(The camera pans into Borealis Temple. A door creaks open and a hulking shadow walks through into a pitch black room.)

???: *cough* *cough* ugh that was rough man, but I have the gem. Where do you need it.

(A lanky man points to a shelf with multicolored gems of many shapes and sizes.)

???: Ok, well when you're done being anti-social, Riley made us turkey and mustard sandwiches.

(The door is slammed shut and we see a bright, vibrant kitchen full of hustle and bustle)

???: AAAAHHHH!!!!

Riley: OH GOD, HEADS UP!!!

(The next shot shows the checkered ceiling being splattered with mustard.)

Riley (laying on the ground): Mossy can you get that.

Moss Agate: Ugh, of course darling. (Riley walks away)

Ajoite: Moss Agate, don't encourage this kind of behavior.

Feldspar: You know I have to agree with Ajoite on this one, Moss.

M.A.*using a mop to clean the ceiling* Oh loosen up you two, she's only 12, she can make these mistakes.

(Riley walked outside to play with Spinel)

Spinel: *to Riley* Whoa, what happened in there.

(They stare in through the window to see Ajoite and Feldspar barking at Moss Agate to wash it better. Moss sees Spinel and Riley, waves and smiles)

Riley: *Giggles and waves back* I love that big softie.

Spinel:Yea he's pretty great

Riley: *lays down next to Spinel to examine the walls of the valley* Pbbt, wanna go to the lake?

Spinel: Sure

(Riley skips along a path while Spinel transforms into a dog and walks beside her. They arrive at the lake and start to skip rocks)

R: You know, sometimes I wish Ajoite wouldn't walk all over Mossy.

S: I wish we'd get some action in this wasteland of a valley

R: Wait, you want something like what we saw Mossy and Ajoite fight, to come here and endanger the Temple.

S: Well not that bad but just something.

R: You're insane, Spinel

S: If I'm insane it's ok for me to do this.

(She lifted Riley and tossed her in the lake)


(Spinel cackled and sprinted back to the temple. Riley jumped out and hunted her friend)

(Suddenly the warp pad sounded and someone warped in)

R: Who is it? *walking up the stairs*

(Then a creature is smashed out of the window and Moss jumps out after it)

Everyone except for Xenotime and Riley jump on the flaming beast, Spinel's axe flies through the air and sticks into the beast's arm dislodging it. Then Moss Agate spins from above and hits it straight in the center of the forehead and it disappears into a puff of smoke. The red gem is bubbled and sent away.

Spinel: *out of breath* Ummm... Ok, Feldspar, please explain.

Feldspar: *flabbergasted* Why me?!?

S: I don't know just explain it.

F: Spinel, please be serious, this is a bad thing.

Moss Agate: Ok, we can find that out later, but right now I'm pretty hungry for a turkey and mustard sandwich.


Ajoite: What is wrong with you, Moss Agate!

(Riley is already in the house portion of the temple. A star closes in on the window which gets splattered with mustard and then it closes)

The End

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