Tourmaline, also known as Rubellite, is a character in the Steven Universe Fandom created by UhCanYouNot.

Tourmaline Alone


Tourmaline was born in the gemworld and placed into the Diamond Gems faction. One day, while she was studying the items brought back from Earth, she met her soon-to-be best friend, Emerald. They did practically everything together; hunting, studying, everything. Once she found out the true reason as to why the gems wanted to go back to Earth, she told a few people, including Emerald. This sparked a rebellion, which was gruesome. After Emerald was caught, he was accused of treason and sentenced to death. However, Tourmaline and several others in her group still remained. When the Gemworld opened his execution and the execution of several other rebels to the public, she formed a plan. As he was about to be killed, she summoned her crossbow and shot the executioner. Along with some of the braver ones in the group, they ran away and created a warp pad. Emerald stayed behind to break the warp pad, risking his life for the well being of the group. They landed on an island and survived for a while until they decided it was best to part into groups; they would still communicate, but they were separate, so in case the Homeworld Gems finally found one of them, the rest of the group would be safe. Along with Aquamarine and Citrine, she left the island and are currently trying to find a place to live in secrecy.


Tourmaline has dull pink shoulder-length hair, which conceals her gem, located under her bangs. She has light pink skin, and wears a tea rose blouse with a diamond shaped cut-out on the back, off-white tights,and dark pink boots with a slight tinge of red. Her gem is an inverted triangle on her forehead. She is quite tall for a gem, weighing in at around 6 feet tall. She has large, wide eyes and a short nose.


Tourmaline, being a natural-born learner, is quite intelligent, which was was why she was put into the Diamond Gems faction in the first place. She is extremely artistic and creative, shown by her affinity to draw. She is also clever, as shown by the almost flawless execution of her plan. She is also shown to be a perfectionist, striving for the best. However, as smart and clever as she is, she is shown to be extremely stubborn, and as a result often talks back and even goes as far as to insults others. She is also shown to be a workaholic, which is where her stubbornness rooted from. She also has a sharp tongue, more often than not lashing out at others. However, she controls her temper around her friends and family, as she doesn't want to make them sad. She is also shown to be a natural born leader, with her ability to form an underground rebellion and to keep it running.


Every gem has the ability to shapeshift, summon items, including weapons from their gems, and retreat into their gem to heal. Activating her gem summons a pink crossbow.

Power Mimicry

Tourmaline has the ability to copy her opponents powers, which comes in handy during battle. This power is slightly limited, however, by her minimum capacity of 2 powers at a time, not including her own. After copying these powers, they are stored into a database for later use.


Despite her blunt demeanor, she is able to heal gems of their injuries. However, if the injury is severe or fatal, she is shown to be unable to heal it due to said severity.


  • In gem mythos, Tourmalines are often associated with healing and strengthening.
  • It is also associated with creativity and inspiration.
  • She belongs in the Diamond Gems faction. Diamond Gems are categorized by their intellect, creativity, and leadership skills. However, they get flustered often and are known to be workaholics.
  • Her weapon is a pink crossbow.

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