This is the 28th episode in The Legend of Sapphire Series.


Pearl tries to teach Sapphire how to fight with the sword.


The episode starts off with Sapphire and Pearl outside on the beach at night practicing their ice magic for battle. Sapphire was impressed by her ice magic and slowly walks up to her saying how much she has improved with her ice magic. Pearl begins to blush slightly and asks if there was any more abilities he could teach her and Sapphire began to think of his most powerful ice attack in his arsenal. Sapphire tells Pearl that he trusts her to learn the most powerful attack he has based on the ice which is known as the Arctic Blizzard. Pearl was excited to learn how to generate such a great amount of ice power and asks how she will be able to do the attack. Sapphire walks up and places his hand over Pearl's heart saying that she must let out all of her desires and emotions into the attack in order for it to work. Pearl blushed a little and told Sapphire that she was ready to do the attack. Sapphire backed up and began to watch as Pearl made an attempt to summon the arctic blizzard. Pearl begins to channel her energy and tried to focus as much as she could but no matter how hard she tried, she was not able to perform the attack which made Pearl disappointed with herself. Sapphire walked up to her saying that she shouldn't feel bad since it took him hundreds of years to master. Pearl cheered up a little but she told Sapphire that she was still embarrassed that she couldn't be able to perform the attack since she wanted to seem powerful like Sapphire was. Sapphire blushed a little and told Pearl that she was already the most powerful gem he has met and doesn't need to impress him. Pearl blushed and moved closer to Sapphire about to kiss him but suddenly they hear the sound of a jet coming from the sky. They both look up and see a small pod begin to desend from the sky and land on the beach. The small pod opened and from the pod, a group of dragon soldiers arrive on Earth in an attempt to attack the Crystal Gems. Sapphire summoned his scythe and told Pearl that they should stop them without the others which Pearl agrees to as she summons her spear. Pearl tries to strike the soldiers, but these soldiers were quick and used their speed to grab the spear right out of her hands then broke it. Pearl tried to summon another one and continued attacking but the soldiers once again took and destroyed her spear which got her furious at the soldiers. She then summoned a sword and slice the soldier in half then continued to attack the soldiers with a alluring display of sword fighters. Sapphire freezed a huge group of soldiers and managed to beat them but then watch Pearl's display of sword fighting which was practically music in motion. They managed to finish of the soldiers and destroyed the pod just for extra measures.

The fight was over and Sapphire then told Pearl how amazed he was with her sword fighting which made her blush a bit since not alot of people cared about her sword fighting. Sapphire asked if she could teach him how to fight with a sword and Pearl accepted and told Sapphire that they needed to go a special training ground that was used by her to train others in the way of the sword. Pearl told him to follow her as they arrived inside of the temple they met up with Rose Quartz and Steven who asked where they were going. Pearl told Rose that she was going to teach Sapphire how to fight with a sword and asked Rose if she wanted to help which she agreed to and Steven then asked if he could come along. Pearl wasn't sure about this since he would bring up sword moves like the boomerang blade from the movies he watches but against her thoughts, she accepts it and they all go to the warp pad and arrive at the Cloud Arena where Pearl practices her sword fighting. Sapphire was amazed by the beauty of the arena and then Pearl asked if he was ready to train but unfortunately, Sapphire didn't have a sword to use for fighting. Pearl, however, summoned a fencing foil for him to use for training and told him that he could borrow it for their training if he wanted. The training then began as Pearl began to demonstrate basic fencing moves for Sapphire to try which at first he was having problems with, but he eventually managed to learn quickly and began to perform the attacks done by Pearl. Pearl then began to teach Sapphire about defense in the art of fencing saying that in battle, it is one of the most important moves that are used in sword fighting. Pearl put her bladed sword away and summoned her fencing foil for her to use to attack Sapphire which he at first wasn't that good with blocking. Pearl told Sapphire that sword fighting is more than combat, it is an expression of the body and told him to fight how he taught was proper. He then readied his foil and Pearl began to attack with hers which suprisingly no matter how fast Pearl was, Sapphire managed to block every attack done by Pearl. Pearl was impressed and asked if he was ready for a fencing duel which Sapphire was eager to do with her. He agreed and readied his sword for the duel. The two began to fence as their swords clashed into each others as they begin to give a great display of sword fighting. Sapphire was having difficulties from the fight, but he managed to stand his ground until Pearl was able to disarm him with her fencing foil.

