connie and steven are practicing using there powers on the beach

steven: connie have you ever bubbled anything before?

connie: no, do you think you can show me?

steven: sure, but i think its best we start with something easy

connie: like what?

steven: lets start with a rock

steven picks up a small stone from the beach

steven: to do this hold up the object you want to bubble and link your mind to the energy of the universe to create the bubble

steven bubbles to stone then unbubbles it

steven: here connie you try

connie takes the stone and bubbles the stone

steven: nice work connie

connie begins to blush a little

connie: thanks steven

steven: no prob bob

connie looks confused for a second

connie: steven my name is not bob

steven: i know but i just say that to be funny

the two laugh together and pearl walks up from behind them

pearl: i see you two are enjoying yourselves

steven: hi pearl

pearl: hello steven, do you think you can help me with some plans for a mission?

steven: no thanks pearl, I'm trying to help connie with her gem powers

pearl: very well then

pearl walks into the house and finds garnet and emerald

pearl: garnet do you think you or emerald can help with a mission I have planned?

garnet: no

pearl: but why?

garnet: emerald and I are going on a mission

pearl: can I join the mission?

emerald and garnet both blush

emerald: its for the best that me and garnet go alone for this mission

pearl: ok then

emerald and garnet go though the warp pad

pearl: i guess no one wants to be with me today

amethyst walks into the beach hosue from the temple entrance

amethyst: what up pearl?

pearl: hello amethyst, do you wan to help with a mission I'm planning?

amethyst: not now, I'm going to help steven and connie with their powers

pearl: he asked for you?

amethyst: well he wanted emerald or garnet to help him but since they were going on that mission he asked me

pearl: *feels depressed* oh ok then, have fun amethyst

amethyst walks outside and pearl just sits on the couch

pearl: i just wish i could spend some time with someone

pearl looks out the window of the beach house

Pearl: *singing* stuck in my darkness

forever in emptyness

life without love

stuck in the cold dark wilderness

the love he gets from you

alone away from you

life without love

my heart no longer in completion

all alone out in the world

with out some one to love

ive always known my life was ment alone

my love i wish to have

is love I'll never have

life without love

love I will never have

connie and steven hear the song from the beach

connie: who's singing?

steven: it sounds like pearl

the two go inside the house and see pearl singing, pearl notices and stops singing

steven: we heard your song pearl, is there something wrong?

pearl: well in a way yes, I just feel a bit lonely

steven: how come?

pearl: I guess I just want someone to be with or even someone to love

steven: but you love me pearl

pearl: i do steven, but i ment in a different way

connie: like how different?

pearl: well i mean in a *before pearl could finish a massive crashing sound came from outside

pearl: what was that?

pearl, connie, steven, and amethyst go to the beach and see the sky begin to snow and a mist coming from the ocean

connie: how is this possible, its not supose to snow in the middle of june

???: *singing* i am the angel of music, beware the angel of music

pearl: what a beautiful voice but who's singing it?

???: *singing* i am the angel of music, beware the angel of music

a gem comes out of the mist dressed in a dark blue tux with a cape and wearing a half mask

steven: *nervous* who is that?

pearl: I dont know but we need to stop him

the Crystal gems summon their weapons for battle agenst the other gem

???: you wont be able to beat me no mater how hard you try

amethyst: we shall see about that

connie, steven, and amethyst charge at the gem but he freezes them with his ice powers

pearl: *to self* how is that even possible?

???: three down, and one to go

the gem looks in the path of pearl

???: such a shame to finish off such a beautiful gem

pearl: *blushes* did you just call me beautiful?

???: the most beautiful that i have seen

summons a scythe made of ice

???: but even your beauty won't stop me

sapphire charges at pearl preparing to attack, but befor he could pearl uses her spear to attack which knocks off his mask

pearl: take that ice boy

the gem quickly covers half of his face so pearl can't see

???: you will pay for this

the gem quickly grabs his mask and teleports away in a puff of snow

pearl: he called me beautiful

emerald and garnet return from there mission with the artifact in there hands and go outside

garnet: pearl what happened here?

pearl: some ice gem attacked us and froze the others

garnet: I got this

garnet uses the artifact from the mission to unfreeze connie, steven and amethyst

steven: *shivering* thanks garnet

amethyst: who was that?

emerald walks up to garnet and whispers something to her

garnet: lets all get inside, I think I know what has happened

the others go inside with garnet but pearl is still outside

garnet: pearl are you coming?

pearl: I'm coming

pearl goes into the hosue with the others, garnet gets blankets for steven, connie and amethyst to warm up

connie: thanks garnet, but who was that gem that attacked us?

