Topaz is a long, thin, graceful gem with pale yellow curls and light yellow skin. She wears a summer dress that is orange and gold. There is a big, yellow bow on the back in the center of her dress. Topaz's Gem is located on her back.


Topaz has super-speed and her weapon is a skinny crossbow with a very strong frame made of gold. Topaz's other, smaller abilities are:

Skin radiates heat

shape-shifting (duh)

Turns blue and skin becomes ice-cold when angry or sad.


Topaz is a graceful gem with a forgiving heart. She apologizes too often and almost nobody can get her mad, just either sorry or sad. Most of the time Topaz is happy, and enjoys the company of the other gems in Bijou City. Topaz was in Rose Quartz's army, but was left behind and came to a small city on Earth full of Gems called Bijou City. But unlike most other gems, Topaz never wants to go back to homeworld because of what the gems there did to Earth.


Turquoise: Topaz's best friend. They fought in the war together, and they often go to Goldstone Point that looms above the sparkling city of Bijou. Turquoise would never try to hurt the City and definitely not Topaz.

Emerald: Topaz's sister. They are great friends but not as great friends as Turquoise is with Topaz. Emerald will most likely tackle anyone who hurts Topaz, physically or emotionally, because that's just the kind of person she was.

Golden Jubilee: a fancy gem, used to dislike Topaz because she was so warm and bright. Now they like each other much more after Topaz saved Golden Jubilee's life.

Blood Stone: Very hateful enemy of Topaz's. Wants to rid the city of "Traitors." he is a very unlikeable person with a cold-hearted personality.

Tourmaline: Leader of Bijou City, treats Topaz like a little sister (because she is her little sister). Born a leader, has told Topaz about her feelings for Spinel because she knows she can trust Topaz.

Spinel: Tall general in Blood Stone's army, has feelings for Topaz's older sister, Tourmaline. Topaz will meet him at midnight near Crystal Mountain and tell him of her sister's affections and all about the Gems in Bijou City.


All the features of a palace packed into a small cabin near the heart of Bijou City.

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