The Storm Gem
Season Legend of Onyx, Episode Episode 17
Vital statistics
Air date 3/21/2015
Written by vultureking
Directed by vultureking
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The Moon Gem Love in Darkness

This is the 17th episode in the Legend of Onyx series.


A hurricane hits Beach City and it is believed a gem is behind this. With things geting worse, Sapphire and Pearl set out to stop it.


The episode starts off with Steven and Lapis hanging out on the beach. It was a bright sunny day which was perfect for the two to just enjoy themselves without any need for a mission. The two then see dark black clouds in the distance and see volts of lightning coming from them. They go inside and they see Pearl and Sapphire boarding the windows from the inside and ask why they were doing this. Pearl told him the a massive hurricane was approaching and that they needed to prepare for the storm when it hits. Steven asks where the others were but Pearl didn't know. They hear the warp pad activate and Onyx and Amethyst return with alot of weather tracking gear they got for Sapphire to track this storm. Sapphire quickly grabbed it and set up a station in the living room to track the storm and hopefully find out when this storm would end. When he activated the gear, he found something very odd about the track of the hurricane that was coming. He noticed that the storm was on a fast track a few hours ago but now the storm system has drastically slowed down almost as if the storm was stopping at Beach City. They heard the door open and see Garnet and Emerald with supplies including food, water, and a generator for the storm. They also see Connie enter the house along with her mother and father. Steven asked what they were doing there in the first place and why were they not getting ready for the storm. Connie's mother told him that they thought this would be the safest place to be for when the hurricane hits. Steven agrees but Lapis was still rocky about Connie staying with them ever since their last fight. They block the doors and windows and begin to hear the rain fall and the wind howling from outside. The storm has arrived and unleashes it fury.

It is an hour later and the Gems are trying to figure out what to do about this storm. Sapphire is still tracking the storm and finds something shocking. He walks over and tells them that the storm has literally stopped over Beach City and is not moving they don't know why but Sapphire tells them that he is going to stop this storm from getting any worse. The Gems look worried and wish him luck and hope that he returns. As Sapphire is about to leave Pearl grabs his arm and tells him that she is going with him. Sapphire warned her that they may not come back. Pearl gives Sapphire a kiss and tells him that if they die at least she dies with the one she loves. He smiles and agrees to her coming along. They warp outside and see the storm taking its affect. The trees were knocking down and the tides were getting higher. Pearl asked how they were going to stop this storm. He tells her they need to see a proper metrologist that can help them. Sapphire noticed the tides were getting higher so he used his ice magic to make a massive flood wall around the beach that would protect the temple. Pearl tells him that she may know someone who can help and tells him to follow her. They go in the storm and sees that it begins to hail. They then arrive at a house and knock at the door. The door opens and they see Lars at the door shocked to see them outside. Lars tells them to come inside and asks them what they were doing outside in the first place. Sapphire tells him that they have noticed something strange with this storm system and wanted to find out what was going on. Lars tells them that he has found something strange with this storm system. He explains that when a lightning volt struck at the Big Donut, he found small shards coming from the voltage. Pearl asks if they can see what these shards looked like. Lars holds them out and Sapphire's eyes open when he sees them. He tells Pearl that he knows what's going on now, he explains that a gem is responsible for this storm. 

The power goes out and Sadie comes in with a candle stick asking what was going on. Lars tells him that Sapphire and Pearl think a gem is behind this storm and plan on stopping it. Sapphire tells them that this is the work of a storm gem named Kyanite. He then thanks Lars and Sadie for their information and is prepared to leave. Lars tells him that they will need an expert on weather to help them. Pearl accepts the offer but they didn't know how they would even deal with the weather without getting damaged. Sadie tells them to follow her to the garage. The room was dark so Sadie lit another candle in the garage and reveals an armored vehicle for their quest. Lars then tells them that he will stay and communicate with the radio if he finds out anything about the storm. They agree and load up on the armored vehicle. Sadie tool the drivers set and asks them to run the computer scanners to track the storm. Sadie then opens the garage and the vehicle goes out and prepares to ride. They go down the street with the hail falling in the size of baseballs and winds growing stronger. Lars' radios in and tells them that there is a massive formation at the eye of the storm. Just north of Beach City, they begin to drive to the eye wall with the weather getting stronger and more dangerous than ever before. They see the eye wall and find a blue tower with electricity firing out of it creating the storm. They find the entrance and Pearl and Sapphire exits the vehicle and tell Sadie to wait for them to return. They go inside and find a massive spiral staircase going to the top where this gem might be. It takes a while for them to reach the top and they find a form of antenna at the top with a blue orb inside giving energy to the tower the produces the storm. Pearl walks over to try to get it out but a shot of lightning is fired at her which barely misses her with Kyanite standing behind them.

Sapphire notices him standing there watching them. Pearl asks Kyanite why he was trying to distroy Beach City with his storm. He told them that he was hired to do this in an attempt to kill the Three Brothers and the Crystal Gems. Sapphire asked who hired him to do this and Kyanite told them that it was a gem named Ruby who wanted them dead and told them that they would not live to tell. Kyanite then summons his war hammer and prepares to fight. Pearl and Sapphire summon their weapons and prepares to fight. Kyanite fired powerful lightning bolts from his hammer which missed them but just barely. Pearl fired light blasts from her spear and Sapphire launched an ice beam at Kyanite. He blocked the attack and slammed his hammer to the ground making a massive wave of thunder to attack. It knocks both Pearl and Sapphire down knowing that he was too strong to beat. Pearl tells Sapphire to distract Kyanite while she went for the power core. Sapphire then continues to fight Kyanite with his ice magic and manages to freezes his legs together while Pearl got the power core. The tower then began to shake and was about to collapses without it. They find a pond at the bottom of the tower and decide to make a jump for it. They kiss each other and then jump off of the tower. They land in the pond and get into the armored vehicle with Sadie and ride off as the tower collapses. Sadie drives them back to the temple and thanks them for saving Beach City. The town was wrecked from the hurricane but now it was over and the only thing of the storm that remains is the rainfall. They go inside and tell the Gems what happened and that the storm was over. They congradulated Pearl and Sapphire for saving the town and then the power comes back on. Sapphire and Pearl go outside and watch as the sun returns shining down on them which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Connie
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Onyx
  • Kyanite
  • Lars
  • Sadie


  • Lars and Sadie are shown to be very skilled in meteorology.
  • This is the first time that Connie's parents have been inside of the beach house.
  • Kyanite is a reference to Raden from the Mortal Kombat series and Thor from Marvel Comics.

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