Hey guys this is my first fanfiction so it isn't going to be great but oh well watcha gonna do ok enjoy!

It starts on a bright sunny day in beach city. steven awakes leaning up in his bed and wipes the crust out of his eyes.Suddenly the temple door opened and pearl emerges saying that they are needed on a mission and calls Garnet and Amethyst. They hop aboard the warp pad and head off to a distant world.

once they arrived they spot a monster that is made of water shaped like a serpent Garnet quickly destroys it with a single punch. upon bubbling the gem Steven notices a gem at a distance hobbling towards them. the injured gem reveals himself as Iolite (MF) and faints.

When he awoke he was in a strange place. All of the sudden Steven pops out sending Iolite going through the ceiling. When he returns he is introduced to the crystal gems. He asks who there leader is and they say they have none as there leader Rose Quartz had passed. He squeals stating that she was the one who created his team called the Lunar gems. Pearl jumps in stating that it was impossible. She and Iolite begin to argue over this and he tells her the background.


In the beginnings of the war Rose was certain they would lose so she created three teams the lunar gems ( Iolite Coral Green Topaz and Lapis Lazuli) the solar gems ( currently unknown) and her main troop later known as the crystal gems. During the war the main fighters fought while the others were used for backup.

after the war most of the main troop became corrupt iolite was the only one left (later lapis was found in a mirror with no memory of the lunar gems) he wandered and was attacked by the aquaserpent.

*flashback over*

sorry it was so short i'm not that good at writing long stories i hope you guys/gals liked it have a great day let me know if you want me to add anything....

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