This is the 29th episode of the Legend of Sapphire series.


Carnelian begins to have a huge crush on Labradorite and doesn't know how to tell her.


The episode begins inside the beach house where Steven and Lapis prepare for a prank on Carnelian. Steven pulls out a small donut he got from Lars and Sadie at the big donut and Lapis pulled out Amethyst's fire salt and poured some of it onto the donut. Both of them wanted to get back at Carnelian for all the jokes he did to them but they feared that he might suspect something if either Steven or Lapis offered the donut so they had to think of a way to give it to them. They heard the temple door open and out from it comes Labradorite which gave Steven a great idea. He began to think that Carnelian would never suspect Labradorite to prank him so Steven asked her if she wanted to pull a prank on Carnelian. Labradorite began to giggle a little and walked up to them wondering what their prank was. Lapis began to explain that she put some fire salt on a donut in order to get back at carnelian and Lapis said that she wanted Labradorite to offer the donut to Carnelian. She agreed to this and they then hear the door open from the beach house and see Carnelian enter. Labradorite took the donut and walked up to Carnelian asking what he was doing making Carnelian blush a little for seeing Labradorite. He said he was doing good and that he was thinking about his fight with Dragon Opal and her armies. Labradorite was interested and asked what happened in the fight and Carnelian told her that he single-handedly fought against Dragon Opal and her top soldiers in battle. Labradorite began to realize that Carnelian was making a fake story but just went with it acting amazed by his power. After Carnelian's story, Labradorite offered him a donut and Carnelian took it right away. He looked at the donut and noticed there was something sparkling on it knowing that they probably put something on it. Carnelian then asked if Labradorite could do a small demonstration of her wind powers to him and she did by creating a massive gust of wind. The wind manages to blow off the fire salt after she finished the demonstration Carnelian said how amazing she was with her demonstration. She blushed a little and thanked him for the complament then after that Carnelian ate the donut in hole which suprised Steven and Lapis that it didn't work. Carnelian then swallowed the donut and didn't have any effect from the fire salt and after that Carnelian told Steven he had something for him. He pull out a small box and reached into it where inside was a cookie cat which Steven was so excited about. He took a huge bit out of it, loving every single moment of eating it but suddenly, his mouth began to burn and he felt like his mouth was on fire. Carnelian laughed saying that they shouldn't try to prank the prank master then walked outside onto the beach.

Steven's mouth was burning like crazy and it seemed like it would not stop so Lapis used her water magic and drenched his mouth full of water to cool him off. Steven's mouth cooled off but he was furious at Carnelian for outsmarting him but Lapis managed to calm him down. Labradorite then asked Steven why he made up that story about him fighting against Dragon Opal and her soldiers but Steven didn't know at the moment. Lapis began to snicker a little and told her that he was just trying to show off like he usually does. Labradorite was curious about this and decided to go outside and ask him herself. She left the room and Lapis began to burst out laughing. Steven asked what was so funny and Lapis replied by saying that Carnelian has a crush on Labradorite. Steven began to get worried thinking that if they do start dating Carnelian and Labradorite would constantly prank him and Lapis but Lapis thought that Labradorite would make him stop pranking. Steven began to think that this would be a good idea but wasn't completely sure at the moment. Meanwhile Labradorite walked along the beach and finds Carnelian on the far end of the beach where the massive rocks are. Labradorite quickly hides behind one to see what Carnelian is up to and sees Peridot and Charoite walking down the beach. They approach Carnelian seeing how he was lonely, they asked him what was wrong, Carnelian did not want to say. Peridot said that he could tell them since they would never tell a secret which made Carnelian want to tell. Charoite asked him if this involved Labradorite and he began to nod which made Labradorite listen closely. Carnelian took a deep breath and quickly he blurted out that he was in love with her which made Labradorite blush from hearing what Carnelian said. Carnelian told Peridot and Charoite that he has never felt love before and thinks that she doesn't like him for who he is. Charoite told him that he just needed to tell her but Carnelian told him that he wasn't really a romance type of person but he knew in his heart that he had to tell her the truth. Charoite and Peridot then walked back to the temple to give Carnelian some along time and Carnelian decided to walk a little further down the beach. Labradorite blushed hard from all that Carnelian said and giggle slightly now knowing that Carnelian likes her. She then tells herself that she wishes that Carnelian could know how she really felt for him.

Labradorite then walks down the beach to see if she can find Carnelian and she finds him near the beach house with some sort of device in his hand. Carnelian places it on the beach and it generates holograms of dragon soldiers for him to practice on. Carnelian then drawed his kris and prepared to duel against the soldiers and Labradorite stays a distance for her not to be seen but still watch. The holograms charged at Carnelian but with blinding speed, he slashed through each of them with an amazing display of swordsmanship. More of them began to generate and using his fire powers, he creates a beautiful set of fire wings and took to the air. Labradorite began to blush seeing how powerful Carnelian really was with his combat skills and with Carnelian's wings, he defeated all of the holograms. He then made his wings disappeared and landed on the beach striking a cool pose unknown that Labradorite was watching. He then noticed that someone was on the beach and began to look seeing that it was Labradorite who was watching him. He was startled by this and accidentally tripped, making him get a face plant in the sand of the beach. Labradorite runs over to him and helps him up and even made Carnelian blush a little. Carnelian managed to get up and thanked Labradorite for helping him up and then began to look into her silver eyes. Labradorite told Carnelian that she needed to ask him something and slowly, she got a little closer. She then asked Carnelian if he liked her which made Carnelian blush a bright cherry red from her question. Carnelian stuttered a little but eventualy he managed to finally get the courage to tell her how he felt to her face. Labradorite blushed a light teal hearing how Carnelian felt towards her and decided to tell Carnelian how she felt about him but before she could speak, they hear a sound of a rocket desending. They both look at the sky and once again, they see a ship desending from the sky in the shape of Dragon Opal's ship only not as large. Labradorite summoned her lance for battle and Carnelian drawed his kris for battle ready to fight back on whoever is in that ship. Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Onyx, Sapphire, and Emerald ran outside as quickly as they could to see what was going on and see the ship desending. They summon their weapons and prepare to join the fight with Carnelian and Labradorite. The ship finally landed on the ground and began to open up revealing Dragon Opal, Amber, Tiger Eye, and 4 dragon-like creatures on board.

