stops rolling. Kunzite bends down, bubbling the gem. They unfuse, causing Ruby and France to fall. They both help each other up, standing up. They shook hands.

Ruby: T-thanks, France...

He looks away, smiling and blushing.

Ruby: I couldn't do that without you.

Frace: Same, but.... I'm sorry that we had to do that at all.

Ruby: It's.. Fine. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine..

Ruby walks off, but turns around.

Ruby: I, uh, better get going now. See ya later, France.

He smiles, and so does France.

France: Thanks for visitng, Ruby. It meant a lot.

Ruby scratches the back of his head.

Ruby: Y-yeah.. No problem.

Ruby walked back to the temple as France waved at him, causing her to stop, sigh, and walk back to the cave once he was out of sight. Ruby continued to walk through the snowy blizzard until he made it back home.




  • Ruby's deck of cards.
  • Euclase's gem


  • Lake Llanadia
    • France's Cave





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