The True Art of Arts and Crafts
Season 1, Episode 7
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Air date 5/21/2015
Written by NeonClovers
Directed by NeonClovers
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"The True Art of Arts and Crafts" is the 7th episode in the first season of Gem Fantasies, and is the 7th episode overall.


While cutting something, Isabelle stabs Coral with her scissors.


The episode begins with Coral rolling around in the sand. She looked like she was waiting for something. She hears footsteps,followed by laughing, and she looks up to see Kyanite holding a box full of colorful, glittery stuff, with Isabella. Coral then gets up and runs over to them excited.

Coral: Yayy! I was impatient i was about to shapeshift into a huge beast and kick the sand off of this beach or whatever! Now i'm glad both of you are back with the surprise and....and what's in the box?!

Kyanite: It's what Isabella calls it. "Art supplies".

Coral:... Art supplies?

Kyanite: I dunno, ask Isa.

Isabella: Yes, they're call Art supplies. It's basically stuff you use when you are creative. You see, take this....

Isabella then looks around in the box with her hand, and pulls out a pinksheet of construction paper.

Isa: Take this pink sheet of construction paper for example! Humans use this, if they want to draw on it. Or make shapes out of it, insead of coloring it pink!

Coral: Ooo! I heard of coloring! You use these colorful pointy sticks! And when you press down on it, it likes...dents, and it melts when you leave it out in the sun for too long.

Isa: Yeah. Those are crayons.

Coral:....There's a crayon named after me!

Isa: Hey, why don't you join us in making Art?

Coral: Sure!

The 3 then walked inside the temple. They looked around, and wondered where they were gonna set their supplies at. Coral then had an idea and pulled Isa and Kyanite over to her door.

Coral: We can use my room! It's nice and relaxing, plus, there's a tableeeeeee.

Isa: That could work.

Kyanite: Yeah but... it's just too girly for me. Too much pink.

Coral:*glares* Your room is full of blue. Do you hear me complain?


Coral: Yeah, that's what i thought.

Coral then pints her finger at them, indicating that she wants them to back up. Thhey then back up, and Coral 

activates her gem. She then raises up her left hand, and activates her door. A salmon like line begins to create a wavy line, and the door then opens. She then signals them to enter, which they do. Inside, Coral's room is like a pink garden. There's a hill at the top, and on it, is a table. There are flowers everywhere, from slamon colored pansies, pink tulips and more. The sky was a milky pink, with white clouds softly floating in it. Coral then took a deep breath and sighed.

Coral: My room is so refreshing. It feels like somebody didn't want pure air, and just stuffed it in here.

Kyanite: That's great...i guess?

Isa: Oh come on, guys! Lets get started with being creative!

They then unpack the art supplies, and begins to draw. Before Coral could start, she then forgot something.

Coral: Aw man! I forgot my crayons! I remember putting them on the porch outside.....

Coral then leaves her room, leaving Kyanite and Isabella coloring.

Isa:*looks around* Kyanite.....

Kyanite:*looks up* Hmm?

Isa: Coral seems to be good friends with you...

Kyanite: Mhm...

Isabella then smirks, and tries her best to hold in her laughter.

Isa: Is she your girlfriend?



Kyanite then looks at Isabella confused. She then begins to laugh harder and harder, so much, that she's practically crying now.

Isa: I know you 2 aren't dating. I was wanted to see what kind of reaction you'll get!

Kyanite:..... That..that wasn't nice....Heheheee....

Isa: It was funny though! But, you guys are like besties or something! The kids in my school are chaos...

Kyanite: Then, i guess i'm a great person to befriend!

Isabella then laughs some more, and picks up some scissors. Kyanite looks at it, frightened.

Kyanite: Uh...are to use?

Isa: If you use the correct way, yes. Never, point them were the blade is facing...!

Kyanite:...I think i'll just not use those scissors....

