Topaz is a male Gem who descends from Yellow Diamond's family (the only one that could have the possibility of having a male Gem child).


He has pale yellow skin, blond hair and yellow (or light blue) eyes. His Gem is located on his forehead. He wears a uniform similar to his father's. He often wears a cloak when on his planet. On Earth,he wears a sailor uniform and has a blue cap on his head.


He is shown to care about his sister Jasper and his wife. He hates Crystal Gems because of their rebellion at Yellow Diamond. When he finds out to have a child,he stops and talks with her. After that,he convinces Homeworld Gems to join the rebellion. He cares a lot about his wife's little friend,Steven.


He has total control on the storms. Like his wife,he has not weapons. When he fuses with Lapis forming Silicite,he can control water with his lightnings.


Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond always prefered him on his sister. But looking at the tiranny his father headead on the Gems,he wanted to rebel to him going on the Earth.


Topaz and Jasper always had a solid relationship. When he wanted to go to Earth,Jasper made him a human and sent him to Earth. When Lapis accidentally killed him,she called him to his planet and made him a Gem again.

Topaz ordered her to catch Lapis in order to talk with her as a Gem. When in "Jailbreak" Malachite arrives on the deep of the ocean,Jasper tells her about Topaz.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis saved Topaz from drowning when a day,with his ship,he wrecked. When Topaz saw his saviour,he thanked to her. She asked him his name and he answered that his name was Terry. They began to talk each other and dated everytime Topaz came back from the sea. They decided to get married and went to live on an island. Some years after,Lapis found out she was pregnant and wanted to tell it to Terry. But he couldn't hear her from the distance. Lapis used her power on the sea,but something distracted her and the ship with her husband crashed on the reef.

She was terribly sorry and hide her pregnancy. Pearl helped her to give birth to her child and when she fainted  after it,Pearl imprisoned her in the mirror.

When in "Family Reunion" he founds out about Emerald, he hugs Lapis and forgives her for what she did.


Topaz fought against her when he came to Earth, but when he founds out she is his daughter,he apologizes.

He cares a lot about his daughter and says that she looks like her aunt when she was little.


Peridot was a childhood friend of Topaz, and had a crush on him. But when she sees he loves Lapis,she understood they are just friends. He cares very much about Peridot and often asks Jasper to treat her better.


* His appearance is similar to that of Lapis,but when he grows older he looks more like his father.


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