This is an elemental weapon that was retreaved by Steven and is now his secondary weapon in battle


The trident is about the same height as Steven. It is made of silver with a blue lining going up the trident.


The weapon is shown to have an ability to give the person that wields it the power to control what. The artifact can also shoot powerful beams of blue energy that are so powerful that it can actually damage massive beasts like the leviathan.


heart of water: this was the artifact the steven and lapis were trying to get to. it was found in a massive room on a tiny island in the center. it was then retreaved and used to defeat its guardian the leviathan. after the mission steven insisted on keeping it as a weapon to try to be more conected to lapis

love and war: steven seems to train with the triton with lapis most likely because she can also control what like the triton dose


  • this was made the water elemental weapon because it was the weapon of posiden the greek god of the sea

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