This Is Who I Am
Season 1, Episode 12
Written by: Dove's Song
Storyboarded by: Dove's Song
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The Light Gem
My home is your home
"This Is Who I Am" is the 12th episode of Dove Fandom.



(Steven watches the Gems go on a mission and then he leaves the house)

Steven: Hey Lars, Sadie!

Sadie: Hi, Steven, what would you like today.

Steven: One glazed and one chocolate sprinkle.

(Sadie gets them and buts them in a bag for him)

Sadie: Here, enjoy!

(He leaves and heads to Connie's house but see's her leaving for the Alleyway)

Steven: This again?

(He watches her behind the wall and see's the magenta light float by him and creeps up too her)

Steven: *whispering* Woah.

(she turns around and freaks out as the light disappears)


Connie: Steven. Why are you here?

Steven: Isawyouwalkinhereliketheothertimebeforeandithinkyouragem!

Connie: I'm sorry, what?

Steven: *sighs* Connie...I think your a gem or at least a half-gem.

Connie: Steven, that's ridiculous, I'm not a Gem

Steven: Then what are you?

Connie: Oh, um, *sigh* you deserve to know seeing as you are part of an alien race.

Steven: ...Sure.


Connie: Anyways, whilst you and the gems were captured by Jasper and Peridot, at the place where me and my parents were staying whilst the attack, these two girls came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go to the library with them and my parents allowed me to go. I thought we were going when they took me to some dark alleyway and transformed into these aliens that looked like gems. I asked what they were going to do and then everything went black. After an unknown amount of time I was back home as if nothing ever happened and my parents started being very protective of me ever since we returned, I think they know something. Since then I've learned that I have these powers, called Mana and it is a very powerful ability, I have yet to learn more about it.

(end flashback)

Steven: A-And who are these "Aliens"?

Connie: I think they called themselves the Elassi?

Steven: Huh.

Connie: Huh.





  • Beach City
  • Big Donut
  • Connie's House
  • Alleyway
  • Town next to Beach City


  • It is revealed that Connie was experimented on by an alien race.

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