This is the fifth episode of my series The Rebellion.

The Traitor
Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by User:LapisL6
Directed by User:LapisL6
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While making sure the citizens are safe, they meet the traitor of the Crystal Gems.


[Episode enters with Turquoise and Topaz bobbing at the surface of the ocean, looking in shock at the flaming crash sight of Hematite's ship.]

Topaz: Well, let's clean up.

[They swim to the shore and look at the night sky, lit by the flames.]

Turquoise: Just zap it before everyone wakes up.

Topaz: [Yawns] Yeah...

[He positions his staff and explodes the rubble with a lightning bolt.]

Turquoise: I'n going to bed...

Topaz: I thought Gems didn't need sleep.

Turquoise: I don't need sleep, I want it.

[He climbs into the loft of the beach house when they arrive and is instantly out cold. Topaz sits on the couch, processing what had happened.]

Topaz: So, Diamond and Quartz are dead, Jade is good, and Hematite and Jade fuse to make Emerald. Aargh... I need to rest.

[They wake up the next morning, to see tons of people taking pictures of the crater.]

Turquoise: Shoo! Git! Bye! [He shoos them off the beach and back to the city.]

Topaz: I think they need to know they're okay...

[They walk around, door to door, saying, "No need to panic, everything is okay." Eventually, they walk up to a house and ring the bell.]

Topaz: I'm so tired...

Turquoise: Already?

[The door opens and a familiar face appears.]

Turquoise and Topaz: CONNIE!


Turquoise: Well, there was a big boom and we're telling everyone it's okay.

[They hear someone coming down the stairs. And of course, it's none other than Steven Universe.]

Steven: Ahhhh! What are you doing!?

Connie: I just asked them.


Steven: That's a touchy subject, can we stay away from that?

[A kid walks in the room.]

???: Who are they?

Steven: Chloe, these are my business partners.

Turquoise: Chloe! Let me get this straight, you married Connie, and had Chloe? You humans are weird!

Topaz: Yeah, you got some explaining to do...

[And the episode ends.]

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