The descision
Season 1, Episode 6
Written by: Dove's Song
Storyboarded by: Dove's Song
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Aventurine's new friend
"The descision" is the 6th episode of Dove Fandom. It can be considered part 2 to Aventurine's new friend.


The Crystal Gems decide what to do with Mangano Calcite after her arrival.



(Warp pad flashes and the Crystal Gems appear, they see Mangano and bring out their weapons)

Pearl: Steven! Who is that!

Aventurine: Hey!!! Back off!

Pearl: I knew we shouldn't have trusted her, she's defending the enemy!

Steven: No!

Pearl: Steven!

Steven: Mangano Calcite is our friend and she's here for Aventurine!

Garnet: But why is she here for her?

Mangano: I wanted see my friend again and maybe stay with her.

Garnet: Gems we have to talk, Aventurine, your not included.


Mangano: What do you think they're going to do?

Aventurine: Don't worry sweetie, I'm sure you can live with us.

Steven: Yeah! They can't not let you live here!

Mangano: Thanks guys...

(in the corner)

Amethyst: I agree with Garnet.

Pearl: Should we trust her though?

Garnet: Yes, Aventurine and Mangano shouldn't be separated, I wouldn't like it if I was seperated.

Amethyst: She makes a solid point.

Pearl: Ok.

(They turn to the three)

Garnet: We've decided.

Steven and Aventurine: Well!

Pearl: Mangano can stay.

Aventurine Yes! Yes! Yes!

(Mangano and Aventurine hug tightly)

Aventurine: She can stay in my room!





  • Crystal Temple


  • It is unknown if Mangano is part of the Crystal Gems but she is allowed to stay with them.

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