Trouble In Paradise is an upcoming series by Mr. Napcakes! It features Neon Apatite and her journey through the world of Donvaluanda.

You're in a shipwreck. You look around yourself and see that all of the crewmates and passengers are broken, cracked, and basically dead. With nowhere else to go, you decide to travel this mysterious planet in search of a home, or atleast try to make it through the night.

The series is dependent on choices. The story is woven by those choices. Be wise about them.

Trouble In Paradise Logo

Season 1 - From One Point and Beyond

Season 1A

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
TIP Ep 1 Title Card
Shards of Broken Memories Neon wakes from a shipwreck and has to find her way through the continent of Sentinel in the mysterious world of Donvaluanda. September 3rd, 2015
2 TBA TBA 2015

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