This is the 21st episode in the Legend of Sapphire series and is the first episode of Voodoo Week.


In an attempt to get Sapphire to love her, Jade makes a deal with a charming but insidious gem.


The episode begins with Jade on the beach staring off into the sun thinking about Sapphire and Pearl who are now married. Her heart was shattered knowing that she could never be with Sapphire again filling her mind and heart with dread. Lapis walks out onto the beach and notices Jade staring at the sun. She walks up and sits next to her then asks her if there was something wrong. Jade looked away embarrassed for people to see her like this and tells Lapis that now that Pearl and Sapphire are married, they could never be together. Lapis feels Jade's pain but tells her that if she really loved him, she would let him go and be happy for him and Pearl. Lapis then walks away hoping that Jade would take her advice but Jade didn't listen. She found a small stone next to her, unknown of where it came from or how it even got there but picked it up. Jade standed up and wished that Sapphire could be with her instead of Pearl then tosses the stone into the water making it skip across the water. She looked at the clear sky and notices clouds begin to form. Unlike other clouds that she has seen, these were purple storm clouds that thundered across the sea. The clouds gathered and flashes of green lightning strike on the beach, filling Jade with fear. The storm raged and the wind began to blow with what looked like spirits in the wind from the storm. Suddenly from the purple clouds comes a small vortex of green and purple that drops to the beach. Out of the vortex, came shadow-like creates that swarmed around the vortex it came from and in the vortex appeared a glowing white skull. Jade was so scared that she wanted to run and hide but she knew that there was no turning back now. A figure came out of the vortex revealing a gem with skull makeup dressed in purple and black with a cane in his hand. Suddenly the figure snapped his fingers and the clouds began to disappear and the shadows returned to the vortex which vanished when they returned to it.

Jade summoned her mace and demanded that the gem told her who he was and what he was doing here. The gem then began to speak in a smooth and charming tone introducing himself as Charoite. Jade asked why he was doing here and then Charoite told Jade that he wanted to help her with her little problem. Jade clenched her fist and told Charoite that she had no problems and demanded that he would leave. Charoite began to giggle a little and created a small pink cloud of magic and levitated it to Jade. In the cloud, appeared an image of Sapphire with Pearl and also showing Jade away from the two crying her eyes out. Jade swiped her hand across the pink cloud making it vanish and asks Charoite how he knew about her love for Sapphire. Charoite gave a charming smile and told her that he is able to see anything in the universe with his voodoo magic. Jade then asked what was voodoo for having no idea what it was. Charoite explained that it is a form of dark magic that is to most difficult to master. Jade asked how he could help with her issue and Charoite told her that he can make Sapphire love him. Jade began to blush and asks if he could do that but Charoite told her that they would need to make a deal for him to such magic for her. She then asked Charoite what the deal was which he explained was that he would make Sapphire fall in love with Jade until the sun goes down but Jade would have to give up her powers for 24 hours. Jade loved Sapphire but she didn't want to risk her life and others just for a simple deal. Charoite then told her in a smooth voice that she doesn't have to make the deal and can just let Sapphire not love Jade. Jade feelings for Sapphire began to take control of her and she told Charoite that she would make the deal. Charoite then summoned a contract and a ink quill for her to sign and levitated it to Jade. Jade looked at the contract and then slowly began to sign it. Charoite smile turned to an evil grin as the contract vanished. He those rosed his cane and told Jade that she has got herself a deal. He stamps the cane which makes the sky fill with purple clouds with green lighting. The shadow spirits come out of his can and move towards Jade who is petrified from the frightening display of voodoo magic. Frightening masks appear to fly around Jade as they begin their deal. One of the shadow creatures went inside her body through her mouth and came out with a small green orb that supplied her powers. Charoite took the orb and began to laugh from the deal they made then vanishes in a puff of purple smoke and the sky returns to normal.

Jade looked around and tried to look for charoite but he wasn't seen anywhere. Jade then walked back into the house to see if that deal she made worked or if she was tricked out of her powers. she walked inside and saw Steven, Lapis, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Peridot, and Jasper all discussing something at the couch. Jade asked them if they have seen Sapphire anywhere and Pearl revealed that he will be returning soon from a mission with his brothers. Jade then walks back outside and decides to stare at the sun as it begins to get closer to the horizon. Sapphire then walks outside returned from his mission and sits next to Jade then asks her how she was. Jade told Sapphire that she was alright and slowly moved a little closer to Sapphire. Sapphire then looked at Jade and saw the sunlight glistion in her eyes. Sapphire began to blush and forgot about Pearl for the first time. Sapphire told Jade how beautiful she was which made Jade blush a dark green from what he said. He said how never before has he seen such beauty but unknown to them, Pearl walked out the door to see if Sapphire could help her with something but ends up seeing the whole thing. Sapphire then slowly leaned into Jade and the two began to kiss leaving Pearl heartbroken from the whole thing. Pearl darted inside and went to her room to cry after what she saw. Sapphire and Jade slowly pull away, savoring the moment together as the sun began to set. Sapphire then suddenly passed out, leaving Jade worried but Sapphire managed to wake up quickly. She looked at Jade and asked what he was doing out on the beach showing that the spell that Charoite casted was done. Sapphire then walked back to the beach house to see if he could find Pearl but all he saw was the Gems at Pearl's door listening to her cry. Sapphire asked what was going on but the others just ignored him like he wasn't even there. Sapphire asked again but Garnet told him to be quiet after what he did to Pearl. Sapphire didn't know what they were talking about and ask then Onyx told him how he cheated on Pearl. Sapphire told them that he would never do something like that but the others just walked away ignoring his existence. He walked out onto the beach to find out what was going on and found something in the sand. It was purple dust that glistioned under the moonlight. He picked it up and examined it closely to see what was the dust for. When he examined it, he dropped it, realizing who's dust that was and then began to think about how he just ended up next to Jade on the beach before he lost his memory. Enraged, he stormed to Jade to get to the bottom of all this.

