The Tournament
Season Legend of Onyx, Episode episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 3/1/15
Written by vultureking
Directed by vultureking
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This is the fifth episode of the Legend of Onyx series.


Steven along with the gems compete in a survival tournament and Steven must protect a friend from his past.


The episode starts off with Steven riding his bike back to the beach house. When he arrives, he finds Sapphire, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl fighting on the beach. Steven, feeling worried runs into the middle of the fight and tells them to stop. Sapphire then asks him why are you disrupting us. Steven then tells them that he doesn't want them to fight against each other. Garnet then tells Steven that it wasn't a real fight instead it was training and that Steven should be practicing for the tournament. Steven looked confused from what Garnet said, trying to process it. Sapphire then tells Steven that they are practicing for the gem tournament coming up and explained that one gem from each of the different star systems in the Universe would fight against each other in a Survival tournament. Steven then asked if he could try the tournament but Pearl said absolutely no to Steven for fearing that he might get hurt. Sapphire however told him that he is already part of the tournament and that he would be representing Earth. Pearl tried to convince him that Amethyst was already part of the Tournament and that only one gem from each star system can fight. Garnet then tells him that the rules allow one half gem to enter including one real gem. Steven excited asked them when they are heading out. Garnet then tells him that they will be leaving in about 5 minutes. Sapphire then tells Steven about the Tournament and how you win by being the last one standing. He also gives a warning to watch out for his Sister who has won 3 times in a row. Steven then asks who his Sister is and before he could say Pearl tells Sapphire and Steven that there heading out. A portal appears on the beach and the gems go into it to get to the arena.

They arrive at the arena training room from the portal and see many of the gems training for the Tournament. The gem trainer then comes in and tells the gems to come to the introduction stage. While walking Steven asks again who his Sister was but before Sapphire could say they arrive at the stage. They see a massive crowd of more then a million surrounding that stage. Then the host of the Tournament walks out and begins to speak, "Gems of the Universe, I welcome to to the 74th gem Tournament. Today one gem will rise above the others as a champion of the Universe." The crowd cheers for the competitors then the host speaks again, "Today, we also welcome the winner of the past 3 gem Tournaments. I introduce to you the champion of the 71st, 72nd, and 73rd gem Tournament, Lapis Lazuli." The crowd cheers for Lapis as she walks out on the stage. Steven's eyes open wide in shock that Lapis is here. Sapphire then whispers to him that Lapis is his sister and that she is the one to watch out for. The host then wishes all of the competitors luck and hopes to see a great performance. The competitors walk off the stage and heads to the tubes under the arena. Steven still shocked about Lapis, but tries to focus for the Tournament. Sapphire then informs him that you lose if you return to your gem to heal and to watch out for Lapis again. Steven then goes to his tube as it begins to close and travels to the arena. Steven gets his first look when the platform rises and sees a forest like arena similar to Earth. He also notices Lapis on the other side of the ring of platforms. Then a bouncer tells the competitors "Let the 74th gem Tournament begin!". Steven then sees the starting flare and runs into the woods.

He runs deep into the forest and decides to catch his breath. Steven then hears lasers coming from the east. He walks over and sees Lapis and a gem named Zircon attacking each other. Zircon fires his lasers from his cross bow and hits Lapis on the arm. Zircon then was about to make the shot to finish Lapis, but before he could Steven ran in front of Lapis and summoned his shield to deflect the shot. The laser deflects and hits Zircon at his gem and retreats to his gem, eliminating him from the compatiton. Lapis was shocked to see Steven and thanks him for saving her from Zircon. Steven notices her arm was damaged and asks Lapis if he could heal it for her. Lapis then sticks her arm out and tells Steven he can. Steven then kisses her arm, leaving the healing saliva on her arm, healing Lapis from her injury. Lapis then gets up and hugs Steven, thanking him for saving her. Steven then begins to blush and tells her no problem. Steven then asks if he could help Lapis fight of the others. Lapis giggles and tells Steven that that would be a good idea. The two then walk towards the river and see Pearl and Emerald fighting each other. Lapis asks Steven if he could find a way to make them lose there focus. Steven agrees and runs into the fight. Pearl notices him and asks Steven to help. Steven then summoned his shield again and bashed it over Emerald. Pearl then slashed Emerald with her spear causing him to return to his gem to heal. Steven then pulls his shield to fight Pearl but Pearl drops her spear and tells him she will not attack Steven no matter when. Lapis then jumped out and attacked Pearl by summoning a gem war fan and hits Pearl, causing her to retreat to her gem. Steven asks if Pearl is going to be alright and Lapis tells him that Pearl will be fine and that she will be back to normal at the end of the tournament.

