calim: good morning steven

pearl: why is everyone soo happy today?

lapis: *opens door* because today is valentines day!

pearl: *summons spear* WHERE DID SHE COME FROM??!!!

calim: from my last "mission" with steven.

steven: *go to big donut*

sadie: hello steven! do you want the new "love" strawberry donuts?

steven: yes! I love the love!

calim: I want it too!

lapis: me no.

sadie: *give the donuts* here is!

steven: lets eat! have an delicious pink color with real strawberries! *eats*

calim: yep *eats*

lapis: what he mean by "real strawberries"?

steven: real strawberries.

calim: totally.

steven: oh! I need make a thing *calls connie for come to crystal temple*

calim: it was connie phone number?

steven: yep.


steven: what is lapis?

lapis: oh erm nothing.

*go to a mission*

weird pink gem: HAHSEUWHEHS *shoots pink love gas*

garnet: is love gas! dont breathe it!

pearl and amethyst: ok!

steven and calim: erm what? *accidentally breathe and fall inn love for lapis*

garnet: nothing! it stopped! *"kills" the weird corrupted gem and bubble up her gem*

pearl: what that gas make?

garnet: it make who breathe it fall and madly fight for love.

steven: *looks at lapis* <3

calim: *looks at lapis* <3

lapis: ok...lets go back to the temple

*everyone teleports to temple*

calim: I will buy donuts..for you..

lapis: again?

steven: I will!

calim: no I will!

pearl: are you sure that they not breathed the gas?


calim: *return with donuts*

steven: *return after*

calim: I returned fater than you!

amethyst: ok what is the cure for this?

garnet: the one with the another true love when see the true love will make the love dessapear, the one who fights for true love will be with love until the enemy stops, or when it fells sorry.

steven: >:(...

calim: >:(....

*steven phone vibre*

steven: *checks phone* *is one of connie's calls*

connie: hi steven! Im close to your temple ok!?

steven: *the love goes away* whoa? what? ok!

calim: *angry lookes at steven*

steven: why he is mad at me?

lapis: I dunno....

steven: hey lets play lava ball!

calim: yes... lava ball....

lava ball is a game like basket ball but with a ball made of non-fireable lava.

calim: *make the ball and angry looks at steven* ...

steven: look the ball!

*the lava go to calim face but not damage....*

lapis: ...

steven: oh well. whatever, lapis I made a music for you!

lapis: really?

steven: yes!

lapis: ok I wanna hear!

steven: ok....She was trapped in a mirror

And it couldn't be clearer

She wanted to leave this place

And get herself back in space

And dad you might think she's a criminal

But her friendship comes through subliminal

Lapis Lazuliiiiiii, you fled into the bottom of the sea

Lapis Lazuliiiiiiii, you were so mad, but then you came around to meeeeeee

lapis: steven that is perfect!

steven: *blushes* really?

lapis: *blushes* yes! *kiss one of steven cheecks*

calim: THAT IS IT.

steven: whaaaaaat?

calim: *make a giant lava arm like a pillar* DO YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN JUST STEAL HER FROM ME?!

steven: her who?!


steven: you are just jealous because she like more me than you!

calim: URGGHHH! *the lava arm try to punches steven*

steven: *actives rose's shield in circle form* why I said that?!

lapis: I dunno.

calim: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? *throw steven with shield at ocean*

garnet: CALIM! STOP!

calim: NO! *bubble up pearl, amethyst and garnet and send them to the burning room*

steven: *go backs to the beach* STOP! I LOVE CONNIE!

lapis: CONNIE?!

calim: *love effect go away* connie?!

connie: hi steven!

steven: *deactives shield* hi connie!

calim: *make the arms dessapear*

steven: *go to connie*

connie: what was that arms?

steven: meh was nothing...I tell you later.

calim: *go to lapis* soo...want a donut?

lapis: no...

steven: #LalimForever !

calim and lapis: *blushes*

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