The Trip is a new series created by StevenJr. It focuses on three main characters, Aquamarine, Emerald and Spessartite. They have wild adventures together. Their main goal is to go to Marssce, a place where all intelligent gems go. They have to deal with other gems as the series progresses.


The main protagonist is Aquamarine, he fights calmly while depending on his stature and strength.

The two other protagonists are Emerald and Spessartite. Both characters fight alongside Aquamarine, as he is the leader of the trio.

Other new gems will be revealed. Here are only a few names: Zircon, Tourmaline, and Spinel.

The upcoming antagonist is Blood Diamond, a removed Diamond Authority Leader.


The first season is set to have 30 episodes, with 10 new characters introduced.

Aquamarine is also the creator's birthstone.

Spessartite and Emerald have a relationship like Ruby and Sapphire, but a platonic one.


Season 1A

Episode 1-  The Beast: The trio encounter a gem and wonders what secrets it holds. Release Date- April 25th 2015

Episode 2- Mystery Day: The trio follow a new gem that does things that are suspicious. Release Date- April 30th 2015

Episode 3- Trouble, Trouble, Trouble!: The new gem tries to destroy the universe. Release Date-May 3rd 2015

Episode 4- Festive Fun: The trio have a party because of the new gem's defeat, but that goes wrong. Release Date- May 5th 2015

Episode 5- Something's Wrong: Aquamarine goes to the Communications Hub, and sees something HORRIFYING. Release Date- May 7th 2015

Episode 6- Human Kind: Emerald encounters a human, who tries being friends with her. Release Date- May 10th 2015

Episode 7- Pet Human: The trio take the human in their home, and don't tell any other gems about this. Release Date-TBA

Episode 8- Ambience: The trio (and the human) go an an adventure to the home of Spinel. Release Date-TBA

Episode 9- The Horror: Spinel takes the trio (and the human) to somewhere where only she knows exists. Release Date-TBA

Episode 10- Lost: The human finds itself trapped in a room with dangerous booby-traps and weapons, and tries to escape. Release Date-TBA

Episode 11- Overdrive: Spinel and the trio have a meeting and Spinel's room glitches out. Release Date-TBA

Episode 12- Metaphorically Mentally Unstable: Spinel's gem gets cracked and only Emerald has to fix it. Release Date-TBA

Episode 13- Finding Home: The human tries to look for it's home in the woods, alone. Release Date-TBA

Episode 14- Toolbox: Spinel catches up with her new friend, Zircon. Release Date-TBA

Episode 15- No Ducks were given that day: Spessartite encounters her fourth animal. Release Date-TBA

Episode 16- Noice: The human finds it's home and tells the family about what he saw and heard. Release Date-TBA

Episode 17- Memory Wipe: The group tries to memory erase the human's mind, but it doesn't work. Release Date-TBA

Episode 18- Zircon and Anxiety: Zircon deals with human emotion for the first time. Release Date-TBA

Episode 19- Overwhelmed: The group's gems start cracking when practicing how to fight, and they glitch out. Release Date-TBA

Episode 20- Under My Supervision: The group gets taken captive by Blood Diamond. Release Date-TBA

Season 1B

Episode 21-TBA

Episode 22-TBA

Episode 23-TBA

Episode 24- TBA

Episode 25- TBA

Episode 26- TBA

Episode 27- TBA

Episode 28- TBA

Episode 29- TBA

Episode 30- TBA

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