Pearl smiled at Sapphire for being able to disarm him in battle which made him lightly blush from him losing the duel. Pearl told Sapphire that it took her many years for her to master, so he shouldn't feel that bad about losing to Pearl which made him smile a little. Sapphire went to pick up his fencing foil and asked if they could do this again and Pearl said that they would definitely do this again if he wanted. They put away their fencing foils and along with Rose and Steven, they got onto the warp pad and returned to the temple where they find Garnet, Amethyst, Onyx, and Emerald waiting for them. Pearl asked what did they need and Garnet told that they needed Steven and Rose to go on a mission with them if possible and they both agreed but Pearl asked if they needed her and Sapphire. Garnet said that they didn't need their help for the mission and said that they can stay at the house if they wanted while they are gone. Sapphire and Pearl thought that it would be best so they could practice more of their fencing. The other gems got on the warp pad and went off to their mission and Sapphire and Pearl went outside to do some more fencing practice. Sapphire and Peark did another duel to practice and like the last one it ended with Pearl disarming Sapphire in the end of the battle. Pearl picked up his sword and gave it back saying that fencing takes years to master and that Sapphire was already powerful even without his sword. Sapphire blushed a little and walked a little closer but before he could do anything the sounds of jets come from the sky and a small pod begins to decend. Sapphire thought it was going to be another dragon soldier wave, but when the hatch open, it was revealed that Dragon Opal was the one that came out. Sapphire summons his scythe for battle and Pearl got her sword out, in case she would want a fight and told her that she needed to leave. Dragon Opal looked at Sapphire and told them that she was not going anywere and blasted a blue fire ball at Sapphire hitting him causing massive amounts of damage. The damage was too great and as a result, he had to retreat to his gem making it drop onto the sands of the beach. Pearl ran over and picked his gem up crying from Sapphire being hurt so much that he had to retreat to his gem. Dragon Opal began to give an evil laugh making Pearl furious at her. She put the gem in her pocket and drawed her sword saying that she will destroy her for what she did to Sapphire and Dragon Opal began to giggle. She noticed her sword and Dragon Opal decided that she wanted to make a deal with Pearl which Pearl had no interest in. Dragon Opal said that she wishes to challange Pearl to a sword fight and if Pearl wins, Dragon Opal would leave the planet and draw back her troops that she sends and if Pearl loses, Dragon Opal would take Sapphire's gem with her. Pearl thought that she could win the fight since she was a master sword fighter and accepted the challange but unknown to Pearl, Dragon Opal was one of the most powerful sword fighters in the galaxy.

Dragon draws out her sword and prepares to duel against Pearl and Pearl draws her sword out as well. They get into their stance and soon the duel begins with Pearl charging with the first strike. No matter how many strikes Pearl did or how fast she was, she wasn't able to strike her at all. Dragon Opal then decided to breath a little fire on the blade of her sword, making the sword emit a powerful fire from it. Dragon Opal then began to attack Pearl and her attacks were so quick, it was almost like she was striking multiple places at the same time. She managed to slice Pearl's arm making her drop her sword and had to cover her scar. Dragon Opal then walked up to her and aimed her sword at her saying that she never had a chance against her and that now she will lose her boyfriend. However Sapphire's gem began to levitate from Pearl's pocket and shines a bright blue color in the air. Suddenly the light gets brighter and from the light, Sapphire jumps down from the light in a new look then what he had before. He was furious that Dragon Opal hurt Pearl and demand that he would fight her instead of Pearl. Dragon Opal began to laugh uncontrollably knowing that Sapphire didn't know how to sword fight but Sapphire drawed out his fencing foil and using his ice magic began to change it. His ice magic changed the fencing foil giving it a real blade made of ice with the guard of the sword in the shape of a skull with a frosted over look to it. Dragon Opal complimented Sapphire saying that his sword was impressive, but she says that no matter how dangerous his sword looked, he will not win the fight and drawed out her sword. They then started their duel and Dragon Opal began her attacks which Sapphire managed to block each of them. Sapphire then began attack in a flurry of strikes which Dragon Opal was able to block but just barely and in an attempt to make the fight more on his side, Sapphire used his cape and swooshed it at her as a form of distraction before he used his sword to disarm her. He then kicked the sword away from Dragon Opal so she would be defenseless against him and aimed his sword at her throat but not attacking. He told Dragon Opal to leave and as she promised, she got back into her pod and returned to space. He noticed how much pain Pearl was in, so he walked up to her and used his ice magic to heal the scar so it appeared like it never happened.

Pearl stood up and hugged Sapphire from beating Dragon Opal from the sword fight amazed by his skill he has demonstrated. Sapphire then pulled out his sword and was going to give it back since he borrowed it from Pearl but Pearl was so impressed by his swordmanship and decided to let him keep it for his own use. Sapphire blushed a little and using his ice powers, he created a scabbard made of ice for him to use and put his sword into it. Sapphire then walked up to Pearl about to kiss her, but before they could they hear the warp pad from inside the house and see the gems coming outside along with Labradorite. They all went onto the beach and asked what happened, Pearl and Sapphire told them what happened with Dragon Opal and the duel between her and Sapphire. The Gems were impressed especially Onyx since he knew how skilled Dragon Opal was with a sword. Onyx also noticed that Sapphire had a different look and asked if he had to retreat to his gem and Sapphire told Onyx honestly that he did when Dragon Opal blasted her fire at him. Onyx then told them that the next time Dragon Opal returns, they don't want to show any mercy, he wanted them to finish her off the next chance they get and all of the gems agreed to this and they all walked back into the beach house except for Pearl and Sapphire who look up at the night sky. The moonlight begins to shine down on the two, making Pearl and Sapphire gliston in its lunar light. Pearl began to blush and quickly she went for a kiss then walked back into the house and Sapphire followed blushing from her kiss which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Dragon Opal
  • Labradorite


  • Sapphire gets a new look after he retreats to his gem.
  • Sapphire gets a sword as a new weapon.
  • Sapphire's sword is based on the sword The Phantom used in the 2004 edition of The Phantom of the Opera.
  • This episode is a referance to the Steven Universe episode, Steven the Sword Fighter.
  • It is shown that Dragon Opal is one of the most skilled sword fighters in the galaxy.
  • Sapphire is shown to be able to heal others with his ice magic.

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