garnet: emerald told me who the gem was that attacked you all, his name is sapphire

connie: but what was he doing here?

garnet: he was trying to destroy the planet, aparantly emerald was originally ordered to attack the earth because of sapphire and now he has come here

as garnet talks about sapphire being evil pearl begins to daydream about sapphire

amethyst: pearl, focus

pearl: sorry amethyst

garnet: we must distroy that gem no mater what it takes

pearl: do we actually have to?

garnet: yes we do

pearl: then I don't want any part in this

garnet: pearl we need to stop him, either you help or we will force you to

pearl: I won't do it!

pearl then storms off to her room, steven tries to get to pearl but garnet stops steven

garnet: lets her go steven, she needs some time alone

pearl enters her room angered by garnet

pearl: garnet is wrong, he is not evil like she thinks, I know it

she looks around to see if anyone is there

Pearl: *singing* never before have I felt like this

feeling of real wonder

I only want his lovely splendor

seeking for his passion

behind the mask lies the beauty

yearning to finaly be free

but one thing that rattles my mind

are we ment to be

frozen in life this frozen heart gem

hiding behind the mask

shadowed in life now alone will not bask

frozen in my heart

amethyst listens to the song from her room

Amethyst: under his spell she is now gone

her love for him is realy quite strong

all logic and thought are now gone

enchanted by his song

amethyst begins to cry from the song

Pearl:*singing* i am your mask, your sun, and your light

hoping to be with you

my love for him is strong and will bask

under his icy mask

pearl:i must find him

later that night pearl sneeks out of the hosue to go find sapphire unaware that garnet saw her

garnet: if you won't help us,maybe you can lead us to him

pearl begins surching for sapphire and in the distance she hears music

pearl: such beautiful music, it must be sapphire

pearl follows the music and in an hour she arives at the galaxy warp now covered in ice and snow

pearl: definitely sapphire

sapphire is at the galaxy warp begining to create a fortress out of ice

sapphire: soon this fortress will be complete and my mission can begin, i just hope that gem doesn't think of me as a fool from earlier

pearl hides behind one of the pillers to avoid being seen by sapphire

sapphire: *singing* stuck in my darkness

surrounded by my fears

alone, stuck in the night

surrounded by it might

sapphire: *singing* lost in a frozen night

sheading frozen tears

alone stuck in the darkness

forever in loneliness

sapphire: *singing* always stuck in the world alone

never feeling any of the light

always away from the day in night

love for me has never bloomed

always stuck in solitude

pearl: never have I heard such a beautiful voice

pearl: *singing* I can feel your pain

I can feel your hurt

alone just as I've been

but your love makes my head spin

sapphire: *singing* a voice of an angel

that plays inside my mind

but still stuck in the darkness

deep inside loneliness

both: *singing* always stuck in the world alone

never feeling any of the light

always away from the day in night

love for me has never bloomed

help me leave my solitude

pearl tries to walk up to sapphire without being detected but she steps on a twig wich reaveals herself

sapphire: what the....?

sapphire blasts multiple shots of ice magic were he heard the sound but pearl hid behind the piller again

sapphire: who's out there, show yourself

pearl slowly begins to reveal herself to sapphire

sapphire: oh, its you again, come to knock off my mask again

pearl: I'm sorry for that but I didn't come to fight

sapphire: *summons his scythe* then what did you come here for?

pearl: *blushes* I can't say

sappphire: you were sent here weren't you? *pins down peart with the blade of his scythe ready to strike*

pearl: i didnt get sent here

sapphire: then why are you here?

pearl: it's because I love you

sapphire blushes hard and helps pearl back up

sapphire:you do?

pearl: yes

sapphire begins to blush from hearing that

sapphire: i want you to know i meant what i said about calling you beautiful

he puts his hand to the side of her face

pearl: i know you did

pearl steps closer to sapphire

sapphire: *singing* i see you in my eyes

i feel you in my soul

your love was a suprise

causing to lose control

i never thought it be

something thats never been

for you to fall for me

for a face as bad as sin

a voice of an angel

a face of the dead

before its wonderful

you must deal with dread

my love for you

will grow much stronger

things i may undo

by your alour

my love for you

stong as the glasur

know the things i may do

are from your alour

Pearl: *singing* i see a gentle soul

a heart as strong as ice

they see a dark black hole

though you are truly nice

my heart is charmed by you

a vioce of angels quire

you know the things i do

for your love i will aquire

you may think im nothing

and think im a bore

but when i hear you sing

my heart will be yours

my love for you

will grow much stronger

things i may undo

by your alour

my love for you

strong as the glasur

know the things i may do

are by your alour

Both: my love for you

lasting forever

know the things i may do

is for my lover

know the things i may do

is for you my love

pearl tries to reach for sapphires mask but he backs up from her

pearl: sapphire, how come you were that mask?

