The W.A.R.P.
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Season 1, Episode 2
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The W.A.R.P. is the second episode in Rebel Outcasts.

The episode starts out with Orthoclase on an elevated platform, banging a hammer on it.

"Why are you banging a hammer on it? It's not like we're one of those simple primates." Variscite said in obvious annoyance.

Ortho got up and dusted himself off. "Those beings on that marble looking planet? I think they're called Hoo-mens." Ortho said, sounding out the word carefully, as if he might offend someone by pronouncing it wrong.

"Whatever they're called, I don't want to be one. So put that hammer down and actually GET TO WORK." Var's voice was stern. She meant buisness.

"You can't get to work when it's already finished." Ortho said triumphantly.

Var squealed giddly. She jumped up and down, clapping her hands, chanting, "It's do-one! It's do-one!"

She squealed a final time before she stopped jumping up and down.

"I'll go get the others!" Variscite said, zooming away to show Howlite and Nuummite.

As she left Ortho's workshop, she heard the door close with a soft click.

"Huh?" Var said, quickly turning around. Her puzzled expression soon turned to anger.

"You're not finished with that thing at all are you!? You just wanted to kick me out!" Var banged on the door.

Ortho breathed a sigh of relief, returning to his project. "Maybe now I can get some actual work done."

Variscite sighs in annoyance, leaning against the door to Ortho's workshop. "He'll be done with it soon. I hope."


The RO are standing around a circular platform in Orthoclase's workshop, listening to him talk about the device and how it works.

"...And it maintains a grip in the space continuumm while still being manifested in this physical plane. It-" Ortho is cut off when Howlite starts asking a question.

"So... It's a teleporter?"

"To put it in simpler terms, probably. Now as I was saying, It has the inexcusable tendency to-" Ortho is cut off again, this time by Variscite.

"What's it called? I forgot." Variscite has a smug smile on her face. This is the fifth time she has asked that question, and she only asks it to bug Ortho.

Now it was is turn to sigh in annoyance. "The Wormhole Attractor and Redirection Pad, Or The WARP."

"I see. Thanks!" Variscite smiled a fake smile.

"Now, as I was saying-" Ortho stopped suddenly. "What was I saying again?"

Howlite raised her hand. "Ooh! I know! You were saying it had Innex Coos' Ten Dancers."

Variscite facepalms.

"Whatever it does, can we PLEASE just use it already?" Var said impatiently.

"But it's still experimental!" Ortho cried in protest as the other gems rushed to the platform.

"Hey Ortho?" Var asked without turing around. "What part of FINISHED means 'not done'?"

Ortho sighed and grabbed the remote as he reluctantly stepped onto the pad.

"We're just viewing, all right? No stepping off the pad." Ortho explained. "This device controls-" Ortho is cut off by Var grabbing the remote.


She pushed one of the many buttons on it, enveloping the gems in a small beam of light.

"It should connect with other ones around the galaxy, assuming they're still fuctional." Ortho said as the beam of light dissapeared, and the gems found themself standing in front of another group of gems fighting a giant purple squid.

"Lame." Var said as she pushed a different button, and the beam took them to a desert of blue sand and large blue cubes.

"Gross." Var pushed another button and the gems found themself in a dense jungle, with a group of gems fighting a rainbow serpent.

"Snooze my butt off." Var was about to push another button when Ortho stopped her.

"I saw something." Ortho stepped off the pad and pushed back a leaf.

There was a hunched figure on the floor, shivering. Ortho reached out to touch it when-

"Who are you?" The figure turned around and made the group jump back.

Ortho looked embarrassed. "Uh-we-I-uh..." He stuttered, holding out his hand to help her up.

"We're the Rebel Outcasts." Variscite said. "You?"

"Pectolite. Thank you, but WE NEED TO GO."

"But-Uh.." Ortho stuttered again.

"NOW!" Pectolite said, running to the WARP.

The gems turned around as they heard a growl in the distance.

"Hand me that!" Ortho grabbed the remote from Variscite as he fiddled with it, trying to configure it to send them home.

A greenish-yellow gem with messy hair and sharp teeth stepped out of the shadows.

He looked straight at Pectolite.

"YOU CAN'T ESCAPE" He half growled, half spoke. The gem started running at them on all fours at amazing speed.

"HURRY UP WITH THAT THING!" Howlite yelled.

a second later the beam of light came again and the five gems warped home.

Ortho stared at their new friend.

"Pectolite... Who was that?"

Pectolite turned around and with a cold look in her eyes, she spoke slowly and caefully.



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