Tourmaline, also called "Tori", is a the accidental Fusion of Steven and Peridot. She is only seen in her debut, "Amnesia Gem", but is mentioned in the following episode, "A Tale of Two Gems".


Unlike most Fusions, Tori is very short and looks about Steven's age, just barely taller than him. She has mauve, bob cut hair with bangs that hides Peridot's gemstone and hangs just above her strawberry red eyes. Her skin is slate colored. Tourmaline wears a simple strap, hot pink dress with lime green shorts underneath. Her dress doesn't expose Steven's Gem. On her back is a yellow star with a red triangle that looks like a strawberry in the center. She wears dark green sandals.




Crystal Gems



  • Tourmaline is the shortest Fusion thus far.
  • Strangely, fellow fan, Paroo Fandom, had a similar concept idea of Tourmaline's appearance.

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