Tiny Moms
Season 1, Episode 4
Written by: Dove's Song
Storyboarded by: Dove's Song
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"Tiny Moms" is the 4th episode of Dove Fandom.


Steven's birthday is here and Ruby and Sapphire tell Steven the story of how they met.



Ruby and Sapphire: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVEN!!!

Steven: Woah, You guys unfused!

Sapphire: Yep, but It's just for today, so make the most of it.

Steven: Cool! Um...Show me your weapons, I wanna know how you make Garnet's Gauntlets.

(Ruby and Sapphire bring out their weapons)

Ruby: Mine is a glove; A BOXING GLOVE! Great huh?!

Sapphire:..And mine are brass knuckles

Steven: They're so COOL!

Steven: Hmmm...Tell me how you two met!

(Both Ruby and Sapphire blush deeply)

Sapphire: Well...



Sapphire: Hey, um, I saw you crying what happened?

Ruby: (muffled) Why do you care! Huh!

Sapphire: I want to help you, you seem sad.

Ruby: No! Go away!

Sapphire: Your eyes, their puffy, here wash your face.

Ruby: Huh! Th-Thanks

Sapphire: So...What happend?

Ruby:..You care?

Sapphire: Of course.


Sapphire: (scoffs) Third time this week.

(Next day)

Sapphire: (falls) Uh-Ow!

Jasper: Ha Ha Ha!!!

Ruby: Hey, lay off!!!

Jasper: Huh! (pushes Ruby onto Sapphire) Ha I win.

(Ruby and Sapphire blush as they fall on eachother)

Sapphire: Why'd you help me?

Ruby: You listened to me, no-one does.

(End Flashback)

Steven: Woah, you guys are the cutest couple ever.





  • Steven's room
  • Crystal Temple
  • Gem Homeworld


  • This is the first DF episode without either Pearl, Amethyst or Garnet.
  • Ruby and Sapphire unfuse for the first time in DF
  • This episode shows how the Garnet (Shipping) has started.
  • This episode proves Jasper has always been a bully.

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