This Episodes Starts A series Called The Phoenix Gems That its Plot Is: In The World Of Gems Ruby Decides To Start A Team Called The Phoenix Gems And Have Adventures With it

The Starting Of A Journey (Part 1)
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date June 1st 2015
Written by MetalKing200
Directed by MetalKing200
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N/A The Starting Of A Journey (Part 2)
It All Starts On a Beautifull Night At the Crystal Temple

Ruby:*Looking At The Stars*

Ruby:Man The Sky Is So Beautifull Tonight

*Suddently Something Crashes On The Sea Near The Temple*

Purple Sapphire:What Was That?

Yellow Sphalerite:I Don't Have Any Idea

Chrome Diopside:We Should Check It Out

Swiss Blue Topaz:Hmmm

*They all Go Outside*

R:It Looks like A Busted Ship

R:*Walks to the ship*

*2 gems come out*


Smoky Quartz:Hands Up!

Spalerite:Ruby,Guys Whats going on?

R:I Don't Know

Swiss Blue Topaz:Attack! *He Charges At The Gems*

Ruby:No Wait!

Quartz:I Said Frezze! *He Pulls out a Gem Destabilizer As He Stabs Swiss Blue Topaz*

Swiss Blue Topaz:*His Body starts Sepparating As He Explodes Retreating*

Quartz:Who's Next?

Quartz:*Fires Sleepy Gas To The Team Making them Sleep*

Quartz:*he carries ruby and Purple Sapphire In The Ship Putting Them In Cells*

Smoky Quartz*He Does The Same With Chrome Diopside And Spalerite*

Quartz:*Comes Back For Swiss BLue Topaz's Gem Putting It In A Cell too*

To Be Continued



Chrome Diopside

Swiss Blue Topaz

Purple Sapphire

Yellow Sphalerite


Smoky Quartz

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