Unlikely Heroes
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date April 5, 2015
Written by Darktriggerhappy
Directed by Darktriggerhappy
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None Welcome to Goldenrod Island
Unlikely Heroes is the first episode of the first season in Outcasted to Earth.


Two heroes arrive on Earth, as the run away from a mysterious group.


A prism-shaped ship is flying through space. Inside of it held its pilot, Sodalite, who was rythmically pressing buttons on a console. In the background, he heard the sounds of muffled punching and a chain swinging back and forth. Then, it became substituded with the sound of footsteps and the cockpit's door sliding open. It was Sodalite's best friend, Jet Lignite. He becan to angrily mumble. However, Sodalite kept his attention at the viewscreen which showed the emptiness of space, except for the stars, and the console.

Jet: I can't believe we just left her there! With those....those monsters!

Sodalite: Calm down. Once we find a place to hide out, we'll be able to get her back.

Jet sighed, and shook his head.

Jet: Listen, I'm sorry I snapped. But we're going who knows where being hunted by trained professionals.

Soda: Care to explain?

Jet: Well, they have one of the galaxy's strongest Gems, brothers that are more synchronized than dancers, and a militaristic genius leading them!

Soda: You need to trust me on one thing, though. The place we're heading is going to be the last one they check.

Jet: That's....optimistic.

Soda: Good, because it's Earth.

Jet began to laugh, but Soda gave him a blank stare. Jet gradually stopped.

Jet: Hehehe........great diamonds above, you're serious. Why Earth?

Soda: Look at it this way. Since the Galaxy Warp was recently destroyed, they'll have to check each planet individually. And, since they always use the bulky ships, it may take even longer. Even the clothes on our backs is going to help.

Jet: You know what, Monkey Boy, there's literally no point in arguing. If you need me, I'll be in my room punching something.

Soda: Oh, well your loss. The veiw of the place we were going to land is great.

Jet stromed off, but before he entered his room, a loud, metalic thud was heard. Soda then started bursting out into laughter.


Immediately, Soda looked up, but he didn't notice Jet. He noticed a bright, blue planet. He grinned.

Soda: How convineint!

Docking the ship on a relatively big island's tropical forest, he activated its cloacking device, turned into a monkey, and darted out the ship. The first thing he did was climbing up a tree, laughing quietly to himself. When Jet stepped out, he was stunned.

Jet: Soda, I know you're up there. Look at this.

Soda climbed backed down and transformed back.

Soda: I knew the beauty would shut you-

Jet: Yeah, yeah, palm trees are your favorite. More importantly, we docked near civilization!

Jet turned Soda around, who also became shocked. What they saw was a small town next to a resort right outside the forest.

Soda: Well....uh....the scans said that this place was uninhabited. Welcome to Goldenrod Island, I guess. Just off the border of the island cluster Humans dubbed "Hawaii."

Jet: Those scans were roughly thousands of years old.

Soda: On the bright side, they'll just think we're some weird tourists.

Jet rolled his eyes, walking back into the ship.

Soda: Was it something I said?





  • Jet and Soda's ship


  • Goldenrod Island


  • According to Jet, he and Sodalite left someone important behind.
  • An organization is holding that person captive and are chasing the two.


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