sapphire: i would rather not say

pearl: you can tell me

sapphire: its because under the mask is a deformity

pearl: how did you get it?

sapphire: a long time ago i risked my life for a gem, the gem was saved but i was injured badly and it left a hideous deformity on my face

pearl: can you please show me?

sappphire: you wont like me if you see it

pearl: please?

sapphire is nervous about showing pearl his deformity

sapphire: ok i will show you

sapphire removes his mask revealing a hideous deformity

sapphire: you probably think of me as a monster now don't you?

pearl: *puts her hand to the side of his face* i dont see you as a monster, i see you as a beautiful gem

sapphire puts his mask back on

sapphire: no one has ever saw past the deformity i have

pearl: your beauty is not just judged by looks, its judge by who you truly are

sapphire and pearl hold eachother in there arms

both: *singing* always stuck in the world alone

never feeling any of the light

always away from the day in night

but now our love has finaly bloomed

you have saved me from my solitude

sapphire and pearl lean in for a kiss but garnet interups the moment

garnet: pearl

garnet, steven, amethyst, and lion apears from behind one of the pillers

garnet: hand him over pearl, we dont want to hurt you

pearl: no

garnet: pearl use your here

pearl: sapphire is a wonderful gem who isnt the bad gem you think he is

garnet: pearl he is trying to distroy the planet

pearl: what! sapphire, is that true?

sapphire looks down in shame and nods his head

pearl: how could you *she begins to cry and runs back with the gems*

garnet: now you all alone sapphire, and now we end this

steven, garnet, amethyst, and lion charge at him but get frozen by his magic

pearl: this ends here sapphire!

sapphire: i don't want to fight you

pearl: *summons her spear* but i do

pearl tries to attack but sapphire dodges all of her attacks

sapphire: i won't fight you

suddenly a massive fire beast arives at the warp pad which melts the others out of the ice

pearl: what is that thing?

garnet: *looks at the the structure ontop of the beast* its the artifact we got, it must have somehow realsed its energy making the beast

fire beast: rrrroooooaoaaaaaaarrrrrrr

the fire beast knocked into one of the pillers which knocks it on top of pearl

sapphire: *worried* pearl!

pearl: sapphire, help!

the fire beast fires a massive fireball at pearl but sapphire jumps in the way of the shot wich knocks him down

Pearl: sapphire!

fire beast: ha ha ha

pearl becomes enraged and frees herself from the piller she was traped under

pearl: you will die for this you monster!

pearl charges at the beast and rapidly stikes it with her spear which slays it, which returns it into the artifact it was, pearl then runs over to sapphires body

pearl: sapphire

sapphire opens his eyes looking at pearl

sapphire: i love you pearl, and the love we shared will be with you forever

sapphire then shuts his eyes and stops breathing

pearl: sapphire,SAPPHIRE!

garnet rushes over to pearl

pearl: garnet will sapphire be ok?

garnet checks him to see if he is alive or not

garnet: I'm sorry, but sapphire is gone

pearl: noooo

pearl begins to cry over his body

garnet: you were right pearl, he may have tried to distroy earth but he did have a good heart. pearl, I'm sorry i missjudged your desision

pearl: whats the point of being right now, the only gem i have ever loved is gone now

garnet: sapphire would have wanted you to remain strong for him

pearl: goodbye sapphire, forever *she kisses sapphire and continue to cry*

sapphire gem begins to glow and the sky begins to fill with snow

pearl: what's going on?

sapphire's body is lifted into the air and a bright flash of blue light apears from him, his body is then droped to the ground and the snow gently continues falling

pearl: *runs to sapphire* sapphire

sapphire opens his eyes

sapphire: what happened?

pearl: sapphire *she hugs him tight* i thought i lost you

garnet: I'm sorry for how i treated you sapphire, but can you please promise you wont distroy the planet?

sapphire: i won't distroy it, and i wish to help you protect it

garnet: in that case, welcome to the crystal gems sapphire

pearl: garnet can you take the others back to the temple, sapphire and I need some time alone

garnet: sure

garnet takes steven, amethyst and lion back to the temple

pearl: thank you so much sapphire, if it wasn't for you i would not be here

sapphire: i love you to much to lose you, and i would rather die then to live without you in my life

the two hug eachother

sapphire: *singing* love will blossom for us now and forever

giving joy for our endeavor

pearl: *singing* we will share each day, each night, each morning

both: *singing* and you healed my soul from up above

now it's truly a new life with love

the two finaly share a kiss wich makes them an offical couple

(the end)

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