Isa: But, they're fun to use when-

Coral then appears out of nowhere, behind Isabella's back. She then yells at the top of her lungs:



Without hesitation, Isabella turns around and thrusts the scissors forward. Isabella's pupils shrink, follow by Kyanite and Coral. Kyanite then covers his mouth, and tries to say Coral's name, but all that comes out is silence. Coral looks down at the scissors, which are located at her stomach region.'s gonna be ok guys! Honest..! I just hope i never use..scissors aga-

Coral then reverts back to her gem. Pink smoke is seen, but Kyanite dusts it away. He then runs over to it, and looks at it. He notices the second gem glitching, and he picks it up confused. The room then dims down, and Coral's room turns from a pink, to a dark red. He then slowly walks out, and looks up to see Melanite.

Kyanite: Melanite! Coral poofed, and...and her gem is fine, but the other one is glitching???

Melanite stares at Coral's gem. hile she stares, Isabella slowly sneaks out the exit, and runs away. Melanite then 

grabs the gem that's glitching. She looks at it, and looks at back at Kyanite.

Melanite: This gem is fake.

Kyanite: Fake? No, it's Coral's gem, it's not fake.

Melanite: It's fake. It's an ability she can do.

Kyanite was surprised. He then smiles, and yanked the gem out of Melanite's hand, and starts to run towards the stairs. Melanite gets up quickly, and runs after him.

Melanite: Kyanite! We're not supposed to go upstairs for now!

Kyanite: You and the others go upstairs because ya'lls room requires you guys to go upstairs!

Melanite: That's because our room is on the 2nd Middle floor! I'm saying, don't go any further than that floor!

Kyanite: It'ss ok, i'm not going any further than that!

Kyanite continued to run upstairs, he then stopped in front of Aventurine's door, which was opened. He then entered, and looked around. Aventurine wasn't there. Kyanite smiled, and ran to one part of the room. He then pressed a button, and a holographic computer appeared. Melanite ran inside the room, and saw Kyanite looking through pages in the omputer.

Melanite: Kyanite! hat are you doing?! Aventurine doesn't want us to be in her room like this!

Kyanite: Nah, it's cool. I'm only here for something quick!

Melanite: What is that "something quick"?

Kyanite: Well, you see, while Coral's real gem is regenerating, i'll use the fake gem, and create a fake Coral.

Melanite:..You're making a fake Coral? Just to wait for the real Coral to return?

Kyanite: That kid did the same thing to Pearl!

Melanite: That was a hologram. And, that hologram ended up being a disaster!

Kyanite: That's cause Pearl used that thing for sword fighting! Trust me, it'll be safe. Plus, i'm not gonna use a 


Melanite: Then...what are you going to do?

Kyanite: I don't know.

Kyanite thought for a few minutes, and then grabbed the fake gem. He then ran towards a place, and inserted the gem in the machine. The gem began to glow, and the machine shot the gem back out. The gem then floated to the center of the room, and a humanoid figure was then seen. The humanoid figure then started to look like a small kid, and then the figure fell on the floor, looking exactly like Coral, only her outfit looked different. Instead of a salmon colored dress, she was wearing a white shirt, with a coral colored plus sign. She had on a salmon colored,sheer miniature tutu, with black skinny jeans under. She had on the same white boots, and instead of her hair in a ponytail, it was down. Melanite gasped, and Kyanite ran over to the fake Coral.

Kyanite: It worked! So, Coral 2.0, how do you feel?

Coral 2.0 got up weakily, she turned around and smiled. 

Coral 2.0: I'm alright.

Melanite: It can talk?

Melanite walked slowly towards the fake Coral.

Melanite: It looks like Coral, it sounds like Coral,-

Kyanite: It IS Coral!

Kyanite grabbed Coral 2.0 and ran out of Aventurine's room. He dragged her downstairs, and ran towards Coral's door. He nudged Coral forward, and backed up.

Kyanite: Can you activate the door?

Coral 2.0: I think so.

Coral 2.0 activated her gem, causing it to glow. The door sowly began to create a highlighted pink line. The door 

then opened, and the room began to light up. Kyanite was astonished, and ran to pick up the phone. He then dialed Isabella's phone, and called her. She answered.

Isa: Hello?


Isa: Wha..?

Kyanite then hanged up, and grabbed Coral 2.0 ad ran inside the room. Melanite followed them, and looked around.

