This is the 26th episode of the Legend of Sapphire series.


When Amber returns with a secret weapon, the Gems must work together with a new ally to stop her.


The episode begins inside of the beachhouse where Carnelian is preparing to prank the Gems when they come in. As he sits in the rafters of the beachhouse, he sees Lapis and Steven walking in and notices the two holding hands which makes it perfect for Carnelian to mess with their romance. Steven and Lapis sit on the couch right beneath where Carnelian will ambush them with his prank. Lapis then rests her head onto Steven's shoulder making him blush a bright cherry red thinking about Lapis. Lapis then lifts her head and faces Steven noticing him blushing and raises her hand to his face redirecting it to hers. They are just an inch away from each others' lips and Carnelian saw it as a good moment to stir up the fun. Lapis slowly leans in about to kiss Steven but before she could make contact with his lips, Carnelian throws a wave of water balloons on top of Lapis and Steven and begins cracking up revealing that he was the one who ruined the moment. Steven was furious at Carnelian and asked him why does he always need to ruin a sweet moment but Carnelian just laughed at them from being soaked. He then told Steven that he just likes to mess with people's relationships and Lapis told him that someday he will have one and he won't joke around like he does. Carnelian laughed at her face saying that he won't be in a relationship and will prank forever. Jade then runs into the beachhouse and asks if she had seen the Crystal Gems and the Brothers but Steven and Lapis haven't seen them all day. Suddenly, the warp pad activated and the Crystal Gems and the Brothers return from a mission which makes Jade relieved that they were there. Jade ran up to Garnet and told her that she had some important news to tell but Garnet told her to calm down for a second before she spoke. Jade calmed down and told Garnet that she was able to hack into Dragon Opal's ship and found some files involving a secret weapon of sorts. Pearl got worried and held onto Sapphire's arm which Carnelian noticed and threw a water balloon at them. Sapphire was annoyed by this and fires a small amount of ice at him knocking him down off of the rafters. Garnet knew that this weapon whatever it was will probably target them and Beach City so they knew they had to be prepared. They heard the sounds of a rocket engine from outside and begin to think if this was the weapon arriving so they all ran outside to check it out. They see a small pod land on the beach which opens revealing a form of device with a dragon soldier on the inside of it. The machine activated and quickly it began to create multiple duplicates of the soldier on the inside of the machine.

The Gems turn into their dragons and begin to go into battle against the soldiers. Steven burrowed deep under the sands and burrowed under the soldiers as he dragged them down from below. Lapis dived deep into the water and in her dragon form, she flew out and blasted scolding hot water at the soldiers that were on the beach. Garnet blasted an aray of fire at the dragon soldiers however they were immune to heat since they had the powers of the dragon along with their basic combat. Amethyst let out a massive dragon roar that made some of the soldiers flew back into the water from how powerful the roar was. Pearl used her telekinesis to fling back the soldiers but more and more came into play, making it a lot harder for her to keep up with. Emerald used his dragon power to blast green fire at the soldiers but they were still immune to fire. Sapphire used his powers to try to hold them back by using his ice breath to freeze some of the soldiers but they were able to break out of the ice. Onyx then opened his dragon jaws and fired a ray of nightmares from it which didn't affect the clones which caused a problem for the Gems. There were so many soldiers that it became overwelming for the Gems which made it seem like all hope was lost. Suddenly on the beach, a massive tornado begins to form and begins to suck up the dragon soldiers from the battle, the tornados path then shifted and destroyed the pod, the clones came from stopping them from returning. The Gems didn't know what was going on but the tornado began to disappear and in the whirlwind was a gem. The Gems returned to their gem forms then Onyx, Garnet, and Carnelian walked up to this gem to see whether this gem was good or was evil. Garnet took a more aggressive approach and demanded the gem to state her business but Onyx was more settle and asked who she was. Carnelian looked at this gem and began to have a strange feeling in his gut, unknown of what it was. The gem introduced herself as Labradorite which Carnelian said was a beautiful name which make her giggle a little. Carnelian then introduced himself, and the Gems and Labradorite told Carnelian that he had a cute name which made that strange feeling in his gut grow. He looked into her sparkling grey eyes and told her that she had beautiful eyes which made her blush a little and made Carnelian feel very strange. Steven and Lapis noticed and began to make smooching sounds to taunt Carnelian which made him walk back into the house. Labradorite asked if he was alright and Garnet told her that she would go check on him to see what was wrong.

