This is the 33rd episode in the Legend of Sapphire series.


When statues begin come to life and attack Beach City, Garnet and Emerald must head to the church to put a stop to the statues and what's making them come to life.


The episode starts off Steven arriving at the Big Donut with Lars and Sadie at the register. Sadie welcomes Steven and Lars is just listening to music at the counter not noticing Steven at the moment. Sadie then asks what Steven would like and Steven ordered a regular donut and an apple fritter which suprised Sadie since Steven never ordered one before or even thought of ordering one. Sadie then put the donuts into a bag and thanked Steven for coming then giving the bag to Steven. Steven walked out of the Big Donut and also walked down to the flower shop to find a flower for his girlfriend, Lapis. He arrived at the flower shop and browsed the many beautiful flowers and out of all of them he finds a perfect rose to give to Lapis. He picks it up and walks up to the florist to pay for it. He pays for the rose then begins his walk back to the beach house but sees Bill Dewey and a man talking by the church with a strange statue next to them. He walks over to Bill Dewey and says hello to him then asks what he was up to. Bill Dewey told him that he was working on a project with the church to install new statues and gargoyles to it. Steven takes a look at the gargoyle and was slightly scared about its frightning appearance but was impressed by how it looked. But something strange happened with the gargoyle as Steven was looking at it. He noticed that the gargoyle's eyes began to glow green which frightened Steven a little and told Bill Dewey about this. Bill took a look at the gargoyle after Steven took a look at it but he didn't see the gargoyle's eyes glow green and thought Steven was just playing a joke. The architect told Bill Dewey that they needed to get back to work so Bill told Steven that he couldn't talk anymore then wished him a good day. Steven then continued to walk back to the beach house and continued thinking about the gargoyle back at the church and its glowing green eyes making Steven think that the thing was alive. But Steven didn't let it bother him since statues couldn't come to life so he just continued walking. He finally arrived back at the beach and sees Lapis outside practicing her water magic and thought that it would be perfect to give her the rose there. Lapis noticed Steven and walked over and gave him a hug for returning. Steven then told Lapis that he had something for her and he first pulled out the apple fritter. She took it thanking Steven and was suprised that he knew that apple fritters were her favorite. Steven then also gave the rose to Lapis making her blush a dark blue then kissed Steven. As Lapis and Steven kiss, they see the sun go down making this a perfect romantic setting for them. They are about to kiss again however they then hear a form of roar coming from the beach.

Steven and Lapis look to see where the roar is coming from and they couldn't believe what was causing the roar. They literally saw a walking living statue that began to charge at Steven and Lapis. Lapis quickly summoned her wings and took to the air carrying Steven in her arms trying to avoid the statue. The statue however managed to jump high into the air and catch Lapis and Steven as they tried to evade the attacks coming from the statue. The statue slamed them to the ground about to finish him off but when all seemed to go bad, a fireball striked at the statue making it lose its attention on Steven and Lapis. The statue took a look and Ruby along with Onyx, Sapphire, and Emerald were there prepared to challange the statue in battle. Sapphire started by freezing the statue in place then followed by Emerald rapidly slashing the statue with his claws. Onyx then fired dark matter at the statue causing a heavy amount of damage to the statue and with her full power Ruby finished it off with a powerful blast of fire magic. The statue now laid in ruins on the beach and now Lapis and Steven were safe from the statue. Onyx asked what was going on but Lapis and Steven didn't know. They heard screaming coming down the beach and they saw Jenny runing down the beach to the gems. She arrived and she was panicing a little for what she had to tell so Onyx told her to calm down and tell him what was going on. Jenny calmed down and told them that there were statues attacking Beach City which shocked them all. Emerald then asked if she knew what was causing the statues to attack but Jenny had no clue which led Sapphire to ask where the statues were coming from. Jenny told Sapphire that she saw them coming from the church which made Steven realize what was going on. Steven told the brothers that on his was back from town he saw a gargoyle with glowing green eyes and made the gems think that this gargoyle is what's causing the statues to come alive but they weren't so sure at the moment. Onyx told Sapphire to get Pearl and make sure that the citizens are safe from the statues and told Lapis and Steven to hold off the statues with him and Onyx. Emerald asked what he was going to do and Onyx told Emerald that he wanted him and Garnet to head to the church to find the gargoyle that is causing this. They all agreed and went into the house to get their girlfriends for them to battle together to stop this stone war.

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl all came out with Onyx, Sapphire, and Emerald and met on the beach to discuss the plan to stop the statues from attacking. Onyx told Pearl and Sapphire that they needed to find and protect the citizens from any harm which they agreed to and ran of to Beach City to start. Onyx then told Steven, Lapis, and Amethyst to join him in stoping the statues from rampaging around the town which they agreed to. Finally, he told Emerald and Garnet that they needed to go to the church and find what is making the statues come to life and stop it. They all agreed to this and they all went to the town to begin. Garnet and Emerald both ran together, arriving at the church entrance where they see Bill Dewey frightened. Emerald walked up to him and asked what was going on but Dewey was too scared to speak. Garnet walked up to him and asked him to calm down so he could tell them what was going on which made Dewey a little more calm. Bill Dewey as calm as he could be told them that the gargoyle they just got somehow came to life and has made an army of statues and gargoyles to attack. Emerald remembered what Steven said about a gargoyle and with Bill Dewey as a witness proves that this gargoyle is causing the statues to attack. Emerald told Bill Dewey to find Sapphire since he will be protecting the people of Beach City but Dewey didn't want to since he remembered what happened the last time he met Sapphire. Garnet however told Dewey told him to find Pearl which made Dewey slightly comfortable with this and went off to find Pearl. Emerald and Garnet opened the church doors and began to surch for the gargoyle that was causing all of this. They looked constantly through the church but could not find any trace of the gargoyle anywhere but suddenly, they heard a terrifying shriek coming from one of the rafters of the church. They looked and saw a large gargoyle with glowing green eyes that began to dive bomb on them. Garnet summoned her gauntlets and Emerald summoned his claws to prepare for battle but the gargoyle didn't attack again. Instead the gargoyle blew green fire at three gargoyle statues that were in the church causing the gargoyle statues to come to life with glowing red eyes. The head gargoyle then flew off to the bell tower leaving his gargoyle minions to take care of Garnet and Emerald while he continued creating more statues to attack the town.

