The Three Brothers are three male gems (in the Legend of Onyx/Sapphire series) that are said to be the most powerful of all the gems in the universe. The were also said to be the first gems in existence and said to have created the universe.

The Legend

Before the universe was made, there was nothing but one gem this was originally going to be a creationary gem that would make the universe. But somehow, the gem cracked and was shattered into three equal pieces unleashing their energy that triggered the Big Bang. When the Big Bang finished, the three gem shards begin to form into the gems they are today. The first to form was Onyx, the gem of darkness, then the second one to form was Sapphire, the gem of ice, and the third to form was Emerald, the gem of life. Using their combined powers, they crafted the universe creating the stars, the planets, and the galaxys. One day, they found drifting shards from the explosion that created them and with the life essences of Emerald, they transformed the shards into gems beginning the age of the gems.

The Lost Part

There is still one part of the legend that was lost millions of years ago which was the fact that Onyx wasn't the oldest of the brothers. In fact there was another brother known as Dark Obsidion. He wished to keep the universe in its broken state which the brothers didn't think was right. When the brothers made the universe and the gems, Dark Obsidion destroyed much of their work and because of that Onyx led his brothers to battle against Dark Obsidion. Obsidion was beaten in battle and Onyx using his powers banished him to another dimension and because of that the brothers wiped the memories of their gem subjects of Obsidion's existence and only the brothers remember the legend of the four brothers.

The Brothers

Emerald: The youngest of the brothers is Emerald. A level-headed and strong hearted gem based on life. Emerald is known to be very serious about what he does and never lets anything distract him from his goals. He eventually meets Garnet and the rest of the Crystal Gems and begins to fight them. Emerald surrendered but Garnet had feelings for Emerald and spared him. Emerald eventually had feelings for her and now they fight together. Emerald fights with powerful claws on his gauntlets and also has a scythe-like weapon known as the Scythe of Life for emergencies.

Sapphire: The middle brother is Sapphire. A cold-hearted singing gem based on the ice. At first, he cared only for his brothers and his sister Lapis. However when Onyx turned evil, he had no choice but to turn against him to save the universe. When Onyx was defeated, he was banished to a dimension that only Earth can access. Knowing he could escape, he planned on destroying the Earth to save the gems. However Pearl, one of the Crystal Gems of Earth fell in love with him. He first didn't know but he changed when he found out. The two loved each other but the gems did not listen to the fact that he was good just misunderstood. His love for Pearl was so strong that he took a fatal shot that was intended for Pearl. He was revived from a healing kiss from Pearl and joined forces with the gems. Sapphire fights with a powerful ice scythe with a blade of ice. Sapphire is also known to have a heavenly singing voice and can even sing a song that kills, literally.

Onyx: The second oldest brother is Onyx who was first the king of the gems based on darkness. He at first was kind-hearted, defensive, and strong-willed. He, at first, defended the universe but when a psychic gem predicted the more he tried to be good, the more evil he will become it all changed. Worried, he tried to use magic to eliminate all of his evil inside but the spell backfired and turned him pure evil. He destroyed many worlds and tried to kill his brothers. But as a last resort, Sapphire created an ultimate gem fusion with all the other gems called Diamond. With this power, he managed to banish Onyx to another dimension only accessed by Earth. But he will return to finish what he started. However a thousand years later, he returned but Steven Universe as the fusion, Diamond managed to take all the evil from him and restored him to normal. Now he joins the Crystal Gems to protect Earth. Onyx's weapon is a powerful staff weapon with a small black hole on top.

Dark Obsidion: The oldest brother is Dark Obsidion. A cruel and heartless gem based on death. He was the first of the brothers to be created and wanted to keep the universe in its broken and corrupted state that it was in. The brothers however didn't think that this was right and fought against him to create life and energy into the universe. Because of Onyx and the brothers creating the universe, Onyx became the king which Obsidion thought was unfair since he was the oldest. He was outraged and laid waste to many planets and the brothers couldn't stand it anymore. Onyx along with his brothers entered a brutal battle against Dark Obsidion which was almost fatal for the brothers. But because of Emerald's life magic, he was able to heal the brothers during their fight making them more powerful than Obsidion. They then banished him to another universe but after millions of years he has returned to cause more pain and suffering for his pleasure and to kill his brothers. Dark Obsidion's weapon is a deadly scythe made of dark matter and bones.


The brothers

The Three Brothers by vultureking


  • The creation of the three brothers is based on the Big Bang Theory.
  • Although Sapphire considers Lapis his sister and Lapis considers him her brother, they are not related.
  • Emerald is the one who created other gems after their creation.
  • Sapphire is based on the Phantom of the Opera.
  • Emerald is based on a knight.
  • Each of the brothers are based on characteristics of their creator, vultureking.
    • Onyx: Vultureking's seriousness and dedication.
    • Sapphire: Vultureking's talant and passion.
    • Emerald: Vultureking's discipline and courage.
  • Each of the brothers will get a pet.
    • Onyx: A pet basilisk named Twilight
    • Sapphire: A pet wendigo named Sub-Zero
    • Emerald: A pet gargoyle named Gaia
  • It is revealed that there is actually a fourth brother named Dark Obsidion.
  • It is revealed that Sapphire wasn't an ice gem in the first place.
  • Each of the brothers have a form of signature move.
    • Onyx: Can summon a gigantic black hole as big as a planet.
    • Sapphire: Can summon a howling blizzard with temperatures under -500 C.
    • Emerald: Can summon a dreaded plagues of flaming hail, locusts, toads, and diseases.
    • Dark Obsidian: Can fire a set deadly beams from his eyes that will kill anyone in the path of the beam. 

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