Dragon Opal began to get a evil grin on her face and ordered the dragon creatures to capture the gems and with furious speed, they began their attack. The Crystal Gems and the Brothers went into their dragon forms to battle using their newest powers to the max. Dragon Opal was a little shocked that they would have their dragon powers but didn't worry as much as Tiger Eye or Amber. Garnet used her fire breath on the dragons but they were immune to fire and to make matters worse, the dragon creatures blasted Garnet with a powerful beam of energy knocking her down back into her gem form. Emerald saw this and began to fight back but the dragons were too quick and managed to bite him with their dragon jaws making him go back to his gem form. With two gems down, the dragon's coil around him and Garnet keeping them trapped in their scales. Amethyst then let out a massive roar to knock the dragons back but they managed to plant their legs to the ground preventing them from getting affected by the shot. When Amethyst was about to fire again, one of the dragons blasted her with a massive fireball knocking her down back into her dragon form. Onyx then blasted them with a beam of nightmares from his mouth but the dragons managed to evade the attack and struck him with their massive claws. The attack was powerful and because of that, Onyx collapsed and turned back to his gem form. The dragons then coiled them around their scales and only Sapphire and Pearl were left to fight the dragons in their form. Sapphire used his ice breath and Pearl fired a cosmic shot of light from her mouth striking the dragons. It damaged them a bit but one of the dragons managed to sneak behind the two and breathed fire on both of them, damaging them greatly. They returned to their gem form and the dragon coiled them with its body, leaving only Carnelian and Labradorite to fight off the threat. Labradorite levitated in the air preparing to duel against the dragons as they begin to attack. But Labradorite was nible in the air and managed to avoid the attacks of the dragon creatures. She then threw her lance and using the wind, she made it able to change direction if needed making it hit the dragons. Dragon Opal was furious and with a massive blast of fire, she hits Labradorite and from that shot, she was knocked down gravely hurt.

Carnelian ran to her body as she layed there, hurt from the blast done by Dragon Opal. Dragon Opal then ordered Tiger Eye and Amber to join her in taking down Carnelian but Carnelian was furious at the three. His body began to ignite in a blazing inferno and soon his body began to levitate into the air. Dragon Opal wasn't intimidated but that changed when Carnelian began to take the form of a massive fire phoenix as its illuminating glow flills the air. Labradorite watched all of this as she was still hurt amazed by how powerful Carnelian was. Dragon Opal fired a marsh of attacks at Carnelian but in his phoenix form, he fired a massive fire blast that was so powerful that Dragon Opal's wire joined with Carnelian's blasting at dragon opal instead. Tiger Eye then leaped into the air in an attempt to attack but Carnelian spreaded his fiery wings illuminating the area and even blinded Tiger Eye. Carnelian grabbed him with his fire talons and threw him back at Amber. Dragon Opal knew as well as the others that their attacks were useless against Carnelian in his phoenix form and ordered Tiger Eye, Amber, and the dragon creatures to retreat but before the creatures got into the ship, they dropped the gems and left them on the beach. They then boarded the ship and flied back out into the atmosphere in their escape. Carnelian then desended from the air and returned to his gem form as he then went to Labradorite's body. She was so impressed by Carnelian but she was gravely hurt so Carnelian used his fire powers to heal her body. He took a flame and gently rubbed it where she got hurt, healing it as if it wasn't there. The other gems got up and healed themselves from the attack and thanked Carnelian for saving them from the dragons as they walked back into the house. Both Carnelian and Labradorite stayed outside as they looked into each others' eyes. Labradorite told Carnelian how impressed she was and Carnelian then asked what she was going to say before the whole attack happened. She took a deep breath and told him that she has always attracted to him with his funny pranks and his caring heart. Carnelian was shocked and happy by this but said that he thought that she wouldn't like him but Labradorite told Carnelian that she doesn't need to be impressed, she just wanted the real Carnelian. Carnelian got closer and in a risky move, he kisses Labradorite making her blush hard from the kiss. He pulled away and Labradorite was shocked by the kiss but secretly did enjoy it. Labradorite told him that she loved him and Carnelian told her that he loved her too as the two kiss again sealing their bond which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Labradorite
  • Carnelian
  • Dragon Opal
  • Amber
  • Tiger Eye
  • Dragon creatures
  • Peridot
  • Charoite


  • It is shown that Carnelian is hard to prank.
  • This is the first ship with an anti-love character in the series.

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