Garnet walks into the house and sees Carnelian on the couch looking nervous. Garnet then sits next to him and asks him what was wrong with him which Carnelian denied that there was something wrong. Garnet however knew that there was something that wasn't quite right and told him that she knew something was up. Carnelian then told Garnet that recently he has had this weird feeling in his stomach like there were butterflies flying inside of him. Garnet then began to realize what was going on and told Carnelian that he was in love. Carnelian tried to deny it since he was constantly someone who loved to mess with people and their relationships but Garnet told him that he can't deny the facts anymore. Garnet then asked him what he thought of the new gem Labradorite and Carnelian told Garnet that he thought she was so beautiful but didn't know what to say to her. Garnet told him that he needed to be himself if he wanted her to like him which Carnelian thought of since he thought she would not like is pranks. Garnet patted him on the shoulder and told him that he should just tell her what he thought of her and maybe she would like him for it but Carnelian was too ashamed to do that. Suddenly, they heard another rocket sound come from outside and they run outside to see what it was. They look into the sky and see a massive ship as big as the mountain that hides the beach house from Beach City. It slowly decended and hovered above the ocean water as a massive opening comes from it revealing something that is inside of the ship. A massive robot began to come out of the ship and began to make its way to the beach revealing its massive size. The Gems turned into their dragon forms but even in their forms the massive size of the robot was so overwhelming for them. The robot then landed on the beach and a figure comes jumps down onto the beach from its shoulder revealing to be Amber. Amber then introduced the massive robot as a dragon sentinel and it was revealed that it was the secret weapon that Jade mentioned before. Amber ordered the sentinel to complete its objective which the sentinel began to speak saying its commands to destroy the Crystal Gems and to capture and secure Steven Quartz Universe.

The sentinel fired its massive rockets to the Gems which in their dragon forms managed to dodge by taking to the skies to battle the sentinel. Carnelian summoned a pair of fire wings and took to the air as well as Labradorite who created a small tornado around her waist that allowed her to fly into the air. They all engage into aviary combat in order to battle the sentinel however, the sentinel was also able to fly with steel dragon wings allowing it to fly into the air. Sapphire and Pearl both tried to use both their cosmic and ice powers to try to delay the sentinel but its hard armor was difficult to penetrate and to make matters worse, the sentinel breathed a massive amount of fire from its mouth at Pearl and Sapphire making them retreat from the fight. Garnet and Emerald used their combine powers in order to do some heavy damage but the sentinel had a protective defense shield that blocked their fire then shot out an acid mist from the mouth of the sentinel. They retreated but it burned Emerald's tail badly which made it hard for him to fight. Steven and Lapis then decided to use the ground and sea to attack with Steven chucking massive bolders at the sentinel and Lapis using the boiling water breath but it unfortunately, it had no effect and the sentinel then fired its rockets at the two in an attempt to destroy them. Steven burrowed underground and Lapis dived under the ocean water to avoid being hit which protected them from the sentinel for now. Amethyst and Onyx both tried to fight from the air to do some heavy fire on the sentinel but it was too powerful and used it fire breath aimed at both of them. The only two that could stand against it was Labradorite and Carnelian which seemed like bad odds against the sentinel. Labradorite fired a massive blast of wind that was so powerful that it knocked the titan-like sentinel back which made it easier to fight against it. Carnelian dive bombed on the sentinel with fire-based attacks when it tried to get out of the water to prevent it from getting up. Soon the sentinel short-circuited causing the main frame of the sentinel to shut down. Amber was furious but instead of fighting all she did was retreat. The Gems turned back to their gem forms on the beach and congratulated Labradorite and Carnelian for their success. Labradorite thanked Carnelian by giving him a hug which made him blush a bright neon red. Carnelian then walked back into the house after the hug and the Gems welcomed Labradorite to the Crystal Gems which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Lepidolite
  • Labradorite
  • Carnelian
  • Amber
  • Dragon soldiers
  • Dragon sentinel


  • Labradorite was made by sapphirethecrystlegem in the Gem Crafter Competition.
  • It is hinted that Carnelian does have feelings for Labradorite.
  • Carnelian is shown to be a skilled prankster.
  • Steven's full name in the fanon is Steven Quartz Universe.
  • The Dragon Sentinel in the episode was a prototype.

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