He saw Jade and asked her if she knew of a gem named Charoite which made her blush and told him no. Sapphire looked angered and asked her what she did and Jade tried to keep the whole deal a secret. Sapphire then told Jade that he knows that she made a deal with Charoite in order to get to him which made Jade finally speak the truth. She explained how much she loved Sapphire and tried to do anything to be with him but Sapphire was enraged with the fact she almost destroyed Pearl and his marriage. Jade asked for him to forgive her but Sapphire wasn't going to forgive her that easily and told her that if she tells Pearl the truth he would forgive her. Jade begged of Sapphire not to make her but Sapphire told her that she caused all this pain and because of that she needs to fix it. Jade then walks slowly to the beach house and approaches Pearl's room. She could still hear Pearl crying and then opened her door then slowly approached Pearl. Pearl noticed Jade was in her room and shouted at her to get out still heartbroken that Jade and Sapphire kissed. Jade approached Pearl and told her that she needed to tell her something but Pearl didn't want to listen after what she saw. But Jade spoke anyway saying how she forced Sapphire to kiss her by making a deal with a voodoo gem named Charoite. Pearl looked up at Jade in anger and told her to get out after telling lies like that after she kissed her husband. Suddenly, they heard thunder and lightning coming from outside and they both ran out to see what was going on. They saw the other gems together but Sapphire is by himself away from the other gems. Suddenly a purple vortex appears and out of it comes Charoite demanding to see Jade. Jade slowly walked up to him and asked what he wanted, feeling a great since of fear in her heart. Charoite told her that she broke the deal by speaking of the deal to anyone. Pearl's eyes opens in shock and asked what the deal was to Charoite. He then tells Pearl that the deal was that if he made Sapphire fall in love with Jade, she would give him her powers. The other gems were shocked by this and demanded that Charoite would give back Jade's powers. Charoite began to giggle and told them that because she broke the deal, he would keep her powers forever. He took the orb that Jade's powers was in and absorbed it into his gem. He then began to transform into a massive voodoo dragon with purple scales and green detail with black souless eyes. The Gems had to stand strong if they wanted to beat Charoite.

The massive voodoo dragon breathed massive amounts of green fire at the Gems that looked like souls were tortured in the fires. He then breath a purple smoke from his mouth at the Gems but Steven summoned his shield to block it even if the smoke affected him in the process. The smoke began to cloud his mind with horrifying illusions and fears making him cower in fear from the illusions. Lapis was enraged and the water around the beach began to boil hot from her anger at Charoite. She then controlled it to attack him but he managed to use a special voodoo aura that prevented element-based attacks on him in his dragon form. Sapphire, Emerald, and Onyx all tried their attacks however like that water attack from Lapis the voodoo aura prevented him from getting hit. Steven was still rendered useless since he was being tortured from Charoite's voodoo smoke which angered the Gems. Peridot began to think of a plan in order to stop her with Jasper but Jasper just wanted to rush head on with the dragon but Peridot had a better idea on how to stop him. She activated a special ability with her arms which release a magnetic pulse attracting many forms of metals to Peridot. The massive amounts then began to take shape into a dragon equal to the size of Charoite's dragon form made of steel and other metals. Peridot challanged Charoite and told him to meet the wrath of the mech dragon then it let out a mighty roar at Charoite starting their battle together. Charoite blasted voodoo magic from his mouth at Peridot as the mech dragon but its massive iron armor made it have no effect on Peridot who was deep in the inside of the dragon. she then used its metal wings to take to the air and dived at Charoite which smashed him to the ground. Charoite released a massive wave of voodoo magic which had an affect on Peridot but she contined to fight by slashing him with her massive dragon claws. Charoite took so much damage that he returned to his gem form and released the dragon energy that he had which went back into Jade. Peridot then reversed the magnetic pulse releasing all of the metal she had showing her gem self again. Charoite look up and blushed a bit in embarasment and quickly vanished in a purple fog. The Gems all were happy he was gone and they all also apologized to Sapphire now knowing that Charoite cursed him to cheat on Pearl. He accepted it and Pearl showed her forgiveness with a kiss. They all walked back into the house and tried to comfort Steven who was still effected by the illusions but Jade just stood outside on the beach thinking about what she had done to Sapphire. She then thought of Lapis' advice about letting him go and with a heavy heart she did so truly showing her love for him which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Charoite
  • Jade
  • Jasper
  • Peridot
  • Demons
  • Voodoo shadows
  • Voodoo mask's


  • Charoite is based on Dr. Facilier from Disney's The Princess and the Frog.
  • This is the first episode of Voodoo Week.
  • This is Charoite's first appearance.
  • This is the first time a gem is souly based on magic.
  • Peridot can create magnetic pulses.
  • Peridot although made the mech dragon she has no dragon powers, at least not yet.

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