Emerald and Garnet are talking in the kitchen

Emerald: If we are to get the gauntlets, we need to be sure we are prepared.

Garnet: I think it is best we travel together.

Emerald: Good idea.

Steven walks into the room and Emerald notices

Emerald: Hello Steven.

Steven: Hi Emerald!

Garnet: Steven, do you think you can leave the room for a little while?

Steven: How come, is it a mission?

Garnet and Emerald blush

Emerald: Yes and no, but we need some privacy to talk about this.

Steven: Ok then.

Steven walks to the front porch but hears through an open window

Garnet: I hope you are ready for this, the inferno spire is an extremely dangerous place.

Emerald: As long as we stick together we will be fine.

Garnet: i just hope it isn't as dangerous as what others have said.

Emerald: So what time should we leave?

Garnet: We should leave at midnight so no one would get suspicious.

Emerald: Good idea!

Garnet: Until then what should we do?

Emerald: Do you think you can show me the temple?

Garnet: Of course.

Emerald and Garnet walk out of the kitchen and go into the Crystal temple, meanwhile Steven walks back inside

Steven: *to himself* Looks like Garnet and Emerald are heading out tonight, maybe I can sneak through the warp and find out what there up to.

Later at night time Steven is in the beach house waiting for Garnet and Emerald to head to the warp

Steven: I hope they Show up soon.

The temple doors open and emerald and garnet apear in the room

Emerald: You ready for this?

Garnet: More then ever Emerald!

Steven sneeks up behind them as they walk

Garnet: Lets do this.

Steven jumps into the warp, warping with them, Garnet and Emerald notice him with them in the warp stream

Emerald: *agitated* Steven, what are you doing here?!

Steven: Uhh...

Emerald: I want you to go back to the temple this instant!

Garnet: I think Steven should join us.

Emerald: But what about the plan we had?

Garnet: I guess Steven will have to be a third wheel for this mission.

Emerald: *sighs* Alright then.

They arrive at a new warp pad and see a massive wind storm surrounding what appeared to be a tower

Steven: *scared* What is that?!

Emerald: Welcome to the Inferno spire.

Steven: The what?

Garnet: Steven, this ancient spire is home to an powerful artifact that we must retrieve it!

Steven: But how will we get to the spire?

Garnet: We will jump into the whirlwind.

Steven holds on tight to Garnets leg

Steven: Please don't make me do that!

Emerald: Steven it's actually not that bad.

Steven holds tighter

Garnet: I promise I won't let anything bad happen to you.

Steven begins to smile and lets go of her leg

Steven: Ok, lets do this.

Garnet giggles a little and the two walk up to the vortex

Emerald: I will go first and Garnet, You and Steven go together.

Garnet: Ok, just be careful.

Emerald jumps into the storm and lands on a platform at the outside of the spire

Garnet: Hang on tight Steven!

Steven gets a tight grip on garnet and they jump into the vortex together, they then land on the platform with emerald

Emerald: Nice work!

Garnet: Lets head in.


Steven: *Worried* What was that?!

A gem monster with three heads comes out

Emerald: It is the guardian of the spire!

Garnet: Well lets show it who's boss!

Emerald and Garnet summon there weapons and enter a long but successful fight

Emerald: That was exhausting, but we must continue.

Garnet: Agreed, lets go Steven.

Steven follows garnet and emerald and arrive at a room filled with golden cogs

Steven: *Looks down* What's down there?

Emerald: Melted gold.

Garnet: Best we stay out of that.

Steven: But how will we get across?

Emerald: Hmm.... Garnet you carry Steven across and I will join you at the other end.

Garnet: I'm on it.

Garnet picks up Steven and places him on her shoulders, Garnet jumps across the cogs and arrives at the other end

Garnet: Well that wasn't so bad, was it?

Steven: That was awesome!

Garnet lets Steven down

Garnet: Now we wait for Emerald.

Steven: Hey Garnet, how come you wanted to go on this mission alone?

Garnet: I guess I can tell you.

Steven: What is it?

Garnet: This was actually suppose to be Emerald and I's first date.

Emerald reaches them

Emerald: Lets move on.

They continue down a hallway

Steven: Sorry I messed up the moment Garnet.

Garnet: Its ok Steven, plus i'm kinda glad you came along for this.

Steven begins to smile as they arrive to the next room, its a swamp with hands reaching out of the swamp water

Emerald: I can handle this.

Emeralds eyes turn green as he creates a bridge above the swamp with vines

Emerald: Works every time.

They walks across and arrive at the next room, it is a lava lake with no way across

Garnet: You think you can use a vine bridge again Emerald.

Emerald: The fire would burn it before it even forms!

Steven: How can we get across?

Emerald: Only I can since I'm immune to intense heat.

Garnet: I can as well, but Steven can't.

Steven: Can you give me the power somehow?

Garnet kisses Steven on his forehead

Garnet: That should give you heat resistance for a short period of time.

Emerald: I guess we will swim across?

Garnet, Emerald, and Steven swim across the lava arriving at the other end

Steven: This is awesome!

Emerald: It's not over yet, we still need the gauntlets.

They go up a spire stair case and arrive at the top of the tower

Steven: Brrr... why is it so cold?

Garnet: It's just the top of the spire.

Emerald: This area is filled with traps so i will retrieve the gauntlets.

Garnet: Be careful.

Emerald: I will.

Emerald makes it to the gauntlets without activating a trap

Emerald: Well that was easy?

Emerald removes and bubbles the gauntlets back to the temple, and returns to garnet and steven

Emerald: The gauntlets are back at the temple, now we can head back.

Suddenly the winds around the spire begin to get stronger and the tower begins to shake

Emerald: The spire is going to collapse!!

Steven: How will we get back?!

Emerald: We need to jump into the whirlwind around the tower, its our only chance!

Garnet: Steven when we go in hold on tight to me.

Steven grabs garnets hand and she grabs emeralds hand, they then jump off the tower into the wind

Garnet: Hold on Steven.

the wind blows them off course into an area filled with spikes, Steven thinks quickly and summons a force field protecting around them protecting them from the spikes.

Emerald: Nice work Steven, you really saved the day!

Steven: Thanks, but lets head back.

Steven warps the forcefield back to the temple and disables the force feild

Garnet: Thanks for saving us, but I think you should head back to bed.

Steven: Ok then, good night.

Steven walks out of the temple and back to the beach house

Emerald: You think we can do something like that again?

Garnet smiles and kisses emerald

Garnet: definitely.

She walks out of the room leaving emerald blushing

(the end)

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