The two walk down the river and see Garnet and Amethyst fighting Peridot. Peridot however knows their presence and fires at Steven with her gem laser gun. The shot would have hit if it wasn't for Garnet jumping in the way of the shot from Peridot. She retreated to her gem and Peridot locked on to them. Lapis then charges at Peridot using a massive wave from the river to attack Peridot. Amethyst then uses her whip to try to disarm Peridot but was unsuccessful, then she fired at Amethyst and forced her back to her gem. Only Steven and Lapis could stop them. Peridot was preparing to fire but Steven summoned his shield and this time fired it like a disk. The shield hit Peridot causing her to return to her gem. The two hug each other relived that they beat her despite her attempts to beat them. Steven asks how many were left including them. Lapis then tells him that her brother Sapphire and his ex-girlfriend, Ruby were left. The two walk along preparing for the fight. Steven then asks who is Ruby and Lapis began to explain. She told him that she is a power crazed fire gem, who used to be interested in Sapphire till he fought her to protect his brother Emerald. They continue walking and arrive back at the ring where they entered. They noticed that part of the ground was burned and others were frosted over telling them that they were close. They then see Ruby blazing out from the trees and see Sapphire chasing after Ruby. The two go into a fire and ice battle, but Ruby managed to fire at Sapphires gem causing him to go back to his gem. Ruby then senses Steven and Lapis and charges. Lapis then uses the water on the ground and attacks Ruby. She is knocked out but is still able to fight. Lapis tells Steven that she will hold her off and that he must run. Steven tells him that he won't leave her. Lapis tells Steven to go but before he ran he kisses Lapis and ran leaving her blushed. Ruby wakes up and prepares to battle Lapis. Lapis fires the water at her but Ruby was too strong and beat Lapis bringing her back to her gem. Steven ran and reached the mountain side and began to climb. He reached to the top a that looked over the arena. Suddenly the top began to surround in a ring of fire and Ruby appeared. Ruby teases Steven by telling him that she beat Lapis and that he was next. Steven enraged tried to summon his shield but instead summoned his mother's sword. Then with great speed, he slashes Ruby forcing her to return to her gemstone. The announcer came on and began to speak. "Gems of the universe, I hear by name Steven as the winner of the 74th gem Tournament!".

He then is suddenly warped to the main stage with the others gems in the crowd. The gems cheer for Steven's victory, but Lapis embarrassed, stayed quiet. The announcer came to the stage and congratulates Steven for the wonderful performance in the arena and asks Steven if there is anything he wants to say. Steven takes the mic and tells the crowd that the gems fought brave today and that he thanks Lapis for her help. The crowd cheers and Steven then receives a gem crown for his victory. After the ceremony he meets Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Emerald, and Sapphire, who congratulate Steven for his victory. Lapis then walks to Steven and congratulates him with a hug. Steven then apologizes for the kiss and Lapis said it was alright. She congratulates Steven again then walks to a warp pad to go home. Steven then blushed and sad walks with the gems to the warp pad. Steven tells Sapphire that he likes Lapis but she doesn't like him back. Sapphire then tells him that some day she may like him as much as he does but he must be patient. Steven then smiles a little and stands on the warp pad with the gems and return home ending the episode.


  • Steven
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Zircon
  • Peridot
  • Ruby
  • Tournament anouncer
  • Tournament host
  • Tournament trainer


  • The tournament is based on the Hunger Games.
  • Lapis Lazuli makes a return in this episode.
  • This is a half hour special.
  • This episode begins Steven's relationship with Lapis (curently one sided).
  • Steven is shown to be able to summon Rose's sword.

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