This is the 16th episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


Six gems arrive from another dimension and have a strange resemblance to the Brothers and the Crystal Gems.


The episode begins with Steven and Lapis on the beach waking up from their night they spent together. The two stand up brushing the sand off of their clothes and begin to kiss each other. Jade walks outside noticing the two and tell them that they had to come inside. They went inside and found garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Rose, Lepidolite, Purple Topaz, and Carnelian inside talking about plans for a mission. Garnet tells that they would all need to come on a mission with her to the space spire but tells that steven would have to stay behind. Steven asked why and Garnet explained how dangerous it was in the spire and told that he wasn't ready for a mission like this. Steven was disappointed but accepted this as they warp away to the space spire. Shortly after the Brothers warp in with an artifact that they got from a mission to the Temple of the Elements. Steven was a bit disappointed for not going on the mission but he just let it go and welcomed the Brothers home. Steven then asked what the artifact was and Onyx revealed that it was a form of device that would aid them in multi-dimensional travel. Steven wanted to try it but Sapphire warned that using such power can be dangerous and they don't even know how it works. Steven was disappointed however he went with what they said. Suddenly a portal formed in the house that looked like one that Onyx could make. Steven asked were they were going but Onyx told Steven that he didn't make that portal. Steven was concerned about this and got out his trident so he could fight off what was coming through. But then six figures come out of the portal which suprisingly looked way too familiar. The first one to come out had armor similar to Onyx but had a floating tiara above her head with long black hair. The second one to come through was wearing a white dress with long curly dark blue hair with a mask similar to Sapphire's. The third was wearing green armor like Emerald but this suit of armor was a female's. The Brothers looked at these gems and asked who they were. The three gems said that their names were Onyx, Sapphire, and Emerald which was a shock to the Brothers and they also said that they were the Three Sisters which definitely shocked them all.

The other 3 figures came out of the portal which also looked familiar to the Brothers. The first had a small square afro with a crimson bodysuit that was similar to Garnet's and had a pair of shades over his eyes. The second one was wearing a white button up shirt with sky blue detail turquoise with black dress pants with peach colored hair. The third one was wearing black pants with a sleeveless black shirt underneath a sleeveless purple shirt and had short light purple hair. This was shocking to see male versions of their girlfriends which almost made Emerald faint if it wasn't for Sapphire keeping him up. The warp pad then activated behind them and the gems returned from their mission and notices the six gender swapped gems of themselves which was shocking to all of them. Pearl ran over to Sapphire hoping to be comforted by him being with her but she could not avoid seeing a male version of herself and a female version of Sapphire. Amethyst was shocked but was excited on seeing a male version of herself and ran up to him trying to mess with him a little. Garnet wasn't bothered by seeing a male version of herself but was a little bit disturbed with seeing a female version of Emerald. Pearl still holding on to Sapphire's arm asked who they were and female Sapphire told Pearl that they were gems from another dimension. Emerald then asked if it was Emerald (female) that made something that warped them to this dimension and they all said yes to that. Emerald realized that they arrived here the same way that they did when they went to the other dimension. Garnet then asked Emerald if he could make something that can take them back to their world, Emerald remembered that the artifact they got could bring them back but they still didn't know how it would work. Suddenly they heard a sound coming from outside that sounded like a jet. They all ran outside and saw a ship decending form the air which begins to land. When it lands, the ship then opens its hatch and out comes a massive wave of hundreds of dragon soldiers. The Three Sisters asked if they could help them out and the Brothers agreed to this as they prepare to fight. The Sisters summon their weapons which are extremely similar to the ones the Brothers use. Both of the Crystal Gems summon their weapons and prepare to do battle.

A group of dragon soldiers begin to surround both of the Amethysts so they had a crazy idea to get them away. The male Amethyst wrapped his whip around Amethyst and swung her around rapidly as she would strike the enemies with her own whip which increased their distance and power of attack. Garnet and female Emerald then decides to use their powers to take out some of the soldiers that keep coming. Garnet fired her gauntlets and female Emerald got on top of them as she flied off at the soldiers. Female Emerald jumps into the air before they strike and allows the gauntlets to explode on their impact. She then lands on the ground and slashes the remaining dragon soldiers around her. Sapphire and female Sapphire noticed that more of the soldiers were coming and that they weren't stopping so they came up with a plan. Female Sapphire managed to freeze a huge group of the soldiers and the two then enter into the ship to see what's going on. They notice that there were three devices and they were all generating new soldiers at a constant rate. Sapphire then fired a beam of ice along with female Sapphire which froze the circuits of the machines which stopped the device from activating making them stop producing more soldiers they then run back out of the ship and continue fighting the rest of the soldiers. Back on the beach, both of the Pearls perform a form of battle dance which with their combined techniques managed to slice apart a good amount of the soldiers. Both of the Onyxs then noticed the last of the soldiers and using their combined powers they created a massive wave of dark matter that damaged the rest of the soldiers. All that remained was the ship and both of the Onyxs used their black hole generation power to suck in the ship and quickly close it so nothing else could get into it.

After the fight, the Brothers and the Crystal Gems thanked the Sisters and the male Crystal Gems for helping them in the fight. The Sisters and the male Crystal Gems were happy to help but they still needed to find a way back to their dimension. Emerald pulled out the artifact that helps with multi-dimensional travel and gave it to female Onyx and told that this would be able to help them get back to their world. They looked at the artifact and found a way to activate it. It created a small portal and female Onyx looked in it to make sure it was the right one. It was and before the gems left for their home dimension, they thanked them for helping them and said their goodbyes. The Sisters and the male Crystal Gems jumped through the portal and it shut behind them. Pearl was glad they were back in their own dimension and that things would be better now that the soldiers were defeated. They still didn't know why the soldiers came in the first place but they found something on the ground. It was a small hologram crystal in dark blue and crimson showing the colors of dragon opal. Sapphire stomped on it and it created the hologram of her which was a recorded message for the soldiers. The message revealed that they wanted to eliminate the gems but she made it very clear for them not to lay a finger on steven. They didn't know why but they had a feeling that she would return and had to prepare which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Garnet (male)
  • Amethyst (male)
  • Pearl (male)
  • Onyx (female)
  • Sapphire (female)
  • Emerald (female)
  • Carnelian
  • Lepidolite
  • Jade
  • Dragon soldiers


  • There are gender swapped versions of the Brothers and the Crystal Gems.
  • This episode takes place the following day from Musical Madness.
  • Female Sapphire's appearance (without the mask) is based on Christine Daaé from the Phantom of the Opera.
  • Male Pearl's appearance is based on Raoul de Chagny from the Phantom of the Opera.
  • Because Dragon Opal told the soldiers not to harm Steven, it may show she actually does care for him even if she just wanted to flirt to annoy Lapis at first.

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