The Gem Set Six are all sitting on the lakeside

Riley: I've brought you all here for a reason, and that reason is.... going to be announced by Spinel

Spinel: Umm... what you told me that you just wanted to spend time with us.

Rhodochrosite: You don't need a reason to relax with us

Riley(blushing):I know but i was afraid not everyone would come.

Ajoite and Xenotime stand up and walk towards the temple.

Riley: See?

Moss Agate: You two can't just relax for a bit with the rest of us

Ajoite looks at Xenotime and then snaps around to the others, who are starring at him full of judgment

Ajoite: Unlike you three, we don't want to leave our temple in peril!

Spinel: you guys are the worst

Ajoite scoffs and stomps off to the temple

Rhodo(obviously lying): Oh yes that reminds me I need to finish my um... sonar device. *runs off*

Moss(chasing after them): Guys c'mon this is not ok!

Spinel: Oh well that sucks

Riley: This is your fault

Spinel: Well even if there was a reason Xeno and Ajoite probably wouldn't stay for long

Riley: I know that but I feel like those two don't want anything to do with me

Spinel: Especially Ajoite because *stops and clasps her hands over her mouth*

Riley has tears welling up in her eyes and she screams at Spinel to go away. Spinel runs away punching herself for almost saying "it". Riley lays down on the ground and feels unwanted. She suddenly feels a warmth on her back. She shoots up and sees a snow white cat. She wipes away her tears

Riley: Wha...Where did you come from?

The cat stares into Riley's eyes expectantly

Riley: you want me to find your owner or something.

It steps closer and meows. Riley is still.

Riley: Well you are dirty. Lets give you bath.

The cats eyes light up and she tackles Riley. Riley falls over as the cat licks her face and refuses to get off. Riley lifts the cat and scratches its head as they walk. The door creaks open and the cat tenses up and climbs on to her shoulders.Riley looks around and everyone in the main room is starring at the cat and Rhodochrosite draws her chain sickles


Riley: What!?! Why?!?

Moss: Riley give it to me and everything will be easier.

Rhodo: That is doesn't belong here get rid of it

Spinel: Guys it's just a cat why do you care so much.

Moss: If Xeno finds out that human artifact is in the temple he'll flip.

Suddenly a black rhombus appears on the temple door indicating that someone is leaving Xenotime's room. Moss Pushes Riley up to her room and slams the door. Ajoite strides out to see everyone "acting natural". He looks at them, skeptical, but grabs the book he was looking for, opens his room, and it shuts behind him.

Moss: Wow that was close.

Spinel: That cat will be impossible to get out of here *observing that the cat is figure-eighting through Riley's legs

Rhodo: Theoretically if that thing does stay in Riley's room away from Ajoite and Xeno then it could stay

Riley: *squeals* Thanks Mossy

She pecks him on the cheek and sprints into her room. Mossy tries to stop her but she is already in her room playing with the cat.

We cut to a montage of close calls. One of which has Ajoite reading and grabbing for a bookmark then grabbing the cats tail. The cat screeches and Riley picks her up and runs away.

Spinel and Riley are sitting in Riley's room

Spinel: Have you thought of a name

Riley: Falcor

Spinel: Falcor?!?! Really isn't she a girl

Riley: Weeeellll.... yeah but she is white and to me she is lucky like a luck-dragon

Spinel: Oooookkkk... well that makes sense I guess.

The cat was curled in a ball in Riley's lap. Riley was petting Falcor and felt something cold hard. She pulled away her hand and Falcor looked up at her, confused. Riley decided to forget about it. The cat suddenly shoots up and jumps out the open window. They run after it but was already gone. Riley runs out looking for Rhodo.

Riley: Falcor jumped out the window

Rhodo: What is a "Fall Core"

??: Yeah, what is a Falcor.

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