That gargoyle slowly walked closer to Emerald and Garnet about to attack with their stone claws and stone wings. Emerald and Garnet stood close together in case the gargoyle would try to just target one of them at a time then suddenly the gargoyle spread their wings and took to the air flying around Emerald and Garnet attacking the two. Garnet jumped high into the air to try to shatter the gargoyles but they were too quick for Garnet to hit. She had to find a way to slow the gargoyles down so she looked around the church while the gargoyles chased her around. She noticed there was a pipe organ that she could use to crush the gargoyles. Garnet asked Emerald to distract the gargoyles to the organ and Emerald knew instantly what she was planning. He fired a green flash of light at on of the gargoyles making them chase him instead. He managed to lead them to the organ which they landed in front of so they could attack Emerald but Garnet managed to push over the organ crushing the gargoyles to pieces and Emerald dodging the falling pipes. Garnet hugged Emerald happy that he was safe after her little stunt that killed the gargoyles. Emerald told Garnet that he knew where the head gargoyle was saying that he was up in the bell towers. Garnet and Emerald ran to the stairs that lead to the bell tower. They reach the tower and see lots of large bells making this a great hiding place for the head gargoyle which would make this very dangerous. They looked around the tower trying to find the gargoyle which lead Garnet to check inside of the bells that dangled in the tower. She looked inside but couldn't find anything in there but unknown to her the gargoyle was sneaking behind her and quickly it bit her. She was in excrusiating pain and Emerald ran to her when he heard her in pain. He then noticed that the gargoyle was near Garnet but it didn't attack for some reason like it has. In her pain, Garnet's shades fell off reavealing her eyes and Emerald noticed something about Garnet. He saw that her eyes were not like they were, they were solid red as if she was in a form of trance. The gargoyle then began to telepathicly speak to Garnet saying to attack Emerald but even in her trance she tries to refuse it. But the gargoyle bit her again increasing the trance making Emerald enraged by this. Garnet wasnt able to fight the trance this time and with her gauntlets charged at Emerald to finish him off. She tried to punch him but ended hitting one of the bells making it collapse on the ground. Emerald didn't want to fight Garnet but he did have to find a way to break the trance.

Garnet continued to attack Emerald but Emerald didn't even dare to throw a single attack at her knowing that she was still the women he loves. Emerald only dodged the attacks but still didn't throw an attack since there was no need to attack. He had to think of a way to bring her back and he remembered something that Lapis told him what she broke Steven from his trance. Garnet pined Emerald down and prepared to slam the gauntlet into Emerald's face but befor she could do anything Emerald kisses Garnet which makes her not attack. Her eyes returned to normal and wrapped her arms around him. They then stop kissing and get up with Garnet apologizing from trying to kill Emerald under the gargoyle's trance. The gargoyle let out a roar and charged at Emerald and Garnet but before he could attack Garnet punched him with all of her might making him crash into a massive bell. He the gargoyle was hurt and the bell came lose about to collapse. Emerald saw how it was hurt and felt pity for the gargoyle but he noticed that the bell was about to fall. He ran to it as quickly as he could and picked him as the bell fell. He got out of the way of the bell from falling with the gargoyle and then layed him on the ground. Garnet noticed and was shocked that Emerald would do that especially since it attacked her. She asked him why he would even think about saving the gargoyle and Emerald said that he felt pain for him and didn't think that he should suffer like that. The gargoyle got up and looked into Emerald's eyes and began to speak telepathiclly to Emerald and Garnet. He said that he was grateful that they saved him and then spreaded his wings and leaned on the ground. Emerald guessed that he wanted them to ride him so Emerald got on his back and so did Garnet even though she was still uneasy about this. The gargoyle spread its wings and took to the air easily carrying Garnet and Emerald on his back as they flew out of the tower. The gargoyle began to fly low and let out a roar the somehow took the life away from the statues around him. The gems noticed this and couldn't believe that both Garnet and Emerald were riding the creature that brought the statues to life in the first place. The gargoyle then flew and landed on the beach and both Garnet and Emerald got off of it. Both Emerald and Garnet then sat on the beach finally glad the battle was over and the gargoyle began to snuggle next to Emerald. Garnet asked what they were going to do to the gargoyle and Emerald told Garnet that he would like to keep him if possible. The gargoyle began to rub the side of his head on Emerald showing a bond between the two. Garnet didn't think it was a good idea but she did agree with Emerald then asked what they were going to name him. Emerald began to think remembering something Lepidolite told him about with mythology. He thought of a name and said that he will name him Gaia since in mythology Gaia was a Titan that controlled life on earth. Gaia then snuggled next to both Garnet and Emerald and the two began to pet him welcoming Gaia to the family which ends the episode.


  • Steven
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Onyx
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Gaia
  • Gargoyles
  • Bill Dewey
  • Statues
  • Architect
  • Lars
  • Sadie
  • Buck Dewey
  • Jenny
  • Sour Cream
  • Florist


  • Emerald gets Gaia as a pet in this episode.
  • Gaia is shown to make statues come to life.
  • This episode references the Gargoyles in the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Lapis' favorite donut is apple fritters.

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