Topaz was created by Generated_Gaming. She is a part of the Unfounded Gems Series.

Would you rather never exist again, or exist as you..

—Topaz to Quartz








Gender Pronoun

She / Her


Orange Topaz

Personal Status


First Appearance

Lost Gems


When her gemstone is cracked she has a long ponytail similar to Amethyst's beach ponytail with a grey hair tie. Her eyes show the same crack in her gem, which is under her ponytail. Her bangs cover her left eye and has 2 grey streaks. She also has an orange dress with a grey diamond, band, and triangle. She is a bit taller than Steven. Now, she has less heavy bangs with one small streak. she has a shorter and less messy ponytail with grey ends. She also wears a sleeveless shirt with a grey diagonal line that represents the way Pearl poofed her.


Topaz is the most human like out of the gems. She likes to eat, sleep, and just do normal thing. She loves joking around with Steven but isn't as messy as Amethyst. During battle, she is very focused about defeating the enemy, despite hating violence. She can be tomboyish at times, despite having the most outfit changes in the series.



Knowing more about humans and their life, she gets along well with Steven. Since Pearl doesn't allow Topaz to go on missions when she is there, so she hangs around with Steven when he can't go on the mission either.


During the war, Pearl never cared about her. She was always in danger, but Pearl only ever cared about Rose. Topaz risked her life to save Pearl and Garnet ; Garnet is very thankful for this, but Pearl thinks it was "no big deal". There current relationship is still unknown, but Pearl still sees her as a "pest".


Topaz and Amethyst are very friendly to each other. When Amethyst found out it was her, she almost started crying, indicating they were very close. They love teasing Pearl and joking around with Steven. And because Topaz also knows what it feels like to be a parasite (being made in the kindergarten), Amethyst really feels like she understands her. The creator has also stated that they were from the same injector, alongside Quartz.


Topaz respects Garnet as a leader. She often follows orders from her, but she also likes to try Steven's ideas. She does know she is a fusion, as she was fairly close to Ruby and Sapphire before they decided to be fused forever.

Greg Universe

Out of all the gems, Topaz believes in Greg the most. She often reminds the gems that "He spent almost his whole life with you guys. He knows about gem stuff!". Beside this, not much is know about their relationship.


Topaz finds it hilarious that Ronaldo is super into paranormal stuff and other thinking things. She likes to fool him by telling him completely random things about Beach City. They both also "dislike" Lars, so sometimes they make fun of him.

Lars & Sadie

Topaz is just a simple friend with Sadie. Lars on the other hand, has a huge crush on her, and changes his opinion based on what Topaz says. Topaz uses this to make Lars look like a fool.


Her first appearance was in "Lost Gems" as a major antagonist. Her second major appearance is in "Glow Party", as the episode is mostly revolves around her first days with Steven.


  • Out of all the gems the creator has made, Topaz is the most like herself.
  • She is the only unfounded gem who has fused with a crystal gem, fusing with Amethyst to create Azotic Topaz.
  • Topaz loves electronic music.
  • She and Quartz are the only unfounded gems made from the kindergarten.
  • Despite being the most human of the gems (besides Steven of course) she doesn't like eating as much.
  • She is the only gem so far to not have formed an actual "physical" weapon (like swords, maces, etc.).

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