the leviathan is a massive gem sea serpant that gards the triton of water


because of its massive size it has extream power behind the scales of the beast. it is also shown to have powerful jaws that can tear through rock. it also has an ability to fly with its wings and can fire scolding hot water at enemys


heart of water: in the episode it guards the triton from anyone retreaveing it. it is shown to be quite defencive of the elemental weapon and is also shown to be extreamly dangerus. it would have eaten lapis if it wasnt for steven with the triton

the rise of onix: it is shown that lapis trained the leviathan and now is her pet and secret weapon in battle. she tries to fight with the leviathan agenst onix but he was to powerful for the leviathan to beat


  • the leviathan is based on the mythical sea monster
  • the leviathan becomes lapis pet
  • it is revealed to have wings in the episode the rise of onix
  • the leviathans boiling water attack is a referance to the scaldron in dragons riders of berk

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