Sometimes, I feel like I wanna go home, but I don't know where home is. It's frustrating.

—Trapiche Emerald

"Trapiche Emerald" is a Gem of unknown origin. She exists thanks to the discovery of the cure to corruption in Amelioration. She was created by SalamandersDarnit.


Trapiche Emerald's design resembles the Centipeetle Mother. In her "reduced" form, she is a short Gem, being only a few inches taller than Steven. Her gemstone is located on her forehead. She has very dark green skin. Her body is divided into two segments, and she has a hard crystal covering on both of them (not shown in picture). Her arms and legs are also divided into two segments each, with claws instead of fingers. She has three digits on each hand, but may choose to have a fourth one. She has long, thick, cream hair that reaches just below her knees. Trapiche also appears to be wearing dark purplish red boots with darker purple tips.

Trapiche's normal form has yet to be seen.


Trapiche Emerald has a sporadic personality. She appears to be emotionally unstable, sometimes jumping from one emotion to the next in minutes, though she does try to control herself. She appears to be aware of her instability and acts based off of careful thinking instead of how she feels. She tends to summon her weapon when feeling the least bit threatened. Despite being a Gem and not requiring it, she sometimes eats food.

Around other Gems and people, she tries to restrict herself more than she normally does, which can end in bad things in some cases. She tries to act polite toward everyone, though has only limited knowledge of human mannerisms. At times, she can seem a bit show-offy or snobbish. She rarely expresses herself and her feelings.

Trapiche Emerald is surprisingly mentally capable, being able to think things through and rarely having her emotions get in the way. She is either super focused or easily distracted, and rarely inbetween. She is able to control her actions and her thoughts with relative ease. Nobody knows the reason for Trapiche's emotional instability, but some have guessed it was due to her corruption.


It is assumed that Trapiche Emerald has the abilities of a regular gem, such as weapon-summoning, shape-shifting, bubbling, regeneration, fusion, agelessness, and superhuman strength. Trapiche has some known skills and some unknown ones.

When Trapiche is focused, she can easily multitask, but not when she's too focused on one specific thing. When she is focused, her abilities are stronger and her wits become sharper. While easily distracted, her abilities are of average strength but could "break" at any time (i.e with Trapiche getting distracted)


  • Dancing: Unlike most other gems, Trapiche Emerald's dancing is almost never consistent. She knows a lot of different dances, such as folk dance, ballroom, and sometimes hip-hop. Trapiche sometimes uses this to synchronize her dance with her partner when fusing.
  • Architecture: Seeing as Trapiche Emerald designed the Crystalline Citadel herself, she's a pretty good architect.
  • Analyzing: When she's focused, Trapiche Emerald can find the smallest of details that most would miss.

Unique Abilities

  • Telekinesis: Trapiche Emerald can do this with ease with a bit of focus. The heavier and larger the object, the harder it is for her to control it.
  • Grapple Claws: This is Trapiche's main weapon. She can fire her hands up to ~60 feet away and grab onto things from a distance or pull herself toward the grabbed object. This can be deadly when paired with her telekinesis.
  • Extra Digits: If for whatever reason Trapiche needs to use her hands to do something, she can create extra fingers on her hands. This is rarely used due to her telekinesis.
  • Acid Saliva: Trapiche has saliva that can melt through certain materials. It is unknown why she has this, but it is assumedly from her Centipeetle form.


  • Trapiche's gender pronouns are She/Her.
  • Trapiche Emerald was formerly a corrupted gem; Centipeetle Mother, specifically.
  • Trapiche Emerald is sided neither with the Crystal Gems nor with Homeworld. However, she is affilated with the Gems and is friends with Steven.
  • Trapiche Emerald's home, the Crystalline Citadel, is located in a cave somewhere in Idaho, also known as "The Gem State".


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