Kyanite: This is sooo awesome! I can't believe i was actually able to pull this off!

Melanite: But..Kyanite...did you grab Coral's real gem as well?

Kyanite looked at Melanite. He then turned to find the spot Coral got stabbed at. He then ran over there, and noticed tha Coral's real gem was gone.

Kyanite: AGH! Her gem is gone! I-i left it right here! I never did touched it, i only touched the fake gem! Where could it be?!

Kyanite turned to look at Melanite, but only to see a pinkish spear right in front of his face. He saw Melanite also surrounded by a spear. Coral 2.0 looked mad.

Coral 2.0: Don't move, both of you.

Coral 2.0: Finally, i can be the real Coral soon!

Melanite: What do you mean, faker?!

Coral 2.0: I mean, once i find a way to make the real Coral's gem mine gem, i can fianlly be her!

Kyanite: But, you're already her! Just version 2.0!

Coral: No, you idiot! I'm only here because Coral created me! She's able to copy and clone her own gem, because it helps her summon her weapon better, it helps her fuse easier, etc.!

Kyanite: Then, if that's the case, where's the real Coral?!

Coral 2.0: Right here!

Coral 2.0 lift up her hand, only to find it being empty. She looks up, and is shocked. She turns around to see the 

real Coral with Isabella smirking.

Coral: I'm sorry you're upset that you can't be me!

Coral 2.0: Ugh, you're back?! Wth your "so called" friend that stabbed you?!

Isa: We worked it allll out. I didn't mean to stab her on purpose anyways!

Coral 2.0: Whatever! Once i get you back in your gem, you'll never come back again!

Coral: Hmph, we'll see about that!

Coral 2.0 then grabbed the two spears that was facing Kyanite and Melanite, and ran towards Coral with them. She then lunged towards Coral, and tried to stab her, but Coral ducked. Coral then got up, and kicked Coral 2.0's leg, causing her to drop one of the spears. Coral then grabbed it, and was able to knock Coral 2.0 off of her feet with the spear. Coral then as about to stab Coral 2.0, but Coral 2.0 defended herfself with the other spear she still had. She then got up, and threw her spear in the air. Coral looked up confused, and while she was distracted, Coral 2.0 grabbed the other spear, and broke it in half. She then kicked Coral, caught the the spear that was airborn, and pointed towards Coral. She smirked.

Coral 2.0: Any last words before you become extinct?!

Coral smirked.

Coral: Yes i do. Remember about the true art, of Arts and Crafts!

Coral 2.0: What?! That doesn't make any-

Suddenly, Coral rolled over, and immediately after that, a pair of scissors went through Coral 2.0. Her pupils shranked, and she oddly smirked. She looked at Coral.

Coral 2.0: Hehe, good one...

Coral 2.0 then reverted back to the fake gem,and after that, the fake gem poofed away. Isabella looked up from where she was standing at, when she stabbed Coral 2.0, and smiled at the gang. Everybody sighed of relief, and walked towards the spot Coral 2.0 poofed at.


Kyanite:*sighs* I'm sorry, it's just it was boring when Coral poofed, and i didn't want to be bored and-

Coral: Look, it's over. Let's all be glad. and besides, i'm able to summon my weapon, fuse, shapeshift, and be able to do other abilities easier now! So i don't need to clone my em to help me anymore!

Melanite: That's good.

Melanite then left the room, leaving the 3 kids standing there, talking about the fight, ending the episode.


  • This is the first episode and first time to see inside Coral's room.
  • The events Kyanite was talking about was the events in "Steven the Sword FighterTBA


  • Coral
  • Kyanite
  • Melanite
  • Coral 2.0
  • Isabella
  • Aventurine (Mentioned)
  • Pearl (Mentioned)
  • Steven (Mentioned)
  • Holographic Pearl (Mentioned)


  • Gem Fantasies Temple
    • Coral's room
    • Aventurine's room


  • Coral's gem
  • Coral's fake gem
  • Coral's spears
  • Scissors

Production Notes

  • This episode was suppose to air May 5th, but due to me being busy, had to postpone it. Sorry!

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