"Total Beliefs"
Season Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date Whenever you are reading this
Written by Cookiecat554
Directed by Cookiecat554
Episode guide
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N/A Bubbling Mania
Total Beliefs is episode 1 of the series "Rise of the Gems".


Amber and Blue Topaz are watching TV and drinking soda, when all of a sudden, a loud noise is heard on the roof. Amber runs outside quickly to discover its a gem monster, Black Pearl. Blue Topaz eventually comes out and joins her to help fight it. Soon after, Amber finds out she can project holograms from her gem and uses them to fight. The next day, Blue Topaz goes outside to find that Amber is still practising her mysterious power. All of a sudden, the Black Pearl comes back, and Amber uses her holograms to fight alongside her. The episode ends with a star wiping across the screen and dissolving on Black Pearl's gem.


  • The first soundtrack ever released for this series was in this episode, and its titled, "Clone". It plays when Black Pearl shows up, and again when Amber fights her with her holograms.
  • There was a pilot episode, simply titled "Pilot", but was soon replaced by this one.


  • Right before Black Pearl shows up, Blue Topaz's tshirt is a darker blue.
  • Black Pearls gem was grey at the ending, but black at the start.

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