Calim: *gem glows* I need do a thing. dont follow me and stay here steven.

steven: ok!

calim: *teleports to kintergarden* OH *looks at the drill thing alive* "AWESOME"

calim: *summons bow and destroy the thing* ok.

calim: *teleport back to steven* ok.

*earth shakes*

calim: what is this? *looks outisde*

steven: oh my gem an garnet rock monster!

calim: *kill the rock thing and bubble up gem and teleport it to burning room* done.

calim: *gem glows* argh again? *go to the wrong warp pad*

steven: wait I want to go with you!

calim: NO! *teleports to a secret place*

calim: where....this dont looks like the kintergarden...

steven: *teleports* HELLO

calim: STEVEN...where is this place?

steven: I have no ideia...

calim: ok..*looks behind* the warp broken?!

steven: oh my gem! looook! is a waterfall!

calim: cool lets explore...

*they explore the thing*

shadow figure: *is behind them*

steven: *looks behind* whoooaaa!

calim: WHO ARE YOU? *summons bow and throw arrow*

*arrow dont affect....*

shadow girl: you cant touch me...nananana....

shadow girl: *run in the other way*

calim: HEY DONT MAKE ME RETURN THE PATH! *run with steven*

shadow girl: *enter in some weird-looking blue house and dessapears*

steven and calim: *enter* SHE IS HERE.

peridot's monitor: *appear being giant*

calim: ....

steven: ....

peridot: *appears in monitor* hello there...

calim: PERIDOT! WHAT YOU WANT? *throw arrow at the monitor making him glitching and reappear*

monitor: *shows words meaning: "PERIDOT IS DEAD*

steven: OH WHAAAAT

monitor: *shows part of lapis skirt*

calim: o_O lapis...

calim: *enter in a weird room*

steven: *go on another weird room* *find peridot weak* OH MY PERIDOT!


steven: *picks peridot hand* no!

calim: *go to a room where lapis is hanging in a rope and have some gemstones around her*

calim: LAPIS! *put lapis in arms*

gems: *starts to glow*

calim: DEAR GARNET NO. *run away*

steven: *run away with calim*


steven: is peridot!

calim: oh look the warp pad is ok now!

lapis: I dont remember...

calim: shhh

lapis: anything...

calim: *teleports*

steven: what... happened?

calim: I have no ideia but have something to do with the shadow girl...

calim: OH. THE GEM GLOW! *thinks* "problably the shadow girl was made when I not go in kintergarden when it was calling me..."

calim: *teleports to kintergarden and kills the drill and teleport back* ok.

steven: ok...soo, I will try to heal peri's gem using...

peridot: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *go to regeneration form*

steven: O_o

calim: O_O ok....

pearl and the other crystal gems: *teleports back to the temple* what happened?

calim: well, me and steven teleported to a secret/unknow part on the temple and now peridot bubble is in the burning room...


steven: yes but she is not evil!

calim: and now lapis is weak... I will put her in her room

calim: *go close to temple gate* *lapis gem start glow and open her room*

pearl: they made a room...FOR HER?!

calim: *but lapis in a bed* *kiss lapis checks* be better. bye *exits room*

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