The Temple
Season 2, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Sticks the Badger
Directed by Sticks the Badger
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"Interstellar" TBA

The Temple is the 1st episode of Season 2 in The Last Of Us, and the 6th episode overall.


The Gems test Mage's capabilities.


[Open Int. Beach House]

Jet: Okay, Mage. You think you're up for the challenge?

Mage: Yeah!

Jet: Alrighty then.

(The Gems open the Temple Gate.)

Citrine: Mage, this won't be easy. We've prepared for every possible contingency.

(Mage walks into the dark hallway.)

Ivory: Good luck! You're gonna need it!

[Trans Int. Ivory's Chamber]

(Torches appear along the walls and show a long, stone ramp.)

Mage: (cracks knuckles) Piece of cake.

[Trans. Int. Exit]

(Mage opens the doors, where the Gems are waiting. Mage sees the Gems clapping.)

Ivory: You survived! Congrats, Mage!

Jet: Congratu- Oh my, Mage, are you okay?

Mage: (visibly annoyed) Practically perfect!

Ivory: Did we really have to use actual fire?

Citrine: I'm sorry, Mage. We focus on...lower intensities next time.

[Trans. Int. Beach House]

Mage: That's another test...failed. Well, it could've been worse. You didn't have to regenerate this time! (notices room) Hmm... I can replicate anything, right? ...Yes. (walks into room)

[Trans. Int. Csarite's Room]

Mage: Just like I remember. Now let's see...what's the perfect test? Oh, I got it! (creates water-clone of Citrine) The perfect combatant!

Water-Citrine: Do you wish to engage in combat?

Mage: Let this be the perfect battle. (tosses saber)

Water-Citrine: (catches saber) You've already made a mistake by challenging me! (poses)

Mage: (laughs) We shall let our swords decide. (summons sword)

[Time Skip: 4 hours]

Water-Citrine: Do you wish to battle again?

Mage: Ugh...

Water-Citrine: Draw your sword and fulfill your destiny!

(Ivory walks in.)

Ivory: (loudly yawns, rubbing her eyes) Hey, Mage, what's with all the ruckus?

(Ivory is suddenly punched by Water-Citrine, launching her back. Ivory quickly lashes it with her whip, destroying it.)

Ivory: Mage, I don't even-

Mage: Don't worry. It's my fault.

Ivory: Ah, that makes sense. (beings to leave)

Mage: Well, you see, I wanted to prove myself. I wanted to show I could do things on my own. I want to be a Crystal Gem, like you.

Ivory: Hmm... In that case, get some rest. You'll need the energy for tomorrow. (winks)




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