Twilight is Onyx's pet basilisk in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Twilight looks similar to a traditional cockatrice as big as a T-Rex with a long tail similar to a serpent's and feet similar to a rosters. He has a long neck with the head of a roster with a sharp beak with sharp teath as well as yellow eyes and a crest of feathers on his head symbolizing a crown. He also has a pair of wings that he uses for flight and astonishing speeds as well as using them in battle.


Before he was Onyx's pet, he was extremely wild and dangerous with his deadly powers and its fierce personality it was one of the most dangerous creatures the gems have ever encountered. However, Onyx managed to tame the beast and when it was in danger Onyx managed to save it creating an unbreakable bond between gem and beast. Because he is Onyx's pet Twilight is extremely discipline always respecting Onyx's authority like Onyx respects his. He is shown to be very focused on mission showing that he and Onyx are pretty alike.


  • Flight
  • Death stare (Before Onyx)
  • Poisonous breath
  • Sonic screech
  • Razor sharp talons
  • Extreme speed


Like the basilisk from ancient mythology, Twilight was able to kill just with a mere look which made him a fierce opponent in battle. He is also able to emit a poisonous breath that is said to be lethal to humans and can even destroy vegetation from how foul it was. Also he can let out a powerful screech that can shatter glass and can disorient others from the frequency it is at. Although Twilight is a walking death machine, Onyx has trained it to only attack on command but even with that kind of control, Twilight is one deadly creature.


  • The basilisk is a creature in mythology well known for its ability to kill with its gaze.
  • In mythology, the basilisk was known as the king of serpents which makes him a good match with Onyx since he is the king of gems.
  • Twilight at first had a small grudge with Amethyst since she was the one that destroyed his death stare eyes.
  • Although he can't verbally speak, he can talk telepathically with others.

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